Green Curry Paste Thai 400 g Mae Ploy. The chilli peppers used are the young green variety, perfect for making a distinctive Thai green curry… Heat level is 'Hot". After extensive planning to find a premium Thai curry paste better than former favorite Hand Brand, we've imported to America for the first time Mae Pranom all natural green curry paste. Still, it is the best green curry paste in the market and i still buy it time and time again I love this curry paste and would have given it five stars but it is lacking the "it" factor. Mae Ploy's Panang curry paste has that perfection but you feel like something is missing from the green curry paste. SKU: 181837 | Mae Ploy In Stock. Thai Green Curry might be the best known curry in Thai cuisine. This curry paste is a highly aromatic blend of fresh spices, mainly green in colour, used as a traditional flavouring in Thai curries.