When I first arrived in the country, I experienced my first K-pop concert at the Boryeong Mud Festival and was baffled by the unique dance moves and singing style. This is a test version of the layout of this page. Find out what is the real equivalent in South Korea of your current salary and improve your chances of a happy relocation. Find out what benefits you might be able to receive while you’re abroad and how to export them from the UK or claim them while abroad, How to vote if you move or live abroad, including eligibility and registration. Here is a collection of top responses. It is not meant in rudeness, simply curiosity. Mobile version Fast forward 14 months and I’ve come to love living in South Korea. They are gender-segregated bathhouses that feature hot and cold pools where you get fully naked and scrub yourself clean before entering the large baths. Almost without fail, the first question in each class the boys would ask: “Teacher, are you married?” When I answered no, it was very quickly followed up with “Teacher, do you have a boyfriend?” In addition to these, here are just a few examples of other questions I have been asked: “Teacher, how old are you?” (OK, not that terrible), “Teacher, do you have any children?” (Odd for Koreans to think you’d have kids with no boyfriend or husband…), “Teacher, is that your boyfriend?? This often contributes to some of the more unpleasant smells you’ll encounter in Korea. Fast. Risk taker. Here, they celebrate their independence with the hopes of meeting their perfect match! Many of the older Korean’s experiences with foreigners are centered around the Korean War–not necessarily happy memories or positive associations. People respond to emails within hours and there are never issues with power, transportation or infrastructure. Join me as I share my travel stories and tips of life abroad. Here is a list of the top 10 facts about living conditions in South Korea. I also hate needles and the idea of someone messing with my eyes completely freaked me out. This means the country has one of the highest life expectancies in the world, a benefit to having free, universal healthcare coverage. Moving the mouse on top of a city will show its name and the Cost of Living Index of that city. South Korea. I grew up in New England and was still shocked by the amount of seafood here. !” One block down the road and you’re greeted with some amazing chicken, bulgogi, shabushabu, you name it… and your stomach instantly starts growling. For your convenience, the medication is packaged into separate packets with pills that you take each day. Pass? Written by: Cassandra Simons. Life Expectancy: The life expectancy rate is one of the highest in the world. Visas & Permits. The color of each marker corresponds with the cost of living in the city red markers show more expensive cities green ones show cheaper cities hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(67369, '35dca8ba-7ee5-4d34-9422-bf4f53ebf272', {}); One year ago, I stepped on a plane heading to Busan, South Korea, for a public school teaching contract. Top 10 Reasons to Teach English in Seoul, South Korea, Teach English Online with BoxFish & BlingABC - Alumni Q&A with Kelly Schultz, 10 Companies That Let You Teach English Online Without a Degree. It is not as cheap as living in some Asian countries like Laos or China, but it is also not as expensive as Japan or Singapore. So, here are my top 17 things I love about living in South Korea: the pros. This is a test version of the layout of this page. Soju is the national alcohol that’s consumed daily and will have you buzzing in no time! However, roles reverse on “White Day”, March 14, where women receive gifts and it’s the man’s turn to sweep them off their feet. Korean bathhouses, otherwise known as Jimjilbangs are a big part of the Korean culture and tradition, and if you’re living in South Korea, it won’t be long before you visit one. Couples often wear matching outfits when they go on dates and the 14th of every month is a day to honor love. Some things you just can’t prepare yourself for and have to see and experience for yourself. These questions are usually simply a way for Koreans to find out how to relate to you. Take the survey to help us improve it. Lesson learned: do not challenge a Korean to a drinking contest. Full version This page contains some affiliate links. This is one of the main benefits of living in South Korea. That’s what “Black Day” is for! This includes separating your food waste, plastic bottles, papers, Styrofoam and glass bottles into specific colored bags. Having a significant other is important in Korea. Meg Cale. If you are single and they are married, they want to find another connection. The number of foreign nationals in South Korea is increasing rapidly. Most importantly, have fun! database is calculated by comparing their cost of living to the cost of living in Prague. beta More often than not, this is met with excited smiles and a rambling of cities they know… usually New York City or LA. This inherent kindness in the Korean culture, and not expecting anything in return, is something I will never forget. If you’re planning your Seoul itinerary, make sure you pop into one of the many themed cafes – the Poop Cafe in Insadong is one of the most popular!