Top 10 Worst Rock Albums of 2020 Top 10 Worst Things About the "Holiday Season" Top 10 Best Movies of 2020 Top 10 Best Songs of 2020 Countries With the Most … I really love this pattern! Love Englush rose! All rights reserved. Perfectly imperfect in every way, each hand-drawn work of art shares the same hallmarks: optimistic, happy, charming, energetic and joyful. So appealingly short-skirt-long-jacket, right? So let's instead focus on beautiful things, like how the nation votes with its wallets on Vera Bradley bags, shall we? Shop New Patterns from our Fall '20 Collection! Maryland's on the move with a cool tote that zips open and expands, slinky-style. Love how the yellow just pops out for fall. The 10 most popular face masks people can't stop buying. I have the duffel bag. It's not all mixed up like some of them. It is Epic! (You know, for when you go vintage shopping in Baltimore and score waaay more finds than expected.). So pretty and feminine. Also: Connecticut, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Puerto Rico. We like to think of our pattern language as our very own design signature. It goes with many different styles because of its color variety! But if you are indeed going places (such as out of Wyoming), this is the stylish way to do it. I'd like to see every backpack have the Travel Trolley. Baroque is my all time favorite Vera pattern! All rights reserved. Watching state-by-state politics these days can be...stressful, to say the least. This deceptively streamlined bag houses five interior mesh pockets for easy packing, don'tcha know. MOST OF OUR STORES ARE NOW OPEN. Top 10 Vera Bradley Patterns with Placement Issues, The only guide you have to read about Vera Bradley Annual Outlet Sale in Fort Wayne, My Take on the Vera Bradley Purse Backpacks – Hadley vs. Leighton, Top Vera Bradley Must for Spring Vacation. This patterns is super cute!It's one of my favorites! Please get mocha rouge, it's the second best pattern! My favorite by far. Favorite color of all time. Sorry, there are no products in this collection. This color is really cute if your going to the beach, or to hang out with friends at the mall of outside. The black, gray, and white colors coordinate with a lot, and the yellow adds a splash of color. I think Lola is one of the prettiest and most versatile print VB has. The blue and pops of green make for a really nice color combination complimented by a beautiful pattern. This is just such a fun pattern. Totally our new Maine squeeze (#sorrynotsorry). I'm not a blue person at all I love hot bright colors but I got the make a change baby bag as a gift and honestly most of the other patterns even the bright ones aren't as pretty this is my opinion but it could be yours too! Too bad both of these patterns are retired. The green is so cute! I have this in the Hipster Crossbody and the Turn lock wallet. Practical much? This structured, profesh-looking bag reigns in both park-studded Utah and our nation's capital. Wyoming's favorite Vera Bradley is a travel garment bag, which we didn't see coming. This cute yet sensible bag keeps baby's must-haves neatly organized, while the straps fit around stroller handles. Best pattern by far! Perfectly imperfect in every way, each hand-drawn work of art shares the same hallmarks: optimistic, happy, charming, energetic and joyful. I have one, and the colors are bright, for summer, and it could be used for kids or adults. It looks good in not only a wallet but also a tote or schoolbags. It is good for kids and adults! Get the latest news and offers before anyone else. Mocha Rouge is so pretty, I love how the colors mingle! I saw this pattern on a girl who was walking away and I felt that my life was walking away from me. like to keep it tight. In the not too distant past, many Vera Bradley fans were upset when Vera Bradley took away the pretty interior patterns of bags and replaced... 1. Very beautiful color perfect for all seasons fall summer spring and winter! This compact number holds it all: phone, cash, credit cards, ID, bosslady business cards, etc. Vera Bradley; NEW PATTERNS; New Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer Patterns; New Backpacks & Lunch Bags; New Travel Bags & Luggage; New Wallets & Lanyards; New Cosmetic Bags … And bring back throws in these patterns! Love it! LEARN MORE. Inside as out, I got this bag in a lunchbox and was so surprised.It is the best pattern and will look cute whereeverI take it and whenever. I love this pattern so much I have it in 4 bags. Like, Minnesota-nice. I do vote for ribbons but I also vote for ink blue! Its totally gorg! ... Popular. Mr. Shop New Patterns from our Fall '20 Collection! Its absolutely gorgeous. Goes with anything and is very traditional! If I ever get an umbrella in Apple Green I'm going to place it high on the mantle with special lighting. This elegant little number fits a surprising amount. Kiev's jewel colors are finally the right color combination. Kiev Paisley – Fall 2016 – Current – A knock out combination, black background, bold multi-color accents, and Vera's classic paisley design. West Virginians are all about the cool details: This bag sports an exterior pocket with a turn-lock closure for extra security. !Written by megan ann. Founded in 1982 by Patricia R. Miller and Barbara Bradley … Amazing. Guys, a roomy duffel with zip-around compartments and wheels. A must have vera pattern! I had a red and white kitchen in my first home and the Mesa Red placemats were a perfect accent. You're feeling this soft, roomy side bag in an on-point print. This pattern is why I fell in love with Vera Bradley in the first place. It's made of super soft fleece. I love how bright and vibrant this pattern is! I agree! I have a contact case, makeup bag, eyeglasses case, and lanyard in this design. Love it! Heather – July 2013 – May 2015 – my favorite pattern for a long time! Use promo code MAINEVENT at checkout. I got it in campus backpack and looks great! I have the hipster in this pattern and I just love the red and blue in it! Just got a hipster in plum crazy. And the Most Popular Halloween Costume in Your State Is... What Accessories Do People Spend the Most Money On in Your State? This little guy holds an ID and six credit cards, and the ring keeps your keys handy. Arkansas's moms have spoken, and they're all about this uber-practical baby bag, complete with a snap-in changing bag, easy-clean fabric, and a kajillion pockets, give or take. It has a bit of a western theme, which makes me wonder why it wasn't named Red Bandana instead of the actual pattern they did name Red Bandana. Indigo pop is definitely the best pattern! Love love love! Limes up is my favorite out of all the vera bradleys. Purple Punch – January 2009 – March 2011 – I'm a sucker for purple patterns. Love the pattern options, too. It is good for teens and adults! Message and data rates may apply. Love this pattern can wear all year round. Java Blue – Spring 2006 – Fall 2010 one of the best-selling patterns for Vera Bradley. Pink Elephants is really cute with its elephants, but I love that shade of blue. I have a sling backpack in this pattern! (Well, not really but it'd be really cool if I did). Black and pink, little elephants, what an irresistible combination! Message and data rates may apply. I have so many items in this color it is C R A Z Y! I have been collecting Java Blue and Sittin in a tree bags for a few years now! For 37 years, we’ve been making colorful quilted bags — now it's your turn! Message and data rates may apply. Also it's a cause for charity, cancer. Really nice pattern! I just wrapped up my Vera Bradley Ditty Bag video and I thought I'd include more uses for this versatile piece. Hapy Snails is my second favorite pattern with the most gorgeous colors and design. Bingo. Island dwellers, love the commitment to keeping your makeup tidy. I have the cosmetic trio in this pattern which I got for my birthday. By submitting your mobile number, you are subscribing to Vera Bradley SMS/MMS Offer Alert program for up to 6 messages per month.