Bras: I hate wearing bras but it did come in handy to have a nude strapless bra for some outfits. There are many foreign food products available around Asia, but the selection varies and is often limited and comes with a high price tag. I never felt like I stood out based on my clothing, compared to when I traveled in South Asia. I love to travel, and even though I may not ‘study’ this list is great for anyone traveling abroad! Really, try it! I love connecting with people! ( Log Out /  While this study abroad packing list covers the basics, make sure you check out more program-specific packing resources in the Predeparture Information for your program or ask your advisor if you have questions! If you are going to a more rural areas, you might not want to bring a lot high heels and be more conservative with what you bring. Heavy rains and rough seas are typical of this season. In some areas you might not have access to go shopping at all times. If you're teaching in a larger city in Asia, you'll no doubt have access to an English language book store. It became a part of what my college experience was going to someday be. If thought packing enough shoes and outfits to last me my two week trip in Oregon/ LA was a challenge, I clearly didn’t see what was coming. What to Pack for Thailand – 17 Essentials, Other Thailand packing list items not to forget. I always do this on a nicely-made bed so I can get a good visual at everything I need to stuff in my backpack. I walked all over Southeast Asia, Europe, Colombia, and Mexico with them! Above all, don't worry too much about what to bring. At times the country is scorching hot, at times it is cold. In other parts, you’ll see longer, somewhat mild storms that can last for days. Washing cycles can get confusing with travel so you’ll always want to be prepared. Definitely double check that it's available in your destination as well. If there are any regular prescription drugs that you take, try to bring a 3-months supply at least, and have a prescription from your doctor at home for refills. Well that, and the eternal search for coffee and wifi. Why? Great list! Tell me in the comments below! But like other imported foreign things, they often come at a much higher price than back home and the selection can be limited. Hi, I'm Marina, passionate traveler and blogger, based in the United States and travelling the world. Over the years of my travels to other lands, I’ve had to narrow down what exactly I need to take with me for each move. This is where I pack stuff like family photos, personal keepsakes I can’t leave behind, my journal, my Nepali flags to decorate my new home, and so on and so forth. Living and traveling around the world in search of the best digital nomad cities - that's every nomad's conquest. I combine makeup and first aid inside my toiletries bag because I do not wear makeup anymore, and I only ever carry basic first-aid such as Ibuprofen, cold sore treatment, or some natural oils. When I first moved abroad to France I took an enormous black suitcase, plus a large carry-on, and a personal tote. Spain and Portugal area or Paris.Austria.Netherlands etc. Underwear can be difficult to find for both men and women, as they too are usually much smaller in size. No doubt, preparing to go abroad as a student can be challenging (or daunting! Bring just your basic makeup from your everyday routine plus ONE fun eyeshadow palette. Especially when it comes to the essentials - passport, visa, phone, wallet - make sure to double-check and look again to see if you have these items. 3 bathing suits: This will probably not be enough if you’re studying somewhere warm, but I knew my time in the sun was limited so I only needed 3. I scoured websites endlessly before my move to Korea trying to figure out exactly what I'd be able to buy once I arrived and what would be impossible to find. Thais consider the head to be sacred, and you should avoid touching Thai people’s head, face, and hair. Pretty much no one knows what they will need to they leave, so don’t worry! When you move abroad, it’s not like you can whisk back home to take these precious items. I'm going to list all of the ideas I can think of in relation to my own experiences, feel free to comment at the end of this article with other ideas!! Change ), How to Pack for Study Abroad + Packing List, Life as a Student in a Foreign Environment - Esquire Recruiting. What will Actually Happen When I Study Abroad? Thanks so much, Studying this fall in Dublin! I brought this festive romper dress thing to Mexico thinking I'd wear it all the time. IES Abroad is a 501(c)(3) entity. Some other common questions could be: What if I Feel Homesick? You aren’t going to be away for just a week or two. Bri’s Ultimate Packing List for Moving Abroad No matter where you go or when there are a handful of must-have items mostly everybody packs for travel. I traveled to Chiang Mai, Thailand for six weeks from June to July of 2008 with the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire’s summer study abroad program. I lived in Sweden last year for three months & I didn’t use my hair dryer one single time, so that’s definitely something I can leave at home next time! Hi Margot! Bri’s Ultimate Packing List for Moving Abroad. If you're ready to take it to the next level, then you can half what you already halved. Finally, women should not touch or hand anything to Buddhist monks. The most important part of the Thailand dress code is not to show too much skin. ), Camera (if you are taking one) and charger, Emergency outfit (in case your luggage gets lost or there is a major delay), Travel-size toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste) and a toothbrush, One or two nicer outfits (for events or formal dress internship placements), Coat/jacket (check the weather in your host country), Glasses/contact lenses for duration of program, Prescription medications for duration of program, Padlock to lock luggage when traveling or in hostels. Coins don’t cost or weigh much, but can be kept as a souvenir in your wallet or purse. Haha. Below I put “the average” for plans to pack for moving abroad for a year. All of these tips for packing and traveling came from my personal experience of many travel mistakes and misadventures. It's a common mistake for traveler's to pack the essential stuff in too-exposed places or in too-difficult to reach places. Cambodia is a much poorer country, and so beware of showing more skin as you stroll around the streets. Whether you're here because you've seen my Instagram and blog photos or because you're starting your own travel or lifestyle blog, this post details the travel blogging gear that I've used since I started blogging many years ago. I much prefer reading paper books, but still considered my e-reader a lifesaver during my two years in Asia. Paul and I always say to each other whenever we move somewhere new, “Do you have your passport, visa, wallet, laptop, phone, keys?”. It's important to remember that while there are some commonalities between Asian countries, what is available can vary wildly around the continent. I am so happy with my purchase and have downloaded and read: Becoming, Trevor Noah’s Born A Crime, and I just finished Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom. Once you've figured it out, buy a few of that type so you can charge different devices at the same time. You also need to be very careful when discussing Thailand’s politics or government and do not say anything that could be construed as criticizing the Thai royal family. Pack several leggings, long socks, warm scarves and hats, and a decent coat or jacket. Some countries may not carry the brands you are used to. Yes, you should take a few things with you that will remind you of home, but try not to stuff everything to where you won’t have the space for necessary things. Pick one category of “fun” clothes. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. In which case, my bad.) A Quiz for International Students Living in the USA, What to Wear on a Cruise – Cruise Clothing Guide. That being said… Do not be tempted to take everything you have! You only have a few bags to fit all the essentials for you time abroad - plus airline weight restrictions to keep in mind!