8) Brazil is definitely NOT the right place for someone who has bacteria phobia! Required fields are marked *. Visitors to Brazil are treated with the utmost respect and are admired. Over the last seven weeks I’ve taken nine flights and set foot on eight countries on three continents. In fact, he was the presenter of a show for kids in the 80s, and his weird face was (believe you or not) just a way to make him more cute and friendly. If you look at the shape of Brazil and the Eastern side of the South American continent, it’s easy to see how it once was attached to West Africa. The largest number of species of mammals, plants and freshwater fish are found in Brazil. 9. High quality translation of all kinds of documents. The striking contrast between the north and the south is easily noticeable, but there are many interesting nuances of life and culture in Brazil that every visitor should be aware of. I would definitely love to visit Brazil someday. list of nations drinking the most coffee here. 17. The Carnival held in Rio de Janeiro is often cited as the “world’s largest party”. However, Rio de Janeiro is surprisingly not the capital. Hi, I’m Brazilian, and really a lot of things you got right. Boys are required to withstand the pain for at least 10 minutes, and they have to pass this test 20 times before being declared adults. Brazil also has the highest number of monkey species on the planet. ( Log Out /  Hmm good stuff but out language doesnt have not to do to the 16th century haha…. I suffered through a few New York snowstorms in February but escaped to Brazil just before the 14th one. No more waiting for your turn outside the door . So much there to see in such a huge country! Visit their official website here. Check out our business guides for over 40 countries. Brazilians are the second most sexually active population on the planet. 46. 145 Fun, Weird and Interesting Facts About Canada, 25 Fun and interesting Facts About Russia, Discover Canada: 100 Inspiring Outdoor Adventures, Visiting Machu Picchu: 5 things You Must Do, 4 Things You Must Do in the Sacred Valley, Peru, The Superb 8 Day Choquequirao Trek to Machu Picchu. 7. Hey! They think it’s the greatest thing ever invented. Learn how your comment data is processed. Professional certified translations in over 200 languages. very cool text! Afro-Brazilian religions such as Candomblé and Umbanda were brought to Brazil by slaves or were inspired by religious traditions from Africa. 39. No one seems to know what to do with it. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Instead, Brasilia is the capital since 1960. Brasília is its capital and São Paulo is its largest city. Updated 06/03/19. Brazil is number 2 over all in the world at producing models after the US. Most of my friends here have high fences around their houses, alarm systems, a scary barking dog in the backyard and some even have a paid guard patrolling their street. 5) Many of the bathrooms have a bidet bowl next to the toilet. Brazil has the largest lusophone population in the world. So many of the best football players throughout history and still today comes from this proud nation. In Brazil, tradition says that jumping 7 waves at midnight on New Year Eve will bring you luck. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. I had not until I…. They’ve even got this cool thing called “rodizio,” a buffet that comes to you! The dunes can reach heights of 40 metres. Brazilians are also very optimistic about their future and always believe that tomorrow will be a better day than today. The Piranha soup is especially known as an aphrodisiac, but it can also be served grilled on a banana leaf with tomatoes and lime as garnish. The Snake Island or Ilha Queimada Grande is not inhabited by humans. ​​. One unique aspect of religion in Brazil is the practice of religions from Africa. Her blog: HikeBikeTravel is frequently cited as one of the top travel and outdoor adventure blogs in Canada. São Paulo, with an urban population of over 11 million (over 20 million in the metro area), is by far the most populous city in Brazil. Share Pin Email Priscila Zambotto/Getty Images. Indigenous people have inhabited Brazil for thousands of years and there are 180 languages spoken. WOOOOOW! So you may even be sharing your drink or food with up to 10 people. There are 13 cities with more than one million people in Brazil. Hey, girl… Sup?! Brazil is ranked number 9 in the world soccer standings. The number of people who do not practice Catholicism is notable, and this number has increased in recent years. ), sausages…. The capital of Brazil is Brasilia, built in 1960. Friendship and hospitality are some of the key traits that the local people look for among themselves. 3. Rio de Janerio is home to the most famous – Santa Marta. It changes in a New York minute. In 1946, voting became a right and an obligation to all women. For example, it’s customary here that if you are left without a seat in the bus, someone who has a seat will hold your purse so that you have two free hands to hang on to the strap rather than just one. Brazil has the largest river in the world in water volume and the largest river island on the planet. I would love to check out the Pantanal, one of the world’s largest tropical wetlands. Its ten bordering countries are Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana. But here people don’t even think twice about it. It is the economic and cultural hub of the country, an important center for businesses, banks, restaurants, museums, markets, and cultural activities. Brazilians can pride themselves in sharing their country with a massive number of animals and plants. Jenna Francisco. These semi-nomadic indigenous people have, however, made incredible strides in modern medicine thanks to our knowledge of their use of certain plant life as health-related elixirs. You’ve amassed an incredible number of facts on Brazil here, Leigh — most of which I had no idea of. (For which I’m not sticking around, by the way… I’m not a fan of sports crowds.) 60. The highest point is Pico da Neblina at 2994 metres (9820 feet). The Macaw is the national animal; The country’s motto is “Ordem e Progresso”, meaning “order and progress”. People here are really friendly and even if you just met them, they will probably invite you to stay in their house for a few days, or to come for a barbeque. It’s because the Roman province of Lusitania covered most of Portugal. I think I gonna share them with my brazilian friends Samba music from Brazil from the 18th century is still tremendously popular. Brazil is a Catholic country, with about 64% of the population identifying themselves as Roman Catholic. In some parts of the Amazon, it’s considered taboo to eat piranhas though. I guess previously it was used for washing yourself up, but nowadays it seems to be just an expensive laundry basket! Paulo Coelho is a famous Brazilian lyricist and novelist. It resembles the shape of an airplane when viewed from the air. Brazil effectively shuts down for Carnival with partying day and night. Fofäo is a scary-looking man who has injected tons of silicone into his cheeks… he got his nickname from a cartoon character who looks the same way. A large portion of Brazil is underlain by Precambrian shield, some of which is older than 2.4 billion years. 56. Rio de Janeiro was Brazil’s capital city until 1961. I know, I know, I’m a little late to the game but this is my first post in 2014. Cya…, It was my friend from Sao Paulo who told me about Fofão when we walked past him on the street! Most people have heard of Rio de Janeiro, and it’s undoubtedly the most famous Brazilian city – with its Copacabana, Carnival, Favelas and of course the Christ Redeemer Statue and much more. Brazil borders every South American nation except Ecuador and Chile, 14. Seven sites on the list are natural sites. The bay where they landed was named Rio de Janeiro (Bay of January). it’s funny to know your thoughts about things like our food (I’m not a churrasco fan, by the way, but it’s true that people here eat tons of meat and, ahn, most parties in the weekends are churrascos! I would love to check out the Pantanal, one of the world’s largest tropical wetlands. All of Brazil's coast lies adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean The earliest pottery found in the Western Hemisphere, radiocarbon dated at 8,000 years old, was excavated from the Amazon basin near present-day Santarém in Brazil.