Thanks. Excellent many important points I had few on my mind but this is kind blowing. It’s a shame that in the last approx. Where is the However this will only help to further drag the share value and will effect small investors. evidence of any salary cuts in my company. Every word of ITC Infotech is true. Idiocy at its pinnacle I have seen there. They are just surviving using the ITC brand name as otherwise would have been faded in oblivion long back. An excellent questioning! How can we small share holders remove these stupid management? Lanka investment of 1800 Crores (~236 M USD) so far, baffles me as a Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. So we should give some time before commenting. Time to book losses and leave it.... Good analysis! Revenue sunrise is 595 cr and eastern is 890 cr. Si vous continuez à voir ce message, veuillez envoyer un one to shake up Jack Welch at the right time (he became the greater God without I wish all these queries were raised and emailed in the last ITC Board Meeting, if not already done. We rate the entire range of debt instruments, such as, bank loans, certificates of deposit, commercial paper, non-convertible / convertible / partially convertible bonds and debentures, perpetual bonds, bank hybrid capital instruments, asset-backed and mortgage-backed securities, partial guarantees and other structured debt instruments. Being an Ex employee..I can share more internal insights.. useless bunch of jokers sit on top... without much knowledge about their business..and if u question.u r out of favour..I was a top performer in all my previous organizations..and had promotions every two years irrespective of the bosses..but unfortunately I had to wait 8 years in ITC.before I decided to call it quits..and in a new organization again I was a star performer.. Hello Team, Please send email to itcName Designation Phone No. Long-term debt is also negligible. Do You have a plan besides just an excel sheet to justify this black hole. And I understand that the project is far from complete. I don’t think so he knows anything that is happening in the ground level, their own employees are eating money, by creating artificial demand in the market. Aporeciate your effort to bring it to the attention of share holders like me. Moreover sunrise EBITDA is 100 cr and eastern also the same. power that you wield without being questioned by a real promoter / entrepreneur Triple Bottom Line repeatedly trying to be the 'pallbearer' of goodness – While every section of society gets a mention – the Apart from the board, is there anywhere else this can be sent as a complaint. We may use your contact information, such as your name, address, and email id to fulfil your request and service your account and to provide you with additional information from CRISIL.For further information on CRISIL’s privacy policy please visit disclaimer forms part of and applies to each credit rating report and/or credit rating rationale that we provide (each a “Report”). . 3.7 X the FY 1920 revenues of 591 Cr at a PE of 37. It's a fantastic article so well articulated, positively shaking the Board to do something. rigmarole of Fortune Hotels with 4000 rooms is generating a mere profit of 2.76 Blunder after blunder. compensation system acts as a disincentive for executive outperformance and in Meticulously crafted article. There is no festive gifts or employee engagement activities except work. Yes agreed i am getting some 7-10 Rs a year in dividend while losing a major part of my capital. That portends that the Net Profit is likely to fall dramatically Perfect analysis ! A strong track record of growth, culture of innovation and global footprint sets us apart. Deveshwar was also a pedestrian choice. Remember markets are unforgiving and it would take no more than a few quarters Please publish in the News paper so that everybody including SEBI will be aware of this. But I would like to share my interpretation of your data. At Rs.17.9 lacs revenue per room per annum of revenue you have missed the bus of being any formidable The company should be run on professional manner.