Ugh. Down or up, it never changes. I can relate to that one :), I coincidentally got the 24 hr flu after eating Little Caesars. Was living with diet-restricted grandparents, wanted a bowl of cheerios and couldn't stomach eating it dry again. A lot of countries are very conservative about food. No-one likes to cause offence, but how far would you go to avoid hurting someone's feelings? I now know what a stir fry is. : AskReddit. Twitter and Reddit's funniest food fails: 20 of the worst cooking disasters. These family members eat their aunt's disgusting dish of jello, marshmallow and cottage cheese to please her, This poor person was forced to eat an animal's brains in Japan - and was subsequently very sick, This son-in-law says he has to eat his mother-in-law's food despite her being from the sounds of it one of the worst cooks imaginable, This grandmother regularly made her relatives a dessert of whipped cream, tinned fruit and mini marshmallows... and the family weren't sad when the recipe died with her. I always heard it actually wasn't too bad with apple jacks, but never felt inclined to try it for myself. Haven't eaten stew since. Italy is like that - in each region, they expect certain dishes to be on every menu, and to be prepared the same say they have always been prepared. No one has ever enjoyed the feeling of reaching for milk at 2am, then the horrible realization that you've already swallowed 2 or 3 mouthfuls before realizing that it was chunky and sour! Hot dogs. I ended up with food poisoning thanks to Little Ceasar's on my 13th birthday. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. I understand the "hhhhng" thing. I will enjoy my panettone this Christmas. It's corn syrup and sugar that tastes waxy and dry, which is why it definitely makes the most hated foods list. Fool me twice, I deserve the food poisoning. Every country has highlights of their cuisine. Malaysian food! As the Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant whodunnit approaches the finale,... Gyles Brandreth claims Nigella Lawson doesn't know how to fry or poach an egg after she share controversial... Royally funny! Seems like a lot of people have gotten food poisoning from that place, including myself. There are numerous variations to BBQ. I once threw up almost immediately after eating a big bowl of corn flakes and it was the worst thing ever. If you ever happen to be in a city with a considerable Ethiopian minority, try to find an Ethiopian restaurant and order Injera or Doro Wat. Spoiled milk. I leave his fate to our judicial system, his infamy to history and his legacy to a trash heap': Ex-CIA boss John Brennan's caustic parting shot to the President via Twitter, Billionaire donor Charles Koch says he was 'horrified' by extreme immigration and foreign policy views of Republicans HE funded (but DOESN'T name names), Tone-deaf A-Rod asks fans for their Thanksgiving plans while aboard private jet with J-Lo, Online learning is failing: Officials warn remote learning is taking a toll on students after Virginia's largest school district reports an 83% surge in F grades, CDC plans to shorten recommended coronavirus quarantine period from 14 days to between seven and 10 days, South Dakota nurses cast doubt on colleague's viral story broadcast on CNN about COVID-19 patients using their dying breaths to insist the virus is a hoax, Joe Biden says he is about to get the presidential daily brief and his staff are talking to 'very helpful' Dr. Fauci - day after Trump finally admitted transition has to begin. Contents of Article. Maybe next year. Also terrible, but tolerable if already buzzed. I threw up on my presents. Not BAD but really strange (like the cod balls). Spaghetti. The ice cream is really cheap in some places, and it's always made with fresh ingredients. I could feel the contents of my full stomach churning. And then the ramen. I gotta say though, the cup of apple juice with crushed ice I was allowed to have at the hospital after being dehydrated for several hours was the most satisfying drink ive ever had. But while some would not have been able to eat the revolting concoctions that these poor diners had to endure, the valiant foodies managed to grin and bear the often stomach-churning meals they were presented with. Germany or Italy because I like to put their sausages in my mouth. So what’s the secret to identifying bad cat food? It encompass a wide variety of cultures! The rice had expanded and were now tiny capsules filled with bile. A 104 degree fever and two straight hours on the toilet, while incapacitated for a total of 48 hours later, I can't look at those fuckers on a menu again without getting queasy, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Honourable mention: Peruvian cebiche is freaking unbelievable. Fried rice. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It's true that it grows in size after eating it. Not poutine. Vienna Sausages . One was served boiled grass and a fish from the sewers. There are clay pots, sizzling beef, peking duck, and all kinds of veggies. When I asked what kind it was, the waitress said it was mayonnaise. Tie between Coca-cola and nothing, better known as dry heaves. i once choked on a shot of jack daniels and it came out my nose....thats sucked. Let’s take a look at some of the worst ingredients on a cat food label. Have you ever had to choke down a bad meal? When we go to the store we pick up a couple, drink em while we're shopping and carry on our day ( yes we pay for them!). Lutefisk. 9Lives. From being served a fish that had lived in a sewer, to a plateful of still wriggling octopus tentacles, these are the worst foods people have forced themselves to eat for fear of giving offence. Pretty sure I made the noise "hnnnngh" when I had the first sip. I get slightly queasy whenever we have it and opt for a nice PB&J. Rookie move. Log in or sign up in seconds. Because if so, I was there, and it was awful. Well it depends. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Y'all are listing some pretty freaky stuff. The 8 Worst Cat Food Brands 1. Puked. I was made to believe that it was tilapia. Travellers shared their worst experiences of food abroad, with Britain, Nicaragua and Jamaica all shamed. I work at a local tourist spot as a food services supervisor, and we have a few different food outlets in the park. There is so much good food in the U.S. its ridiculous. People who have come to the U.S. have brought with them their countries highlights to share and spread throughout the nation. There are multiple contenders for favorite Halloween candy, but almost everyone agrees that candy corn is the worst. Oh the ramen. Mother is branded 'disturbing' for using modelling clay to teach her son about Cesarean births as an... 'Just the tonic we need!'