Lots of people also ask, “What do you eat with falafel?” Here are some of my best suggestions! Serve them stuffed inside a pita or over a salad for a delicious meatless meal. Is it because of the soaked chickpeas as opposed to canned? Great job, If I were to not use flaxeed, could I just sub for flour? Prepared salads. Not needing a gluten free recipe . gently flatten them into a disk shape and bake, turning once after about 30 minutes. Last updated on September 2, 2020. Your email address will not be published. I would not have thought about sports drinks and energy bars–good point. 2 Tbsp finely chopped fresh parsley Methionine, CID=6137, https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/compound/Methionine (accessed on Nov. 18, 2019), National Center for Biotechnology Information. If you prefer a smoother texture you can add all of the Baked Falafel ingredients (keeping the yogurt and lemon juice and zest separate) to a food processor and pulse until you reach the consistency you like. While I think a few of them were obvious, the information was factual and valuable. I promise, you may even come to like it! Simply reheat in the oven when ready to eat! GL11 4BS, 01453 546441 The flour helps to bind the ingredients and the oil keeps the falafel moist. fat-free stuff, and wheat bread that isn’t 100% wholegrain. I have a new buffalo chicken appetizer I want to swoon him with!! Competition and Giveaway Terms and Conditions, 4 tbsp olive oil (save 1 tbsp for greasing the baking tins), 1 whole bulb of garlic finely grated or crushed, 1 medium/large sweet potato, boiled and mashed, 1 packet of red lentils, cooked and drained, 1 tbsp of egg substitute powder, mixed as per instructions, 2 tins of drained and washed red kidney beans, 2 tins of drained and washed butter beans. I made this and it was TOO SALTY! One of the huge benefits of baking falafels vs frying falafels is the smell. Both ways are delicious! Place baked falafel in a single layer on a baking sheet and put in the freezer to "flash freeze". There are much healthier (and cheaper) alternatives for pre and post-workout fuels. Great list! I was wondering if the garbanzo beans have to be cooked after soaking? Bake in preheated oven for 20 minutes, flip and bake on second side for 10-15 minutes (until golden brown). Remove from oven and serve with tzatziki sauce, in a pita, or on a salad! Nope! It’s also possible that some canned chickpeas are saltier than others! Yum! Chickpeas, fresh herbs, garlic onion and spices make this falafel recipe flavorful and delicious. You can exceed your calorie needs for the day in just one smoothie. Now I know exactly what Im making for dinner tonight. Mash chickpeas with potato masher or in food processor. Slowly fry off the onions, garlic, and ginger. I am going to have to try out baking them like you did. DON’T FORGET TO RATE THIS RECIPE AND LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW! These include meats, eggs, tofu, soy, buckwheat, quinoa, and dairy. He insists on drinking them all the time because he “works out hard”. There are 6 of us on the court at a time… we’re not moving all that much. Plus this healthy falafel recipe is naturally gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan. Process until well mixed and fine. There are so many falafel lovers among my family and friends…I can’t wait to spoil them with this healthy falafel rendition. (mixture will ball up in the processor). Or Maybe a little olive oil ?? Here are some frequently asked questions about making this baked falafel recipe! Yes! A complete protein contains all of the essential amino acids in adequate amounts to be considered good sources. Your email address will not be published. Its crazy how many “health foods” are really not great for you at all!! If the are still soft, bake a few extra minutes before turning. I’m so sorry that happened to you! I haven’t had something so authentic since I was in Egypt… 15 years ago. I also love that these are baked and not fried. hi there! . Everyone should have to read that list! Complete proteins are foods that contain all nine essential amino acids. I used to be a big fan of some of these “healthy” foods, but now they rarely show up in my diet! This oil-free baked falafel recipe is healthy, quick and kid-friendly. Makes at least 36 falafels (halve the ingredients if you want to make less). Thank you for a healthy and delicious version of a favorite dish! This is my family’s new favorite!