Winkelman Intermediate School is one of the nearest elementary schools. Collaborative leadership style in working with the community, staff, and students. ... MS ERICA BERGER - Principal (847) 729-5650. © 2020 Brighton High – Canyons School DistrictCanyons School District is not responsible for the contents of external sites or servers. Adaptive Pause, Travel Advisory Update, Stay at Home Advisory, Updated School Calendar, and More High progress with high test scores means students have strong academic skills and the school is a doing an excellent job at supporting academic growth compared to most other schools. Even high-performing schools can have disparities between student groups. Assistant Principal Henry Winkelman School (District 31) - Glenview, IL. Disadvantaged students at this school are performing about as well as other students in the state, but this school may still have achievement gaps. 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Strong interpersonal skills to develop trust, Experience in developing and leading staff development, Create assessments based on student learning objectives, Monitor and manage behavior building wide, Developed a whole child Remote Learning System through online interactions with teachers, multiple interactive platforms for student learning, and student to student engagement to ensure academic growth, social emotional support, and the safety all students, Developed an after school Boys & Girls Club with Youth Services Glenview Northbrook (YSGN) for students in need of social-emotional development and support, Led the Behavior Management Team in the introduction of the, Coached teachers in the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) approach to enrich English learners and appropriately challenge them both academically and linguistically, Designed and conducted professional development to improve assessment for learning strategies; i.e., flexible grouping, formative assessments, and common assessments, Developed innovative instructional methods that became a guide to meet district goals through the use of formative and summative assessments, Work with School Leadership Team to analyze assessment data and identify student instructional needs and improvement of educational programs, Assist the directors in evaluating the degree of Special Education and EL/Bilingual students' attainment of district and school goals and objectives related to student growth and achievement through the District and School Improvement Plans, Work with the District Leadership Team to assess needs and develop an equity plan in order to develop an understanding of current issues of diversity, values, and social justice and how this impacts student performance, Build relationships among the school community members to ensure a sense of belonging, ownership, and fairness within the individual classrooms and the building as a whole, Collaborate with the Director of Curriculum & Instruction in the development of curriculum and to coordinate instruction with the district core curriculum, Through training, build an understanding of LGBTQ+ curriculum and plan professional development for staff, parent education sessions, and develop a school-wide system of support and acceptance, Prepare and oversee the implementation of educational programming and conduct consistent and regular program evaluations, Establish and monitor clear procedures for the operation and functioning of the various educational programs, Participate in the selection of district adopted instructional resources to determine their appropriateness for all students and coordinate decisions on new instructional resources, Prepare school budget recommendations, coordinate the ordering of materials with directors, and account for school expenditures, Supervise the management, safekeeping, and distribution of funds, Act as adviser to teachers and staff on questions relating to education programs, laws, students, and families, Plan for and lead faculty meetings and work with the directors to design and provide professional development for staff as needed to support the School Improvement Plan, student achievement, and growth, Recommend policies and procedures to promote a healthy and supportive climate for learning, Recruit staff in areas of expertise to establish and promote high standards and expectations for staff performance, Ensure adherence to all state and federal mandates related to staffing, Formally and informally evaluate certificated staff per the district's adopted performance evaluation plan and formally evaluate the assistant principal, Attend or oversee, as appropriate, student meetings and advise those who are leading them, Attend Board of Education meetings and coordinate, prepare, and present information, Work with the Director of Buildings & Grounds to ensure facilities support instruction and are attractive, organized, functional, healthy, clean, and safe, Communicate with parents in a professional and timely manner by preparing written communications to parents and the community and developing and maintaining a partnership with the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and Education Foundation​, Coached teachers in classroom management and worked collaboratively to examine how behavior directly impacts student growth and learning, Member of the District 31 PERA committee; worked to update and maintain a staff evaluation system in line with Illinois law and requirements, Evaluated staff through the use of the Danielson Model by providing useful feedback, identifying areas of improvement, and setting achievable goals, Performed informal behavior observations to provide teachers with intervention strategies and guidance in how to differentiate instruction to meet student needs both academically and behaviorally, Overlooked lunch/recess program to guide students in peer problem solving and ensure student safety in social settings, Worked closely with School Psychologist and Social Worker to ensure the implementation of social emotional learning through Second Step and closely examine the affect of positive reinforcement, Supported the Professional Learning Community (PLC) as the district developed new team practices, staff expectations, and the development of SMART goals, Analyzed data to determine academic growth and target areas of need within specific subjects and specific grade levels, Coordinated After School Activity Club program to provide extended, unique learning opportunities for over 300 students, Monitored student transportation services by working closely with the bus company to ensure student safety, efficient routes, and timely arrival and departure to and