Then check out our Pyrex® Features and Benefits guide here. (20) 20 product ratings - Pyrex Pink Gooseberry Cinderella Nesting Bowls Ovenware # 441, 442, 443, 444 Quality with Integrity. Volumetric Glassware – Make Sure Yours Measures Up, 7 top tips for the safe, sustainable use of laboratory glassware [Infographic]. Corelle Brands Consumer Care Center Attn: Consumer Customer Service 12000 Molly Pitcher Highway South Greencastle, PA 17225. Should you need more information on the product, kindly write your details to us. Check out this Limited Edition Pyrex Cookware collection set available only at Giant Hypermarkets! Find out why…. Call Us. Get more discount with our membership program. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. - Drying powders and crystals • Manufactured from chemically resistant Pyrex® borosilicate glass Read our associated technical information for our Plasticware, Glassware and Closures. Pyrex ® - One of the most famous names in science. To obtain the maximum performance from your laboratory glassware, correct handling is essential. Finding answers is easy with our online support area. Welcome to the first instalment of blogs on care and maintenance of lab glassware, a guide on the safe ... We are delighted to announce our attainment of the ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for our volumetric calibration laboratory, located at our DWK Life Sciences UK glass manufacturing facility in Stoke-on-T... Stay up to date with the latest in news and events from DWK Life Sciences. “Volumetric accuracy is essential in the testing procedures we perform and DWK Life Sciences volumetric flasks are ideal for our purposes.”, DWK Life Sciences Technician Workshops – How to maximise the performance of your glassware. Pyrex® laboratory glassware has been at the forefront of advances in scientific and medical research for more than 100 years. The heat of the lantern flame conspired with the cold air of winter to shatter traditional glass lanterns. - Dissection work Since it was first developed in 1908, Pyrex® borosilicate glass has advanced the research and development of science, medicine and space exploration; playing a pivotal role in many historic achievements through its reliability, strength, performance, safety and chemical resistance. 46 talking about this. Search the world of DWK Life Science Enter your search below. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. - Gel electrophoresis and paper chromatography Inappropriate reviews will not be posted. Pyrex® is one of these. Range Finder Hydrometer, Specific Gravity, Top Loading Autoclave Range, Swiftlock (95-135L), Front Loading Autoclaves Range, Swiftlock (120-344L), Thermometers / Psychrometers / Hygrometers, Bottle Top/ Micro Dispenser / Digital Burettes, Pipette Tips, Disposable, Polypropylene, Non Sterile (Bulk Pack), Pipette Tips, Disposable, Polypropylene, Non Sterile (In Rack Form), Pasture / Transfer Pipettes, Disposable, LDPE, Electronic Micro/Macro Pipettor, Acura Series, Electronic Multi Channel Pipettor, Acura Series, Accessories for Electronic Pipettes, Acura, Tongs for Crucibles, Beakers, Flasks and Test Tubes, Kumpulan Saintifik KSFE I Malaysia's Scientific Laboratory Supplier. - Staining and development Take a look at our frequently asked questions to help you with your query. Consumer Care Center Affordable price guaranteed. Welcome to the second instalment of blogs on care and maintenance of lab glassware providing a guide on the safe heating of glassware and how to minimise the possibility of breakages occurring.