Salinger was a popular novelist who went into reclusion and stopped writing for decades. He is voiced by Phillip Van Dyke, who voiced Arnold in Season 2 and Season 3. was genius | Capture … Like Peapod Kid, Robert is usually there "to make up the numbers" especially during team sports. Aspen is very, very exclusive.". He is the occasional voice of reason to Arnold and also has a good deal of knowledge of many legendary stories in the city, or "urban legends" as he calls them. PNG. Ruth P. McDougal is a supporting mirror characters on Hey Arnold!. When Arnold found out that the kitten was lost by Mrs. Ryle (who calls him Thurston), Harold refused to give him back. Joey C. is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! HD wallpapers and background images He is a blonde haired kid with a green shirt and glasses. When Chocolate Boy's nanny had to go away, Chocolate Boy was upset, so he went into his room and ate chocolate, a lot of chocolate. However in "Part-Time Friends," Phil said that when their boss from the toilet company was arrested, Jimmy became the boss and had a fight with Phil about it. Sherm’s only appearance in the series was in "Freeze Frame". Hey Arnold - Hey Arnold Characters. He also had a cameo in "Mugged" where he got scared by Arnold. He is most well known for his outlandish and bizarre behavior and freaking out to silly and trivial things (possible symptoms of psychosis, bipolar disorder, or borderline personality disorder). You can also upload and share your favorite Hey Arnold! Frankie occasionally remarked on how cool the shape of Arnold's head was. Rhonda Wellington Lloyd is one of Arnold's classmates on Hey Arnold! He openly enjoys being evil, even calling himself a villain. Water Droplets background for Desktop 1920x1080 Full HD ... Oklahoma City Thunder Team wallpaper for Desktop 1920x1080 Full HD. However, Arnold and Gerald misinterpret their actions as malevolent, causing them to follow and film the butchers during their discussions and planning of the party. PNG. The original, brightly tuned hey Arnold photo can affect you and produce feeling for you to be good. – A Critical Analysis. Dr. Bliss also made a brief appearance in the movie, but didn't have a speaking role. He's never been called by name, but it appears on the scoreboard in "The Vacant Lot" and again on the scoreboard in "Benchwarmer". Sid mother's real name isn't known and rarely appears in the series. 118. He only appears in. She appears in the episode "Dinner for Four" where she's seen being startled by one of the cockroaches, and "Dino Checks Out" in which she attends a DinoMania concert. TV Series. Arnold and his friends' sensitive and caring teacher on Hey Arnold!, following Miss Slovak's retirement in the show's second season. His enormous appetite proved to be his ultimate downfall---while Arnold had spent days practicing on how to eat a lot quickly but safely, and then not eat or drink anything except water until the contest, Seymour stuffed himself before the contest even started and shoveled down food as fast as he could look at it. Somewhat inept yet optimistic, he is the class jinx, born on Friday the 13th. William "Billy" is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! She appears only once, in a dream Stinky has in "Stinky's Pumpkin". He was saved by Martin Johanssen back in 1972 after his leg got injured. Lila has fallen in love with his "charms" (as well as Hilda, who appears in one of Arnold's dreams). He reveals to Arnold that needs a new tweeter for his entertainment center (he possibly also intended to steal other stuff from the store like money), and that his keen interest in Arnold and his football-shaped head was merely business, as he'd been aptly identified by Frankie as the one person capable of fitting through the window of the place he and his cronies were attempting to rob. 0. Torvald's mother doesn't expect much from her son, Mickey is a 5th grade student who seems to do, Originally, Gloria was someone whom Helga dreamt up as "the Anti-Helga" in ", Martha is a fictional character on the series, Dr. Bliss is a child psychologist who visits, Mr. Leichliter (no first name mentioned) is a theater critic and stage director. Miriam Pataki - Miriam is a stay-at-home mom, but it is obvious that her job has left her unfulfilled. For this Sammy treats Arnold like the son he always wanted, unlike his biological son Alan. She tends to find a lot of Rhonda's more stuck-up opinions ridiculous. She is a sixth grade 11-12-year-old student at P.S. He was also seen talking to Philly D. in "Helga on the Couch", when Helga was young, going to preschool. Hillary is seen in many episodes, such as ". She also works at the City Library, as shown in the episode "Crabby Author". Wallpapers Hey Arnold GIF SD GIF HD GIF MP4. At the conclusive battle of the war (the Fall of Saigon), the United States sent helicopters to evacuate South Vietnamese citizens. 480*270. However, Fifi's tall, lanky physical appearance also bears some resemblance to that of Stinky Peterson, as does her somewhat simple-minded personality. He is of Jewish descent, and lives with his mother and father in P.S. However, in the episode "Arnold Betrays Iggy", everybody at P.S. 580*740. Peapod first appeared in the episode Downtown as Fruits in a peapod costume in Helga's food group play. 118 finds out that he wears bunny pajamas (complete with bunny feet that squeak). Ernie runs a wrecking crane for a demolition company in Hillwood. In the episode ", Iggy's mother is a One-Time Character on Hey Arnold! You can also upload and share your favorite Hey Arnold HD mobile wallpapers. He is a sixth grade teacher at P.S. Here are mass of top rated, the best resolution desktop drawings to set from so that you maybe will really love. You can also upload and share your favorite Hey Arnold HD mobile wallpapers. Arnold "saves his life" when a puck almost hits him in the face, but Arnold catches it. Lulu's personality seems to be a mirror of Arnold's classmate, Lila. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Search free helga Wallpapers on Zedge and personalize your phone to suit you. 800*600. Promotional image featuring the returning cast. Her only two appearances are in the episodes ". This combination filled him up too soon and Seymour ended up passing out from a major stomachache before he could win, allowing Arnold to win the eating contest. He once had a relationship with a woman named, Miss Felter was a substitute teacher who briefly filled in for, "Lucky" is a fireman. Her name is most likely derived from British crime writer Agatha Christie (who is best known for her stories starring the character Hercule Poirot) and Holden Caulfield from J.D. His only speaking role is as a member of the "Dork Parade" (along with Sheena and Brainy) at the start of "Eugene's Bike". He shows Arnold a shop window in the back of a store called Gene's Hi-Fi, which he wants him to get into. Chas is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! She often doesn't pay attention to her work, and spends much of her time moping around or making smoothies. Wolfgang "runs" the fifth grade, in pretty much the same way that Helga runs the fourth grade, except that people actually pay attention to Wolfgang rather than just stay away from him. TV series. HD Wallpapers and Background Images.