You can shape the gnocchi on a ridged butter paddle or on the back of a fork, or you can cook them as is. In a bowl, combine potato, egg yolks, Parmesan, salt, pepper, and nutmeg. So, let’s break out our gnocchi rollers, boil some well-seasoned water, and get some tasty side dishes going. 1 to 1 1/4 cups unbleached all-purpose flour, plus more for dusting or use store bought gnocchi (1 pound fresh or frozen). Add gnocchi back to skillet along with fresh basil; toss to coat. Season with salt and pepper and spoon a little of the vinaigrette over the tomatoes. Simple Arugula Salad. :), Your email address will not be published. And don’t forget the herbs! Bake potatoes until very soft on a bed of coarse salt in a baking dish, about 45 minutes. (The salt keeps the potatoes from touching the dish and developing a hard spot.) I need to make time to visit it the next time I go up to Pittsburgh and see family! Also, eggplant is the Mickey Goldmill to gnocchi’s Rocky Balboa. Grab Lori’s recipe over at Mutt and Chops for all of the deliciousness. Who doesn’t love Italian red sauce? When my family comes for a visit, they always ask me to make this unique dish for dinner. Bring a large pot of water to a boil and add salt. And, did we mention there’s cheese. Or a hearty tomato ragu. Ricotta Gnocchi with Spinach & Gorgonzola. Here’s a super fun recipe for a bread salad that will make gnocchi feel like it’s being hugged and kissed by Nonna, its Italian grandmother. Sautéing the asparagus makes it bright and vibrant, and adding a kiss of parsley at the end gives it an unsurpassed freshness. Crispy, golden browned Gnocchi’s mixed with veggies, seriously, you are a very smart cookie . What if there were some kalamata and feta involved too? We are very fortunate to have worked with some incredible brands over the years, and DeLallo Foods (maker of said mini gnocchi) is no exception. Hopefully, what to serve with gnocchi isn’t a question that leaves you at a loss for answers anymore. When there’s gnocchi on the plate, there’s going to be a sauce to go along with it. Now I have an excuse to make gnocchi! Let us know what you think! Add dried gnocchi and cook, without flipping, for 5 to 7 minutes or until golden brown and crispy on one side. Flour the ropes generously, and then cut crosswise at 1/2-inch intervals. Whether it’s a blue cheese sauce, a browned butter sauce, a marinara sauce, or even a simple pesto – there’s going to be some saucy goodness that’s longing to be sopped up with a good piece of bread. They’re amiable and not assertive. What a coincidence, because so does gnocchi. Don’t be afraid to try a luscious cream sauce with gorgonzola or mushrooms. As cheesy as it sounds, by the time we left (stuffed and happy), we truly felt like part of the family, and for that we could not be more grateful. A bowl of lightly dressed, peppery arugula is one of my favorite sides to round … More cheese in everything? Believe me, watch the video. It soaks up all the love you can give it, and keeps its bite even when it’s wilted way, way down. Transfer dough to a work surface and roll into a log about 3 inches in diameter. I love the idea of smaller gnocchi and I have never ever thought of putting them in a salad! Your email address will not be published. Grab Julia’s recipe from The Roasted Root and dig in! Rice, herbs, tomatoes, parmesan, and crusty panko. Especially coarse grain mustard. They’re going to be amazing. Cook's Note: Although you need only a half batch of gnocchi for this recipe, take the time to make a whole batch, freeze half, and reap the rewards of your effort later. Love & Olive Oil® is a registered trademark of Purr Design, LLC. For after a summertime full of perfectly sweet and flavorful market tomatoes, the grocery-store variety just isn’t the same. Love the vibrant and colorful warm gnocchi. Which in this case means that it’s carrying the flavors of the Mediterranean right to the dinner plate. And they really love mustard. We're all about food that is approachable but still impressive, unique and creative yet still true to its culinary roots. Cool potatoes until warm, then halve lengthwise and scoop out the flesh. Instead, let’s pan fry some adorable mini gnocchi. OMG, his cackling reaction to the exploding gnocchi was enough to bring M running in from the other room asking me, “what are you watching????”