But it's not the first thing I'd do as a beginning software engineer. I called the customer service line on the website and turns out I did have a pickup the next day (not next week, as my vague communication with the other guy led me to believe), and they confirmed the time for me. All of the products have no artificial additives, preservatives, GMOs, refined sugars or bleached flour. Best guess for cause is that IIS is setup to interact with WSGI in a single process / single threaded manner. Unrelated: we actually got a response on that ticket that a piece of networking hardware had failed on the VM host. Part of the drive for creating the preview portal is that, supposedly, the old portal has a lot of (UI and code) inconsistency. In the case where there is no drop point, customers can meet the truck at a specified time to pick up the delivery. Based on this review, I will take my business elsewhere. It is being used in many different forms. Non-food items include homeopathics, nutritional supplements and essential oils. People can buy Azure Standard products after signing up on the website (http://www.azurestandard.com/). The company does usually drop shipmnents. Azure Standard: Is it really worth the grocery savings? The 2013 complaint made through Azure customer service and via telephone to various Azure employees was essentially dismissed as being normal wear and tear. Azure should put a warning on their packaging. I’m curious how this works in FTP deployment environments though. You then get the product from that one guest who offers their place to receive the shipment. Their site is so slow we got free support. ... Is Azure worth it? Once people join the membership for free, customers must join a club, which are organized geographically. There are grain suppliers that sell Wheat berries that are Triple Cleaned and apparently don't contain rocks. But at the same time, it’s also the only way to do certain operations. Azure reply did not attach to my comment. We aren’t yet looking to host our 1M visitor per day sites over; rather we’re looking to move our relatively low traffic, semi-public facing infrastructure into a more fault tolerant environment. It wasn’t built for the intertwining of services that are now offered. The differentiation is still present in the new one, but not the filtering. Anyways, the only thing I did get from Azure was a box of chocolates., and none of the real food items I really needed. I’m also non-plussed by Azure. This is better then the AWS offering of “we super promise that our services will be up 99.99% of the time in at least one of the AZ’s”. I'm afraid I will wreck my grinder if I don't clean all their wheat berries from now on. I would also like to know this. They partner with leading mid-sized companies to create forward-leaping, industry-shattering software products and digital platforms that enable growth and generate outsized returns. Want to change the name of a Resource Group? And yet AWS doesn’t have a data center here. This is a great company with great products. That does do well for confidence building. , a custom software product development shop in Bryan/College Station, Texas. After an hour of searching I found a forum post that had a link to a 3 year old shaky cam recording of a talk given by a Microsoft Engineer that worked on that part of the system. Go to etc.scm.azurewebsites.net of course! If you're getting into cloud computing, I'd definitely look at both Microsoft Azure and AWS. Or Oregon. I get a lot of questions about where I buy my health food or how I afford it. It’s definitely usable, and we do have some infrastructure hosted on it. I ordered over $250 worth of items to make sure I had some essentials for the self-quarantining. Our use case is a bit different from what marketing advertises. My favorite comment from trawling the internet: “Yet another task that can only be completed by deleting and recreating the VM.” Once most resources are created, very few things about them can be changed. We start this series with Azure as I have the most experience with it and the most bile for it. It's always a surprise when I talk about Azure Standard and the person I'm talking to asks, "What is Want to change what resource group a resource is in? From here on, we ignore them because I don’t actually spend enough time on Azure to justify learning the esoteric syntax that the Powershell cmdlets call for, or take the time to write my own “better” interface. Surely they’ve either fixed the issue or, say, migrated the VMs on the faulty hardware to somewhere else, right?… nope. Have you ever wondered how the engineers weren’t taken out for trampling under the company brontosaurus? (Using. I contacted Azure and this was their reply...which doesn't help me much! Somewhere in there you’ll find the IIS applicationhost.config file. Customers can contact Azure Standard at 971-200-8350 from Monday to Thursday from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. On Friday, the office is open from 6:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. People can email info@azurestandard.com and follow updates on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and Reddit. Software Maintenance Explained, 3 Tips for Reducing Risk in Software Projects, Managing Risk in Custom Software Projects: A Better Engagement Model, Texas Custom Software Firm Enhances Its Technology Capabilities with New Key Hire. The problem is the rocks will destroy milling equipment. If I’m reading the marketing right, under the right circumstances it supports recovering to 5 seconds ago. You’re given a delete button and a create button with the expectation that you can fill out the multi-page form without mistakes this time. Not only that, but on AWS our options are limited to either hurricane alley or earthquake boulevard. The only Azure documentation I’ve been able to reliably find is the marketing blurb and the ‘Baby’s First Deployment’ guides. Anyone can sign up for free to become a customer. Azure Standard ranks 45th among Organic Food sites. For those disadvantages, you get great quality food at great prices. You watch for the email that tells you the delivery date/time. Consumers complaining about Azure Standard most frequently mention customer service, sunflower seeds and 1st order problems. These are the only ways to do some tasks and can generally do anything either portal can do. You have to be available during the drop off deliveries. How did I find any of that? One of our favorite meal planning apps is offering a free month of Paleo meal plans. Where can I get wheat that doesn't have rocks. Continued having issues until we went through the magical process of ‘change the VM size to force a reprovision on different (and hopefully better) hardware’. And that Microsoft hates the user. And that was the only “documentation” I could find. Have our servers hosted internationally? One problem we had was that a Python hosted site would become unresponsive whenever a single user attempted a large file upload. By virtue of being older, it doesn’t have support for all the newer features that you probably want. Even just doing a port of an existing, well-understood application from one platform to a newer one can end up with unexpected problems that drive up costsRead more, FrogSlayer, LLC Expands Management Team to Support Growing Client Needs   FrogSlayer CEO Ross Morel commented that our custom software firm saw the need for the new management position “in order to provide our clientsRead more, 909 Southwest Pkwy E If you have tried Azure Standard's products, please leave your reviews below. Good luck with that because you need to move the disks to a storage account on that subscription, and you can’t do that in either of the web UIs. It's not unusual--in the current circumstances--to order items that end up falling through b/c they were out of stock. But at the same time, it’s the only way to do certain other tasks (Active Directory management is the officially listed item that’s only in the old portal, but I recall hitting other things that were only possible in the old portal). Deleting and recreating isn’t facilitated in anyway in the UI. By default it spreads/replicates data over multiple servers, and supports geo-replication. Putting a VM on a virtual network can only be done in the preview portal. Azure Standard provides a wide variety of food categories and non-food items. I wanted to know more about how Azure Websites handled migration from one server to another during failover. Recreating a VM that had a static public IP can ONLY be done in preview.