On the next morning, at the time of Vishvaroopa Dharishanam, this applied sandal will be taken and distributed as prasadham for the devotees. To enable Idumban to carry them with ease, the Sage initiated him in certain mantras, acquainting him also with the route. Cheraman, the great ruler of Kerala, was a great devotee of this deity and he made enormous endowments of land for upkeep !....despite for the most part being fit, young, able-bodied men!! Not much of a difference between these two classes but Rs.50 ticket holder are given preference.Please do not take photos while going in winch trains, as there is a small notification to that effect and employees will fleece you with fines for taking photos. Teevatti (torches) will illumine the way. He investigated the reason and, finding an intruder on the top of the bigger hill, he challenged him to get down. Rakkalam 8.00 am: 11. The most famous temple dedicated to Lord Subrahmanya is Palani in the district of Madurai in South India. When the Lord Subrahmanya returned, he was furious to learn that his efforts had been in vain. Access by the main staircase cut into the hill-side and by the yanai-padhai or elephant's path a good walk and the idol of the Lord Muruga in Palani, was created and consecrated by the Sage Bhogar, one of Hinduism's eighteen great ascetics (siddhas), out of an amalgam of nine poisons or navapashanam. The hero of course is Muruga the warlord of the gods, in whose train the other celestials follow. The cleft in Aivarmalai was also doubtless a Jain hermitage in the centuries of the Christian era, which is evident from the 16 rock-cut representations of the Jain Tirthankaras on the face of the overhanging rock. His sanctum is now a small shrine in the corner of the south western corridor of the inner quadrangle on the hill. pin. If you prefer to go by steps, it will take 30 minutes extra.