. Subtle nutty caramelized notes come alive with piney and citrusy sage. Especially when they’re perfectly roasted and tossed with citrus and cheese. Too funny. I love both heirloom tomatoes and gnocchi, so the two of them together is perfection! But we thought it might be fun to explore a bread product that also contains an ingredient that sometimes lands on gnocchi. A light, lemony, primavera with a little freshly grated parmesan finish can be nice as well. Check out Amy’s delectable roasted broccoli at House of Nash Eats. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This recipe hit us where we live because not only are the mushrooms roasted – they’re tossed with a healthy dose of chives. And they’re pure perfection like Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance. Stephanie over at Girl Versus Dough has a bright and lively recipe for parmesan pesto rolls that would pair like butter with gnocchi. [responsive_vimeo]. Wow. Oh my gosh yum! "Fresh tomatoes are sauteed with onion, garlic, and basil, then tossed with fresh mozzarella, basil, and your favorite gnocchi or short pasta. In the summer, we skip the oven part of this recipe and just eat it after being tossed in the saute pan." As a panzanella salad lover, I am fairly convinced that the gnocchi will actually win out. … Simple vegetables can hold our rapt attention like it’s nobody’s business. Because I originally wanted to deep fry some gnocchi until it was light and crispy (I was going to call this my gnocchi panzanella and swap crispy gnocchi for toasted bread cubes). But the right side dish only makes your gnocchi better, so it’s worth considering your options. Especially when they’re roasted with a little bit of olive oil and a healthy dose of garlic. Let me tell you, these people know their food, and their passion for it shows. Supple pillows of potatoey goodness luxuriating in a bath of gorgeous sauce – gentle gnocchi, floating across our palate’s imagination like clouds in the sky. You’ll understand why at about the 1:25 mark. Gnocchi is so delicious. All of these flavors will adore ricotta gnocchi. Traci at The Kitchen Girl has the recipe that we’re craving. When your gnocchi is swimming in a butter sauce, what would be amazing to sop it up with? Now, I just have to choose which recipe I will cook first. And let’s up the ante with some chickpeas and feta to really round out this gnocchi side dish. A very plain green salad (not a mixed salad with tons of crap), dressed only with good oil, vinegar salt and pepper; or a very simple light slaw (with more of a vinaigrette than creamy dressing). Thanks! And in this context, it’s not a picture of him kissing a date, but rather a plate of gnocchi that’s been kissed with a cheesy, rich, parmesan cream sauce. All rights reserved. subscribe to receive new posts via email: Subscribe to the RSS Feed: Bloglovin' So, what would make a better match for the decadent sauce than charred tomatoes? With all the fall greens starting to come in, this recipe is a great way to freshen up the salad rotation. To quote Prince, “Dig, if you will, a picture…”. Green beans are the guy you actually want to sit with at a party. Serve warm on a bed of baby arugula and topped with shaved Pecornio cheese. Just cut your vegetables on the small side so they don’t overtake the gnocchi – or even better use small spring veggies like peas and sugar snaps. Add tomatoes and cook until just warmed, 1 minute. And when the two of them are combined on the plate it’s a treat for the eyes and the taste buds. Grab Paula’s recipe for these seasonal beauties at Call Me PMC. Homemade cheesy gnocchi is topped with a rich sauce made with butternut squash, spinach and Gorgonzola.—. There may be affiliate links in this post. Pan-frying the gnocchi and pairing them with heirloom tomato sounds like a perfect way to end summer. It wants gnocchi to live up to its full potential. It’s a beautiful sight, and it’s a beautiful flavor combination. Canoes, sailboats, catamarans, yachts, and schooners are all aces in our book. Haha! Lasagna and spaghetti lovers sure do. Beautiful photos as usual. It’s a rainy and dreary day around here, and this looks like the perfect solution. Thank-you, I will try this one for sure. LOVE. I made a panzanella salad any chance I get, and I think it’s just SO smart that you swapped out gnocchi for the bread! Basil gnudi. And when their tossed with basil? Transfer to a bowl and set aside; return skillet to medium heat. And we also think peas and mushrooms don’t get enough love together as a couple. And we’re here to help you search out just the right side for you. Funny, I just had the best gnocchi at a restaurant yesterday and am totally craving some more. There are a number of different directions you can with a gnocchi sauce. Feedly, Welcome to Love & Olive Oil, the culinary adventures of Lindsay and Taylor.