A marriage license is a permission slip to get married. Change ). This theory on the history of the marriage license is completely erroneous. As to marriage, I maintain that the government has no constitutional right to establish, define nor control marriage. How about ” the avenues to gain access to these benefits would not crumble away without a marriage license”? Control via license became the plot. There are also some jurisdictions where marriage licenses do not exist at all and a marriage certificate is given to the couple after the marriage ceremony had taken place. National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, This page was last edited on 24 November 2020, at 07:33. That’s right. Let’s go way back to the 1600’s where most of our laws concerning marriage were inherited from England. A requirement for banns of marriage was introduced to England and Wales by the Church in 1215. When one is licensed as a certified and ratified individual citizen s/he does so in Persona, taking on and using the mask — the title/person — of commerce; moreover that Person is an individual corporation, and when two individuals are licensed to marry the parties are joined together as a single corporation, so the offspring — the “Child” — of that adultery (given over to Man’s law over God’s law) is not in reality a property of the man or female acting in Persona, but is, rather, a ward of the State, who has given you guardian rights to manage the “Child.” This fact is ensconced in a doctrine of the Supreme Court. Well, in an effort to answer my own question, I did a little digging. Ziporah His first wife almost got Moses killed resisting circumcision. Yeah, I didn’t think many…well…look into it! If you are getting less than you deserve in your relationship and want to be sure Is that not a good idea? In some jurisdictions, a "pardon" can be obtained for marrying without a license, and in some jurisdictions, common-law marriages and marriage by cohabitation and representation are also recognized. Getting a Marriage License and getting Legally Married in the United States Or How to apply for a marriage License according to US Marriage Law by State . It has only been this modern era that governments began requiring us all to procure the requisite documentation while shopping for rings (and charging us a tidy little fee for the privilege in the process!). While your church might have happily given their moral authority away to the government, I assure you god did not. […] The Ugly History of the Marriage License in America […]. It took George Bush's 2nd term to get me to delve into the "why's" of my political ideology. […], […] As Murray Rothbard once said, “Rights are universal, but their enforcement must be local.” As per Hans-Herman Hoppe’s argumentation ethics, if the person in question is capable of arguing, then they enjoy private property rights. Either comply with the ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court, as well as the law itself or fight to change things from a legal standpoint. I really don’t give a damn what 2 consenting adults, regardless of their sexual orientation, do within the confines of their own home. However, the ancient institution likely predates this date. Marriage licenses began to be issued in the Middle Ages, to permit a marriage which would otherwise be illegal (for instance, if the necessary period of notice for the marriage had not been given). They can also bestow upon you certain privilege and certain monetary advantages over non-licensed persons such as tax favoritism and other status perks. [6], Some groups and individuals believe that the requirement to obtain a marriage license is unnecessary or immoral. […]. Selectively choosing which laws you will abide by and which laws you will not is ultimately an invitation to lawlessness. I found that the non-aggression principle fit nicely with what I had already discovered about myself. North Carolina and Tennessee (which was originally western North Carolina) never recognized marriage at the common law as valid without a license unless entered into in other states. This actually flies in the face of the decision to give equal protection to same sex couples when they did not give equal protection or rights in the first place, very hypocritical and should never have been established to begin with. This hypocrisy is absolutely absurd. Marrigage license has been around less than a hundred years…, Marriage, Constitution, and Rights Reserved to the People, Herein lies the glitch – whenever there is a large number of people in your organization or in various groups of supporters you cannot either know what they are doing or thinking and you cannot control their beliefs and actions. Marriage licenses were introduced in the 14th century, to allow the usual notice period under banns to be waived, on payment of a fee (see Droit du seigneur and merchet) and accompanied by a sworn declaration, that there was no canonical impediment to the marriage. Only a State Certified Marriage Certificate is recognized by Social Security. Since “society” (and all demographics thereof) are made up of individuals, those said individuals are ultimately responsible for defending their own rights. And look at Clint Richardson’s work at https://realitybloger.wordpress.com and listen to him on You silly Protest-ants, hellbound heretics all, have over 50 versions of the Bible, even PC ones so as not to offend Sodomites and Transgenders. Good Luck with that!!!! Since 1837, the proof of a marriage has been by a marriage certificate, issued at the ceremony; before then, it was by the recording of the marriage in a parish register. see: Tobit 4:12, The video hasn’t anything to do with race; it appears much to do with poverty/ignorance! ( Log Out /  Anyone objecting to the marriage, or had knowledge why the marriage would not be legal (ie one of them was already married) they had 3 weeks to notify the clergy. From this date, a marriage was only legally valid, if it followed the calling of banns in church or the obtaining of a license —the only exceptions being Jewish and Quaker marriages, whose legality was also recognised. [12], In October 2009, Keith Bardwell, a Louisiana justice of the peace, refused to issue a marriage license to an interracial couple, prompting civil liberties groups, such as the NAACP and ACLU, to call for his resignation or firing. "Marriage in the United States shall consist only of the union between a man and a woman. There would be no need to make any real changes to the system we already have in place. until 1970. I was turned on to libertarianism by accident when I stumbled upon Milton Friedman's appearance on Donahue while surfing on YouTube. All these erroneous ideas have resulted in chaotic political campaigning and a financial Armageddon from which we may never recover – $21 trillion in current debt along with $121 trillion of non-funded ongoing obligations. Go ahead. Some Christian groups also argue that a marriage is a contract between a man and a woman presided over by God, so no authorization from the state is required. Throughout history, and even today, families arranged marriages for couples. I also fail to see why some people advocate a Constitutional Amendment to define marriage from a legal standpoint. Traditionally, working with law enforcement was the only means of searching and accessing marriage license information across state lines. Are we living in sin and what do we do if having a license is the only way for God to honor our marriage as is. What about DOMA, the Defense of marriage Act? Neither this constitution nor the constitution of any state, nor state or federal law, shall be construed to require that marital status or the legal incidents thereof be conferred upon unmarried couples or groups." Does anyone else really hate the fact that no matter what the right does, it's never considered cancel culture by the general public? Polyamorous and polyandrous marriages are, likewise, still prohibited. I'm a regular guy with a regular college degree. […], Bi racial children can Not receive organ transplants! Thank you. The US states of Florida, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Indiana, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Mississippi, California, New York,[4][5] and the District of Columbia once required blood tests before issuing a marriage license, but such requirements have since been abolished. California's Proposition 8 has been the subject of heavy criticism by advocates of same-sex marriage,[11] including the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community whose ability to marry is often limited by the aforementioned state intervention.