Eur J Ophthalmol. Vitrectomy Recovery. Int J Ret Vit. **LASIK Savings (up to $500 - $750 per eye) valid on bladeless Custom LASIK based off the LASIK procedure book price. What a great informative and easy to understand blog! Vision is crappy with some periperal vision lost. Silicone oil does require removal and the vision is usually poor with the oil in the eye, however, when warranted, the oil is likely to prevent re-detachment. Clipboard, Search History, and several other advanced features are temporarily unavailable. I agree. Sorry and one last thing, if I close my eye and open suddenly I see what I can only describe as sparks not flashes representing the patch that is fuzzy but it disappears immediately. I just had surgery to remove oil after 3 months..after the 3rd detachment. Recovery. 2. can sneezing hard due to cold affect silicon oil distribution in eye and elevate IOP? Has anyone flown long haul eg Australia to UK and had problems with eyeball pain etc? 3.Doc described Rhegmatogenous retinal detachment type for my case. Not sure why he would associate high pressure with silicone oil. Just before my oil removal I had developed another tear shich he lasered before surgery. Thanks so much for this forum, I have learned so much. Providing Inflammatory Control in a Patient With Sympathetic Ophthalmia, The Business of Medical Retina: Overcoming Payor Challenges. I had an eye(left) injury when I was 5 years old. Randy. Repeated operations can be mentally straining and can be a hardship on the patient and family. My son 25 had a retinal detachment in his left eye 3 months ago. If you were my patient, one option would be to leave the oil indefinitely and monitor frequently for complications. 2008;145(3):527-533. • New and preexisting retinal breaks may cause the retina to redetach after removal of silicone oil. After 3 months she said another surgery to remove the oil. The doctor will take a silicone material and stitch it into the white part of the eye in the area that is affected by the detachment. If it happens in Washington, he says I could be seen there (or I could try to rebook an immediate flight home). 6. Would it be better to have the operation locally to avoid the elevation difference? Based on what I’m reading, it appears I will be off for a minimum of two weeks to ensure my retina stays attached. Eventually, the bubble absorbs on its own. Figure 3. Concern exists regarding its potential detrimental effect on vision. doi: 10.1111/aos.13895. I got my first eye surgery done 1 week ago with silicone oil. Are you sure? post silicone oil placement for 3rd retinal detachment with development of PVR and macular pucker – all having occurred in last 4 mo. I still have a tear duct plug in which they say will help with the tears but doesn’t. However, removal of silicone oil can induce retinal redetachment. After 4 months however, everything is stable, ( very limited peripheral vision,) so we’ve decided to go in again in January to remove the scar tissue, leaving the oil in there. I am digging through trying to come up with good information on the internet. – by Robert Linnehan. I can only guess that you have an ERM, macular edema or cataract as the most likely causes of the blurred vision. Thanks for this information. The First Responder offer cannot be combined with any other discounts or special offers, previous surgery, insurance, or vision care plan savings. 2. Although visual outcomes may not always reflect the anatomic success achieved, they are typically quite good, with improved or stabilized vision in the majority of eyes. He has only one functional eye on which vitrectotomy and silicon oil placement were performed 3 months ago. Later that night it got worse. I had a detachmnt surgery 2 yrs back by buckling……which was unsuccessful , then it was again operated and the silicon oil was used . I would suggest (if I may). Proliferation exerts tractional forces on the retina and results in formation of fresh breaks or reopening of old breaks, as well as traction-induced folds on the retina. It is imperative that everything is followed exactly. We have found short-term use of PFCLs for inferior retinal tamponade to be a useful tool to rescue some difficult cases. I usually allow my patients to return to work within a week. Thanks for taking the time to reply to patients like me… . Starting November 2013 Received a series of steroid injections in eye and no results. Don’t really remember when silicone oil was first introduced to eye surgery. 1. can cold weather induce emulsification of silicon oil and elevate IOP? April 18 – wood up 12am. We have a great very busy life. If any of the following symptoms occur, people must alert their doctor immediately: There are possible risks of pneumatic retinopexy. This usually does the trick. What Is the Recovery Time After Detached Retina Surgery? The advantage of the gas is that a second procedure may not be needed (with oil, a second operation is needed to remove the oil).