google_ad_width = 300; Parallam® PSL Beams are strong, beautiful, and can help turn open floor plans into reality. Parallam® PSL Beams are strong, beautiful, and can help turn open floor plans into reality. x 8 ft. Boise Cascade Versa-Stud LVL SP 2650 1.7 wall framing is engineered for high-quality builders who want stronger walls to resist wind loads, stiffer walls for a solid feel and straight walls for a high-quality finish. As such, the Service Level for exposed posts in contact with the ground would be SL 3. The Hansen Buildings vision is to be the industry leader in post frame building kits as solutions to personal living, storage and agricultural needs while making great service a priority. This means the maximum length of the beams are limited only by the maximum length capacity of the plant. In order for Parallam ® Plus PSL to perform as described, the product must ain its original cross section. Parallam Beam Span Chart Posted on April 9, 2020 by Sandra Wood beam design and installation parallam plus psl beams headers and parallam plus psl ilevel trus joist beams headers and We specialize in in floor plans, tall walls, and any other engineered wood application. Trus Joist Parallam® PSL Beams. There’s No Education Like Real Life Business Experience, Splash Boards, Roof Loads, and Truss Spacing. Parallam® PSL 20–21 Snow Roof load Tables TimberStrand® LSL 22–23 Microllam® LVL 24–25 Parallam® PSL 26–27 Non-Snow Roof Load Tables TimberStrand® LSL 28–29 Microllam® LVL 30–31 Parallam® PSL 32–33 Beam Details 34 Window and Door Header Details 34–35 Nailing on Narrow Face 35 Allowable Holes 36 x 8 ft. Versa-Stud LVL SP 2650 1.7 (2-Piece per Box) 1-1/2 in. There is no need to dress any incisions and the product will never decay. Read More…. Leave this field empty *, Forest Products Supply / F.P. Most typically, Hansen Buildings utilizes glu-laminated columns as manufactured by companies such as Timber Technologies, LLC, which have a Fb of 1897.5 psi. -Perfectly straight - will not bow, twist, or cup, -Available in various lengths and sizes ideal for cantilever and multi-span applications, -No pre-assembly of individual plies. It is used for beams, headers, columns, and posts, among other uses. One of our vendors recommended she instead order Parallam® Plus PSL columns instead, insisting they would be as strong as or stronger than glu-lams. When I served on the board of directors of the MSRLPC (Machine Stress Rated Lumber Producers Council), we had the opportunity to tour MacMillan’s Parallam® manufacturing plant. x 8 ft. Boise Cascade 1-1/2 in. The finished solid section rectangular product is ideal for long span/high load applications. The product is produced as a huge rectangular “slab”, which is then cut down to popular sizes – widths of 3½”, 5¼” or 7″ and depths between 9¼” and 18″. We have four full time engineers with over 60 years of combined experience that can help you appropriately size and spec to meet code, save money, and get the job done right. These billets are then cut into specified beam and column sizes. Truly an amazing process, as the product is continuously formed – it is extruded, not unlike plastic pipe! Call 866.200.9657 for a free consultation now! Parallam Beam Weight Per Foot February 13, 2019 - by Arfan - Leave a Comment 12 beam design specifier s for parallam plus psl 2 2e deep beam specifier s new ewp parallam psl … This guru will grant you the answer to one pole barn question! x 5-1/2 in. google_ad_height = 600; Parallam Plus Psl Beams Headers And Columns, 2 2e Deep Beam Specifier S Weyerhaeuser Pages 1 8, Ilevel Trus Joist Beams Headers And Columns Specifier S, Timberstrand Microllam And Parallam Beams Headers, 2 2e Deep Beam Specifier S Atlas Structural Systems, Tji High Performance Floor Joists Builders General, What Are Jim Beam Suite Seats At Yankee Stadium. KC Info Request While the Parallam® Plus PSL columns are a great product, the vendor was incorrect in his advice to Justine, as the glu-lam would be over 16% stronger in bending. 3. Your email address will not be published. Phone Number Email 11 Reasons Why Barndominium Crawl Space Encapsulation is Important. Above grade, HDG (hot dipped galvanized) would be recommended. For information on our preservatively treated Parallam ® PSL, click Parallam® Plus PSL. Parallam Plus PSL Specifier's Guide TJ-7102 | 18July 20. This is because knots and other imperfections are removed so strength variability is less than in solid sawn wooden beams. Concrete Footing: How Thick Should it Be? A building can be a tough decision. Bolting and nailing are minimized, simplifying installation. They are made using long thin strands of wood and a super strong adhesive glue to give you perfectly predictable beams and columns. Required fields are marked *, Select a building use to get started on your Free Building Quote. Parallam® Plus PSL columns are typically manufactured in three sizes: 3-1/2” x 5-1/4”, 5-1/4” x 5-1/4” and 7” x 7”. Your email address will not be published. Founded by J.A.Hansen, Hansen Pole Buildings, LLC, was formed as a limited liability corporation in 2002, as an internet-based business providing custom designed, high quality pole building kits at affordable prices.