But when it came to relationships with the opposite sex he was less gifted. However, the sales executives believed that the girls were a different sort of professional altogether.[6]. However, the marriage was for public consumption only and they quietly divorced a few months later when the scandal was forgotten. Ince’s body was immediately cremated. Douglas’s character was destroyed, and her assailant got away with rape. It’s not a secret that Errol Flynn had a large sexual appetite. It is fair to say that Harlow had a tumultuous life. Undoubtedly the most controversial of the Hollywood scandals was mandated abortions. Knowing that he did not want children and that the studio would not tolerate an unmarried mother, Harlow aborted the baby that she wanted and never told Powell what had happened.[3]. Unfortunately, it seems that the movie business has attracted scandal since its birth. In addition, to maintain the reputation of its stars, studios have always hired fixers, double dealers, and outright shysters to do the dirty work for them. See more ideas about Hollywood, Old hollywood, Movie stars. But when she came out, studio bosses ordered her to lose weight and she went straight back on the pills. William Randolph Hearst was a businessman, politician, and newspaper publisher. Flynn began his Hollywood career after working as a river guide for a film crew, fighting off crocodiles, and dodging arrows from headhunters (apparently true). Hedren claims that the scenes where she was attacked by birds were Hitchcock’s revenge.[10]. Old Hollywood’s Most Tragic Screen Sirens. He had just been divorced from Carole Lombard and thought the public might not like him to marry so soon. Alfred Hitchcock was a gifted director, but he was also rather peculiar. Tallulah Bankhead was as famous inside Hollywood for her sexual activity as she was for her beauty around the rest of the world. According to Hedren, Hitchcock was so offended when she called him a “fat pig” and rebuffed his advances that he set out to ruin her. But it was Tippi Hedren who really became the focus of his obsession. When Garland’s life began to spiral out of control, the studios abandoned her. To keep her energy up and her weight down, the studio supplied her with amphetamines. Her daughter, whom Crawford had disinherited, published a tell-all memoir, Mommie Dearest, which depicted the star in a whole new light. Flynn was acquitted of all charges, and the trial only increased his reputation as a Lothario. Chaplin’s reputation never fully recovered. to be used at smokers” (men-only stag parties).[2]. Hollywood, America’s longtime seat of wealth and conspicuous consumption, has long been a fount of sordid stories which held the attention of an enraptured public, happily tsking and tutting over the amoral activities of the spoiled denizens of America’s Babylon. HuffPost is part of Verizon Media. He liked them young, both his first and second wives were sixteen when he married them, and the second, Lita Grey, convinced Chaplin that she was pregnant with his child, leading to a hasty marriage (he could otherwise have been imprisoned for having sex with a minor). But even sex takes a back seat to scandal when it comes to attracting the attention of an often lascivious public, and when the scandal is about sex, especially illicit sex, the morally upright can’t help but line up to buy. Hollywood obliged, with both steamy rumors of illicit affairs and reports of sexual activities which were at the time illegal. While Hitchcock was riding high from the success of Psycho, he picked the unknown actress Hedren to star in The Birds. Al Capone even showed the Scarface director how to fire a tommy gun.[9]. But she was also tied to a contract with Hitchcock which left her in a vulnerable position. He believed that Marion Davies was sleeping with Charlie Chaplin. The phrase “in like Flynn” was popularized after his trial for the statutory rape of two girls. He refused to allow them to speak to other cast members or drive to the set with anyone other than him. Garland married at 19 against the wishes of the studio and was ordered back to work 24 hours after the wedding. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. This must have made for rather uncomfortable small talk. J. Edgar Hoover, with his penchant for keeping records damaging to the reputations of anyone he deemed too powerful and influential, ensured the FBI was active in Hollywood for decades, collecting what should have been private information in order to protect the nation’s morals. Jean Harlow was the original blonde bombshell. The studio “protected” her by not allowing anyone else near her. He also made it clear that he never wanted children. Without transport or telephones, the women had no means of escape and had to fend off the male advances as best they could. She succeeded in trashing Chaplin’s reputation while relieving him of $800,000 (about $11 million today). She was recognized, even winning an Oscar for her 1947 performance in The Farmer’s Daughter. . Douglas was not worldly wise. Despite Hearst’s vigorous attempts to control the publicity surrounding Ince’s death, rumors kept surfacing that Hearst had shot at Chaplin, missed, and killed Ince instead.