Written by "[39] The New York Times criticized Guy Trosper for writing a screenplay where the secondary characters whom Mickey Shaughnessey and Judy Tyler acted out were "forced to hang on to the hero's flying mane and ego for the entire picture." His cellmate, washed-up country singer Hunk Houghton (Shaughnessy) who was jailed for bank robbery, starts teaching Vince a few extra chords on the six string acoustic guitar after hearing Vince sing and strum Hunk's guitar. 1: The 50's - Tenth Anniversary Edition, The Elvis Presley Collection: Rock 'N' Roll [Time-Life], Loud, Fast & Out of Control: The Wild Sounds of the '50s [Box], Can't Help Falling in Love: The Hollywood Hits, #1 Hit Singles Collection: Limited Edition Vinyl Box Set, 40 Years of Jukebox Hits: The 50's, 60's, 70's & 80's, The Essential Elvis Presley [RCA/Sony BMG], All Shook Up (The Audio Pearls Collection), Saturday Night Party: Rock 'n' Roll Party, Vol. Small wonder then that this tune became Elvis' finest musical number in all of his movies, the one production number that actually worked for him as a singer and as a dancer. [17][25][26] Shooting was resumed the next day. ZZ Top, Jeff Beck, and others have also found the magic lurking in this riff, usually reassigning the key to D natural, but keeping Presley's original intro more or less intact. 1, The Movie Soundtracks: 20 Original Albums, Sweethearts and Stolen Kisses: From the Movies, Bossa Nova Baby: The Ultimate Elvis Presley Party Album, Beatles Beginnings, Vol. Vince Everett is serving a one-year jail sentence for manslaughter. Tulsa, a soldier with dreams of running his own nightclub, places a bet with his friend Dynamite that he can win the heart of an untouchable dancer...but when Dynamite is transferred, Tulsa must replace him in the bet. Vince is surprised when the club owner denies him a job as a singer but offers him a job as a bar boy. Undeterred, Vince takes the stage when the house band takes a break and starts singing "Young and Beautiful." As he develops his musical talent and becomes a star, his self-centered personality begins to affect his relationships. The sly, hilarious production number is unlike anything else in the film, as is the song: the only hard-rock number in a film brimming with treacle. In this, he blazed the trail for acts like the Grateful Dead, who intuited early on that Deadheads wouldn't hold it against them if their shows weren't quite up to snuff. After completing his military service, Walter Gulick takes a job as a sparring partner at a gym, the owner of which sees potential in Walter as a professional fighter and takes him under his wing. (1957). [25] Presley's characteristic hairstyle and sideburns were covered with a wig and makeup for the scenes in musical number and those set in the jail. It peaked at number three on the Variety box office chart, and reached number 14 in the year's box office totals, grossing $4 million. For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. [1], In 1957, Presley was ranked the fourth leading box office commodity in the film industry. This FAQ is empty. Afterwards, Vince informs Hunk that according to his lawyer, the above-mentioned "contract" they signed in prison was worthless. (100 Classic Hits! [32][nb 1], Before the production began, rock 'n' roll songwriting partners Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller were commissioned to create the film's soundtrack. 96 min With tunes such as Kansas City, On Broadway, Love Potion No. niece at the fair, where he meets a cute nurse. Elvis's is not the only tragic story from the cast of Jailhouse Rock. As he always did, Colonel Parker made sure that his star got the best possible support and he didn't fail him in Jailhouse Rock.In Jailhouse Rock, Elvis plays a rather surly, ill tempered youth whose quick with his fists. Unlike similar revues based on songs by Billy Joel or the Four Seasons, Smoky Joe's Café does not have the fingerprints of Moloch all over it. Spector, whose trial on murder charges recently ended in a mistrial in Los Angeles, ruined the soundtrack for Let It Be and produced the Ramones worst LP End of the Century. Jailhouse Rock, the song, has almost nothing in common with Jailhouse Rock, the movie, even though it is hard to think of one without thinking of the other. [7] Filmed in black-and-white, the film was the first production that MGM filmed with the recently developed 35 mm anamorphic lens by Panavision. Everett takes to it so well that he decides to become a singer when he gets out. While in the big house, his cellmate, a former country singer, introduces him to the record business.