The 5G world is coming fast - full of both promise, confusion and a lot of boastful claims that will have to be proven out over time in actual practical usage. That said, where Sprint can beat Verizon is with lower prices and great perks included in many plans. After 60 minutes of idle time, hotspot may automatically turn off. First up is the common one -- the autopay discount. When it comes to limited-data options, Verizon offers more than Sprint. Verizon and Sprint — they’re 2 of the biggest wireless phone carriers in the world, and part of the Big 4 networks providers in the U.S. Sprint offers solid service throughout densely populated metropolitan areas while it struggles throughout the West. Here's some further guides on understanding the selection process as well as the additional gear you might need. Cruise Ships Rates & Carriers Shop for this device Print map. At the Plus level you get Tidal music added on, and at Premium you get Tidal, Lookout, and Amazon Prime in addition to Hulu. Sprint’s biggest advantage was that it tended to have affordable plan options, but the biggest downside was its limited nationwide coverage map. background-image: url(""); For more:Tips for Travel Planning Around Sprint has just one: a 2GB plan. Indeed, eight of the top 10 states are on the east coast. Discover our network evolution and see how far we've come! Both carriers offer a lot of multiline options — pretty much any plan is fair game, whether it’s an unlimited, prepaid, or limited-data option. Thousands of cell phone plans unpacked. Customers on Sprint plans still are operating off of Sprint's coverage map. And for those relying on cellular based internet as they move around the country, 4G & LTE coverage is still the most important. These smaller regional carriers are usually poor choices for travelers, unless you know that you are primarily going to be spending time in areas where they have a strong native presence. Verizon boasts great cell phone plans and customer service, while AT&T is a good choice for its included perks (like free streaming subscriptions) and international privileges. When T-Mobile does have coverage, however, its network speeds are consistently some of the fastest. background-repeat: no-repeat; You have to choose which carrier(s) you want, which plans make sense, what equipment to purchase, and how much speed and data you actually need. Sprint } Verizon wins again here. Sprint, however, did not place at all in any category, coming in deadlast. You can purchase service directly from each of the carriers as postpaid or prepaid service. That said, Verizon’s plans are pretty well-packed with features, like their middle-tier option, Beyond Unlimited — it has a 15GB hotspot allowance in addition to the 22GB data threshold. Every wireless network claims to be the fastest and most reliable. background-size: cover; Scores are based on: Each state's coverage is listed below—click on a particular one to see a full coverage guide on it. This is approximate coverage only and does not include indoor coverage. There simply is no single network that works best everywhere. Carriers have begun to roll out their Black Friday offers, which includes discounts on both phones and plans. T-Mobile is gunning for Verizon and AT&T next with their merger with Sprint. There are stark differences between the two: Verizon regularly places as #1 for network coverage and speed in 3rd-party tests like those run by OpenSignal and RootMetrics, often placing them in first place for the Big 4. Surely you’ve heard of them?. You’ll save $5 bucks a line for both carriers. *All plans reflect current promotional discounts. The major difference for each of the carriers is how widespread their coverage is nationwide. That's a lot of money that you could invest elsewhere. Some even find an AT&T-only solution is feasible now. } The good news is that these days cell phone service quality and coverage are very similar between the major mobile networks. If you ask in any RVing or boating group about what is the best carrier, Verizon is the most common answer. #coverage-maps-e123feb8-b7c9-4abf-b052-d0c4344ee050 div[data-map-content] { Outside of that, you’re often roaming with very slow speeds – if you can get online at all. — they’re 2 of the biggest wireless phone carriers in the world, and part of the Big 4 networks providers in the U.S. August 2020 Update - The merger with T-Mobile is in progress. That's why you'll want to check out our national cell phone coverage maps and state and city breakdowns below. As a frequent traveler, you need to consider what carrier - or, more than likely, what combination of carriers - will give you coverage and data in the places you want to visit. But those are one-time things, and Sprint even waives it if you buy your phone and plan online. Check out the full list of 39 cities as a jumping off point. The fourth-largest national cellular carrier was always been a technological oddball - and Sprint’s LTE network uses bands that none of the other carriers have embraced. Spoiler alert: Sprint's network is a bit lacking through the middle part of the country, but strong in many metro regions along the coasts. They don't have the high overhead and marketing costs of the major wireless carriers. While Verizon is the perennial cell phone coverage favorite, AT&T has done some significant network expansion recently and is nipping at their heels. Each carrier's coverage reach will no doubt change as this becomes reality—and this page will be updated to reflect that. iPhone 7 While the above numbers give us an overall snapshot of cell phone carrier coverage nationwide, you'll want to investigate coverage in your specific state; that's where our state-by-state breakdowns come in. Verizon is the largest cellular carrier in the USA. Samsung Galaxy S10e Get the app now for Android or iOS: A general profile of each of the four major carriers is below. Verizon And, while Verizon used to have a monopoly on Google Pixels, the Google phones have recently arrived at Sprint and other carriers, knocking off the Big Red’s advantage here. The entirety of the east coast, southeast, and midwest is blanketed with AT&T's 4G network, with impressive cell phone coverage along the western seaboard as well. Click "Add" on upper right corner of map, enter address and select carrier. Sprint offers HD video streaming and a 15GB hotspot on their middle-tier plan as well — Unlimited Plus also includes Hulu on demand and a Tidal music subscription, free of cost. #coverage-maps-4f77c126-bad1-47df-9b1b-f6fc0d940cf0 div[data-map-content] { When it comes to choosing the best cell phone carrier, most people immediately think of the big three: Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. As the AT&T coverage map shows, the carrier has added an impressive 10% more 4G breadth and is now a mere 2% behind Verizon. Follow the carrier's activation instructions. And with Verizon, you’ll get great features, an awesome network, and still-solid discounts for every line you add -- but it still adds up to be pricier than Sprint. AT&T