Yeah man, he is almost completely politically neutral. 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Reddits is mostly leftists (even here on Bitcoin - see posts about capitalisms and rejecting state taxation versus socialism). The people that are getting riled up over him haven't listened to any of his lectures for more than five minutes, or have heard things that he has said that are taken out of context. The radical left issued a "death sentence" on him for his refusal to use made up pronouns for made up genders. It then becomes far less about ideas and learning about common sense solutions to problems and much more about getting kicks out of the extreme reactions those ideas can provoke. A large percentage of Bitcoin enthusiasts are libertarians, though people of all political philosophies are welcome. Problem is that it’s hard to tell what’s brilliant and what’s total rubbish. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. He's known for his brash and controversial style, being popular among the "intellectual dark web". He knows perfectly well when he’s dishonest in his arguments. Jordan Peterson is a violent Neo-Nazi alt right troll ban him! Leaving nothing but a noisy fog unleashed by a crowd of cackling hyenas. Read his book and listened to dozens of interviews and still cant understand why he triggers people. 111. Close. 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To complete the login process, please enter the one time code that was sent to your email address. Archived. Whilst I find him interesting, I think he tends to talk in an overly 'flowery' way and sometimes think that he uses this language to hide behind the fact that much of what he says is nonsensical. Share this entry. ", If those who are still ensnared by this false left/right narrative want to see how to debate these ideas with true class check out the Russell Brand meets Jordan Peterson podcast here, It's nearly two hours long so those with short attention spans need not click :p. He’s a charlatan. I really can't understand why someone would like the guy, unless it's the incels moms that don't have to clean up the rooms any more. You make a fair comment but the real question is: why do people enjoy seeing fellow citizens getting extremely angry? SubscribeStar currently hosts a roster of more than 100 “stars”, consisting almost entirely of rightwing activists and pornographers. 854. Close. Thank God the technology of Bitcoin will forever remain neutral to and continue to route around these primeval petty human instincts that spawn the most ignorant of luddite mobs (who will be nothing but a stub in our history books in the grand scheme of things). Since Gamergate, he has covered topics such as identity politics, the alt-right, Brexit and political correctness. Affiliation: Independent. And what's good ain't new, and what's new ain't good, when it comes to what he's actually saying. Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money.,,,,,,,, YouTube: