Hal unleashes a shockwave of yellow energy to knock Barry away and as Cyborg attempts to blast him again, his arm cannon is frozen by Killer Frost, who along with Solomon Grundy chase after Cyborg. The Joker defeats his longtime nemesis thanks to the lucky hit he managed to land, and as he looms over Batman's beaten form, preparing to 'put a smile on that puss', holding a spray bottle of Joker Venom, he spots two flying forms approaching and decides to hide, leaving Batman to be captured by this world's Hawkgirl and Yellow Lantern, who believe him to be their Batman, unaware he is another duplicate. ├ Chapter 11 - World's Finest In Metropolis, the Regime forces march on, laying waste to all in their path while the monstrous Doomsday levels entire buildings with a single headbutt and the homicidal Superman destroys the bridges out of the city with his heat vision, grinning cruelly as he watches cars filled with screaming people plummet into the waters below before flying off. Wonder Woman reminds him of Luthor's sacrifice and refuses to leave until they've seen the battle to its end. ■ Character Guides As the two begin to walk away, Batman tells Clark to keep in mind if he ever loses control, he will come for him. Clark tells him he knows what he lost and Kal-El asks him why he judges him. Before he can head to the Watchtower to deal with the one behind this attack, Lex Luthor, Doomsday lands behind him, forcing the Man of Steel to contend with the monster, but finds himself easily backhanded aside, leaving Wonder Woman and Aquaman to handle the creature. Though they manage to destroy it, Luthor arrives in time to knock them away with missiles. Just then an alarm sounds through the Watchtower, Cyborg pulls up a screen and to Batman's horror, they see the Joker and Harley Quinn in the heart of Metropolis with a nuclear device. After defeating Grundy, the Flash races out of the Fortress and all the way from Antarctica back to North America in under ten seconds, already back in Gotham when he sees a bright beam of yellow light. Kal-El attempts one last attack with his heat vision, but Clark counters with a blast of his own, stunning his alternate and allowing him to beat him into submission. The scene cuts to Superman and Wonder Woman in the Batcave, looking over the scanner with Wonder Woman wondering why Batman risked coming back. Cyborg defeats her, but before he can resume reprogramming the teleporters, his systems are suddenly hacked by his counterpart, who is trying to shut his body down. As Arthur races to collect his trident, Superman flies down to intervene and the two grapple, with Aquaman getting a few hits in, though Superman sends him flying with a single blow. He then reveals the existence of Batman's Insurgency, saying he most likely brought Aquaman and his friends to their world. Hal doesn't have long to enjoy his victory when he is attacked by Black Adam and Hawkgirl, defending himself with a brick wall construct as a shield. Lex tries to get his friend to stay for dinner but Superman promises a later time, but as he leaves, he pauses and asks Lex if it is possible for another Lois Lane to exist in the world the duplicate's are from. Aquaman accuses Ares of being the one who summoned them to this world, though Ares denies this, but claims to know who did. She is instantly surrounded by the Amazon troops, but Diana is able to convince them that her counterpart's actions have pulled them from their true path in helping the world. He is next seen flying over Metropolis and heading for Stryker's when his suit's warning signal goes off and Lex sees two missiles chasing him. The Joker escapes Hawkgirl's grasp with some acid and they battle on the ground, with the Joker defeating her thanks to his enhanced durability. As it turns out, it’s hidden away in another menu, and that’s why players have been having trouble locating it. He flies back into the city, leading them on and knocks them out of the sky by outmaneuvering them and unleashing another salvo of missiles. The Insurgency Batman refuses, saying one Superman enough. Shazam refuses and battles Aquaman, only to be defeated as well. ├ List of Unlockables On the parallel earth, Deathstroke meets with Lex Luthor, having finally agreed to join the insurgency and aid them in bringing an end to Superman's regime. With his duplicate's compliance, they rush off. Both man and monster rise up, winded but far from finished, with Doomsday breathing in anticipation, "I live to kill you." Wonder Woman tells the beaten Bane that growing up in Pena Dura should have taught him the value of mercy, though Bane retorts that it only taught him fear is better than respect and tries to attack her again, only to be easily knocked flat out on his back. Superman disarms Ares of his sword with a blast of heat vision while Hal continues to chase after Sinestro, though he's forced to stop when Sinestro creates a spiked shield construct to ward him off. Diana questions why Superman spared him and Bane simply replies that the High Councillor appreciates his talents before pulling out a massive assault rifle and opens fire on Wonder Woman, unloading several clips of hundreds of bullets at Diana, but the Amazon Princess deflects each bullet using her bracelets. Without a word, Hal slips his own ring off and hands it over to Superman. The Joker is returned to the Prime Earth at gunpoint by Harley Quinn, with the Prime Batman waiting to take him back to his cell in Arkham. Harley thanks Batman for showing up, though the heroes become on edge after seeing the Joker, with Wonder Woman holding him in place. Looking at the rest of his enforcers, he asks if anyone else has any objections. While the Insurgency Batman looms in the background, the prime Batman tells Superman they will take the Regime's generals so Superman can focus on his counterpart. All the while, the Prime Superman and alternate Batman converse in front of a cell window, discussing the aide and recovery of his world, with Superman offering his and his allies help, though Batman declines, saying the people need to feel in control. Hawkgirl tries to recover her mace but Luthor magnetically pushes it aside and demands she surrender her Nth-metal belt, the source of her powers. Cyborg then challenges his counterpart to a fair fight and his villainous duplicate agrees. Whirling around with his ring hand clenched into a fist, Sinestro's punch is easily caught by Clark, who calmly and easily takes Sinestro's ring off his hand, de-powering him instantly. [News] Hellboy and other character are in Injustice 2’s latest DLC Fighter Pack 2! Bane threatens to once more to break Batman's back, but is instead bested by Batman who moves on to Luthor. The heroic Wonder Woman tries to remind her they are to temper man's aggression, not enable it, but her corrupted counterpart counters that Superman showed her the truth after Metropolis, that man's aggression cannot be tempered, only quelled. Hawkgirl and Nightwing rush in to lead the soldiers, with Hawkgirl snatching the Joker into the air. On the Watchtower, Cyborg blasts an armored Luthor with his sonic cannon, though his attack is easily deflected and Luthor retaliates with missiles. Suddenly, legions of Amazons led by the heroic Wonder Woman appear on the rooftops. Diana then heads to the island's ports and witnesses her counterpart giving orders to her troops as they prepare to invade Metropolis. This is somewhat hampered by his belief that the golden age of gaming ended with the PlayStation One, but he doesn't let that stop him. Deathstroke then heads deeper into the Aircraft hanger and finds the weapon Luthor needs. The story is divided into twelve chapters where a different character is played in each chapter, much like how Mortal Kombat's story mode was divided.