… Stopped by the dispensary today and was disappointed to see a sign on the door that said they do not sell. The staff was very friendly. and hours and phone rep always says something different. So I go in there trying to order certain things, they don't have them.THE THIRD TIME I tried this place, I called first, made sure they actually had in stock what I saw I wanted online, spent money to take an Uber there from work, showed up 15 minutes later, AND THEY WERE CLOSED TO RECREATIONAL. What: Maribis is a medical dispensary in Chicago offering a number of cannabis products.As of January 1, 2020, it opened its doors to recreational customers at the same site. Find their address, hours, and store information. They have street parking and i have never had an issue finding parking yet.It says a lot about the integrity and ethics of Maribis for choosing not to sell recreational Cannabis and choosing to focus on the medical community first. By checking this box you agree that the listing claim process is not completed until the admin approves the request, and then an email is sent to you to process the payment. Learn more about Maribis of Chicago. Learn more about our partnership with Last Prisoner Project. -Please call the dispensary at 773-940-2216 for more information. Or, view our Maribis … Find Headshops and Smoke Stores near you. the $40 grams of Keef ($35 on the first. Well, if you’re like me, and can’t help but associate the name “Maribis” with patients, it’s for good reason. It was very unfortunate I went home on July 26th without my money nor the cannabis I purchased. GET IT TOGETHER. The first dispensary was opened in California, and since then, the nation has been progressing towards cannabis reform. You don’t want to wait in long lines, only to be told the one item you need is sold out. I will continue to inform the public about this terrible business. Adult Use – Maribis of Chicago is a marijuana dispensary location open at 4570 S Archer Ave in Chicago, IL 60632 . Many patients opt for the slow sedation of edibles to calm their aches and pains (myself included). What: Maribis is a medical dispensary in Chicago offering a number of cannabis products. These courageous cannabis enthusiasts rely on marijuana as their main form of medicine, so by law, establishments are required to keep enough supply on deck for them to choose from, should their dispensary become filled with eager patients looking for some much-needed bud to help them live a more comfortable, pain-free life. what they don't explain is that they post medical prices and recreation price has a au for adult usage that is actually 16 dollars more. Patients may change their dispensary on the IDPH page; usually transfers occurring within 1 hour. had to get it to justify the 40 min drive. We’ll email you updates on local dispensary deals, new products, and industry news. The deals WERE great! Recreational orders are considered final once purchasing. As of January 1, 2020, it opened its doors to recreational customers at the same site. We work dilligently to provide the best care, products, and knowledge base for all medical patients in Illinois. I. had selected some things at home, and they had everything when I arrived. went to get a 1/8 web said 55 no problem. I went home without my money nor my cannabis. They sold out of some flower before I could get there but Jason hooked it up. If I was able to get all of those perks, I’d sign up for a medical marijuana card, too. Any items that do not contain the "AU" are for medical patients only. I purchased a few goodies, and everything exceeded my expectations. I have used this dispensary for 1 year and I appreciate the kind and compassionate staff. Also do not let these people tell you they are bud tenders or concentrate extractors as they did not manufacturer or grew the very product which you are purchasing because that is not the case here at all; they simply work at the store and sell pre packaged item's that are shipped there. Because, even though recreational use became fully legal in the state of Illinois this past January, this place continues to only cater to their medical marijuana client base – but, it’s basically out of necessity. For optimum results, I, We started using Maribis back in June because if my mother cancer diagnosis. Every category was the epitome of “reasonable,” as far as average price points are concerned. - Definitely not a stoner friendly place, if you're coming in from Midway airport just take some time to go into downtown for some decent products & service, as there should be no frustration when it comes to buying weed of all things. Call Maribis of Chicago at (888) 888‒5501, or Maribis of Springfield at (888) 888‒0217.