But "green tea" isn't a particular drink. 3.honey.You can add it with lemon. We met up at the Lie Sangbong/LIE gallery space for this pairing. The mint can help relieve symptoms of indigestion and heartburn[1]. This tea amps up the familiar, soothing flavors we love about green tea with the addition of subtle and refreshing spearmint. The tea is rich in chlorophyll which has good detoxifying properties. Like avocados and bananas, tea leaves turn brown as they oxidize, which in the case of tea begins the minute you pluck a leaf off the bush. The tea is filled with vitamins which are essential for maintaining many biological functions. If you're spending good money on premium green tea, it's worth putting in the effort to brew it in a way that will let the tea shine. High-quality leaves are short and pudgy, not long and flat, with a pale green-yellow color and sometimes a fine coat of peach fuzz. Some people like the taste and have no problems drinking three to four cups per day for the health benefits. Good Laoshan greens exemplify the creamy, almost buttery smoothness that Chinese green tea can exhibit, as good a case as any that green teas are just as valuable for their texture as their flavor and aroma. Jasmine green tea Also Read - Here's what happens when you drink green tea every day. Combining lemon juice with honey is even better. Sencha is the prototypical Japanese green, sold in grades from everyday cheap and brawny to complex premium versions with sweet, delicate flavors and hauntingly long finishes. This cast iron pizza recipe is the easiest method for making a crisp-crusted, airy, chewy pan pizza at home. And as of this writing, there's still plenty of spring 2015 stock floating around from trustworthy vendors. About Sushmita SenguptaSharing a strong penchant for food, Sushmita loves all things good, cheesy and greasy. If you're starting to drink your tea more seriously, chances are you're beginning with green tea. But those savory qualities are balanced by an intense green sweetness best savored in small servings. Perfect for anyone looking for a hearty pick me up in the middle of the day. Their flavors are more balanced, making for a smoother, rounder sip. Seeing as this dynamic beverage comes in so many forms and flavors, we decided to divide them into categories, so you can choose the right green tea for any occasion. Quality longjing is hand-roasted in large woks to shut down those oxidizing enzymes, and careful roasting brings sweet, chestnut flavors to leaves with all the vegetal sweetness of pea shoots and asparagus. Using professional tasting cups sets, we weighed and brewed three cups. Gyokuro doesn't come cheap, but for many tea folk, myself included, it's as good as Japanese tea gets. It is the perfect way to get your morning started, and it turns out, we’re not alone. Some tasters noted that it reminded them of nori, the delicious Japanese seaweed. Starting off with the Sencha, we kept tea pairing assessment notes so we could keep track of what we were tasting. Recommended vendors: In Pursuit of Tea, American Tea Room. Recommended vendors: Ippodo, O-Cha, In Pursuit of Tea. Tea Pairing 101: White Tea Within that set of flavors, a particular green might turn out creamy and nutty, or melon-sweet, or seaweed-savory and as as crisp as a sharp whiff of pine. These are subtle upgrades, not obvious ones, and if you're looking for the most full-flavored green teas, you're actually better off on the lower end of the price spectrum. Vegetal Green Teas: Vegetal green teas have a fresh, grassy flavor, sometimes reminiscent of sea weed. It appears smooth and has a very refreshing taste. It's as broad category as that white wine, and there's plenty of junk between you and the good stuff. Go check out Sara and Georgia’s posts: All products linked here have been independently selected by our editors. But don't worry, those don't leave China; us peasants must bear to make do with only the very good versions. All these flavours can easily be ordered online. However, you can always go for green tea blends with herbs and spices like ginger, cardamom, black pepper and cinnamon for maximum health benefits. They tend to have more body, a lipsmacking viscosity like good chicken soup, and they leave a fresh, bright finish on your tongue for a few minutes after a sip. Green tea comes in all grades and price ranges, and in the premium Asian market, where customer knowledge and demand are both sky-high, it can get expensive fast—upwards of hundreds of dollars a pound for prized varieties. You can drink Houjicha tea before going to bed instead of other varieties of tea or coffee for a calm and deep sleep. Make a cup when you're feeling under the weather or want to indulge your sweet tooth a little. It is naturally low in calories and is made from fresh or dried tea leaves. Adding honey to green tea can provide you some relief if you are suffering from flu and cold. With that out of the way, here are some styles to look for from the countries that do green tea better than anywhere: Japan and China. Japanese green tea with superpowers. Spring harvests, the first of the growing season, tend to yield the most aromatic and sweet greens. Japanese greens tend to thrive around 160 to 170°F (and gyokuro even lower at around 140°F), which brings out just a bit of bitterness as a complement to the teas' sweetness. We may earn a commission on purchases, as described in our affiliate policy. The tea acts as a sedative and has calming properties.