from school, Developed 5th Grade Student Patrol program to provide students with leadership opportunities, serve as role models to others, and create a school culture of student driven learning, Established relationships with all stakeholders to build trust and create a wholesome learning environment, Volunteered for opportunities to work with the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and Education Foundation to support community outreach and initiatives, HUMANeX certified to perform high quality screeners in search of excellent staff members, Served as Acting Principal February 2015-July 2015, Overlooked the day-to-day routines and procedures to ensure the safety of our students, Began the preparation of training for cultural competency in an effort to build teachers awareness of the diverse population within the community and ensure an understanding of educational beliefs and practices, Collaborated with grade level teams as they realigned curriculum and prepared to implement newly developed STEM curriculum for the 2015-2016 school year, Worked closely with the MTSS Team to ensure appropriate services were provided to students at all tiers through the use of data-driven decision making, Developed Behavior Task Force to align discipline and standards throughout the school, Revisited staff response to behaviors with the Mental Health Team to create consistency in expectations and appropriate response to student behaviors, Continuously provided professional development to collaborate with staff in order to change the culture of expectations when working with English learners, Redesigned our practice in lunch and recess to ensure social emotional learning and development, Met with students in our Principal Advisory Council to give students a voice in our school practices and a time to reflect on how to improve our learning environment to meet student needs and desires, Developed rapport with staff, students, and parents to establish trust and improve the culture and climate within our building, Performed interviews to ensure the hiring of highly qualified candidates for vacancies within the building, Completed evaluations for all support staff, secretaries, and custodial staff, Prepared sections of our monthly Board report to ensure the communication of our achievements as a school, Conducted monthly staff meetings as well as committee meetings in an effort to reach committee goals and provide professional development, Sheltered English classroom of 28 native and non-native English speaking students, Differentiated lessons in each subject to meet the needs of students while incorporating Common Core standards and rebuilding grade level curriculum through collaborative team and committee work, Served as Team Leader in the Professional Learning Community (PLC) model to develop grade level SMART goals to increase student achievement, Served as English Learner Instructional Coach for intermediate grades to assist general education teachers in working with a diverse group, Incorporated technology into daily lesson plans​, Assisted in the English learner program for students in K-2, Exposed students to new vocabulary through the use of picture cards and letter recognition, Improved students' vocabulary through the use of open-ended conversations and writing, Assisted students in comprehension of standards, classroom tasks, and homework in order to develop their understanding and improve their linguistic performance, Conversed with students to compare and contrast their cultural differences and similarities in order to establish a sense of belonging and community, Program Evaluation: "Meeting the Needs of English Learners and Determining Which Model Works Best", Change Leadership: "Using Instructional Coaching to Increase Teachers' Skills and Abilities to Differentiate Instruction for English Learners in a Suburban School District", Policy Advocacy: "Continuing Services for English Learners", Developed understanding of Educational Leadership Policy Standards adopted by the National Policy Board for Educational Administration, Participated in all Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and District 70 Board meetings to establish relationships with stakeholders and to observe the various methods of decision making which the PTO, the Board, and the Administration Team used to enhance student performance and programs, Member of PTO Fundraising Committee responsible for developing and assessing meaningful funding opportunities which involved the entire Park View community, Collaborated with the Lead Teacher of the English Learner Department to rework curriculum and instruction and to educate teaching staff about differentiation and the function of World-Class International Design and Assessment (WIDA) Standards​, English as a Second Language Approval earned, Student Teaching August-November 2005 in a 1st Grade classroom, Park View School (District 70), Observation and instructional hours earned at the university Early Childhood Development Laboratory​, Volunteered one day a week for 90 minutes as a tutor for students within the Glenview and Northbrook community, Focused on Common Core aligned English Language Arts and Mathematics standards for students identified as English learners, Provided academic assistance in a nurturing environment for students of low income families who strive to succeed and set achievement goals for their children, Worked with stakeholders to rebuild the mission and belief system of the district, Analyzed data to determine action plans for future professional development improvements for staff and curriculum frameworks to incorporate Common Core Standards through the use of the Understanding by Design (UbD) curriculum model, Investigated how to engage the student body and the community in high transition and provide them with college and career readiness knowledge/experience, Collaborated with district officials, community and staff members to develop a effective mission and belief system for the district, Collaborated with sub-committee once a month to develop educational goals specifically for technology, Investigated District 64 Illinois Standardized Achievement Test (ISAT) results to develop new technology framework and action plans, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, National Association for the Education of Young Children, Designed and presented "Differentiation Strategies to Support ELL Students in the Classroom" at a professional day in Downers Grove District 58, February 2014, Designed and conducted a professional development workshop at, Designed and presented "Differentiated Assessment: Where to Begin to Make it Work" at.