Since then, I've lived across the country and have really taken that passion for fishing to a new level. Click here to read my full review. Never use it. There is a reason why so bass anglers spool braid on their baitcasting setups. I recommend doing it. Posted by 5 years ago. Just be sure to wet your line with water or saliva before tightening it down or you risk “burning” that knot and that slightly melted mono will be weakened. Because fluorocarbon has so much memory, you are likely to experience line twists, rats’ nests, as well as the occasional cast backlash with a baitcasting reel. If you want to catch more fish, check out Mystery Tackle Box in the link below. Of course, this type of line has its share of drawbacks. Mono does you no favors for finesse fishing unless you are trying to not catch bass.

This line sinks well and is hard to see. Braid offers little to no stretch so you really hammer those hooksets even on the longest of casts but you need some give in that line or else you run the risk of your treble hooks pulled out if a bass jumps or shakes its head. If you want to catch more fish, check out Mystery Tackle Box in the link below. Size is around 8-9 inches. Monofilament has a ton of beneficial properties that makes it ideal for bass fishing. You have to know when to loosen the drag, and how much line to let out at one time.  Apps     Showed up a little spooked which is to be expected. We’ve already touched on this but mono works great for moving baits but terribly for finesse baits. DryGoods, OVERNIGHT SHIPPING test and 6.5" medium heavy action fast tip falcon bucoo's). Monoculus Peacock Bass - Cichla monoculus. Eating live food and pellets. For bass anglers who spend hours a day casting, braid is the best route to take. This may be true for bass. I prefer braid to mono leader for jerkbaits but others prefer fluorocarbon. In cloudy or stained water, this will not be an issue but if you are fishing in clear water or for trout with keen eyesight, fluorocarbon is a better choice. Bass shouldn’t be able to spot your line if you are fishing a moving bait and covering water. Bass fishing often requires different fishing line types to pair with each scenario and application. Monofilament, or "mono", is comprised of many synthetic components combined in a gel that solidifies into a slick, string-like substance we anglers have come to know and love. The owner called and left a voicemail informing me the tracking number and followed it with an email. Mono Fish for Sale for sale at T…. In my honest opinion, these two facets are the best places to invest in quality when it comes to fishing gear. Covid19 Lockdown Will Cause Some Delays With Online Orders. By tying on a 2-4 foot leader of mono, you have enough “give” in your line so you can lean into those fish and not loose them if they try to throw the bait. Fish like trout and carp are much more sensitive to the braid especially in the daylight. Hybrid lines work very well with spinning reels as their ultra-thin diameter makes for excellent line-reel capacity. If you have the extra money to spend, sure invest in some good rods and reels. Braid is also more expensive than mono. It’s a close contest with braid, but for sheer adaptability across all fishing situations, I have to give the edge to mono. Mono is abrasion resistance which would theoretically make it good for rivers with rocks but since it is thicker, it is easily seen by sharp-eyed trout in clear water. Braid has no stretch which is ideal for trolling larger baits. I use braid on all my bass rods, with a 20 to 30 yard mono leader line, so the fish cannot see it. More importantly, mono is abrasion resistant. Yes, you don’t want fish to see your line but there are times when you do want to see your line and will have a hard time doing so with these two lines.