For some reason at the clinic they didn't mention Persian limes (which are the the standard limes used everywhere in the US because they are easy to grow and process on a large scale.) • Key lime has a thinner skin than Lime that is also called Persian lime, • Key lime has more juice than Persian lime, • Key lime has more citrus juice than Persian lime, • Bartenders use Key lime and not the Persian lime, • Key lime juice has a particular aroma and flavor that is loved by chefs, to season their dishes, • Key lime is smaller and rounder than Persian lime, • Key lime has more seeds than Persian lime, • Key lime juice is also used to preserve pickles and sauces, • Key lime pie has made Key lime so very popular in US, • When substituting lime with key lime in cooking, one has to use much lesser quantity as the juice of key lime is much more citrus, Filed Under: Fruits&Vegetables Tagged With: Key Lime, lime, Mexican Lime, Persian lime, West Indian Lime. While Persian limes tend to be slightly smaller than a tennis ball, diminutive key limes are more like the size of a ping-pong ball, about one to one and a half inches in diameter. Lime is the name of a fruit that is green when unripe and becomes yellow when it ripens. When pressed, Lime releases a juice that is sour and acidic in nature. Lynch specializes in covering topics related to health and wellness, women's issues and parenting. Let’s find out. Persian limes are also heftier than key limes, weighing in at around three ounc… It did show, in my mind, that the grays of the pillows have a very calming affect on the browns of your sofa. Is it okay to use regular limes instead? Key limes require much more work than Persian limes to get the juice out. If you have ever seen a key lime (Mexican or West Indian) next to a regular lime (Persian or Tahitian), the difference is quite obvious as the varieties of limes vary so widely in size and shape. For the grooves in the paneling, use spackle to fill in gaps and allow it to dry about two hours before sanding. It got the name Key lime because of the Keys region in Florida where it was grown in abundance. In a pinch I have used the Alkeseltzer Plus. As far as vigor, the key lime has been very trouble free very productive and very vigorous. Back to the pillows on the sofas, if you used the Arabesque gray carpet, caveat it is difficult to tell correctness of colors communicating by computer, and then used the some of the gray pillow you showed and layered in some linen and or ivory, and then one pillow of orange her and anotther some where else, That's how orange works best, in my opinion. It is round in shape and has 3-6 cm in diameter. The key lime is a larger tree and always seems to have some sort of pest but it is so productive - I think it has fruit on it all 12 months of the year. The United States is the worldwide exception in its preference for the larger Persian limes -- the rest of the world prefers the diminutive key limes, instead. After years of working in professional kitchens, Lindsay traded her knives in for the pen. Taste of Home is America's #1 cooking magazine. Are You Gutsy Enough to Paint Your Floor White? 3. Key Lime vs. Persian Lime . When Cooks Illustrated experimented with exchanging key limes and Persian limes in recipes they found that to get a half cup of lime juice they had to squeeze three Persian limes. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Copyright © 2010-2018 Difference Between. When it comes to kitchen renovations, white is the new beige. They also have a giant key lime. As for whether they have a different taste, the food testing pros over at Cooks Illustrated claim that … Their leaves are bright green and serrated. Just try to avoid pre-squeezed, store-bought juice; its flavor pales in comparison to the freshly-squeezed product. These larger limes are oval-shaped, dark green and juicy. After attending a big citrus clinic, we were considering a key lime tree, but people kept warning us that they are very tempermental and easily frost-damaged. Key lime trees are as small and squat like the key limes they produce. With that said, I have both a key lime and a Bearss (Persian) line tree. I can't guarantee the summers here (and less other times of the year) in Colorado will get as hot as citrus would want. Best of luck and let us know what you decide to do! Again, these trees can grow elsewhere, but these three locations are high producers of the small key limes. Orange is like the loud mouth in the room. But hope there won't be a next time! I am really quite disappointed because I hear they are prolific and vigorous trees.