Bailey Guitars are the UK leader in guitar building short courses, and make some of the finest handcrafted guitars in Britain. We will also show proof of the funds received by each charity in due time. In these interesting times, the idea was hatched to create a competition to see who could build the best guitar in a limited time-frame and using the same base kit. We offer more than 40 guitar kit body shapes. Create your … (BYO) Build Your Own Guitar Kit! Luthiers Supplies from Crimson Guitars in the UK. Building your own guitar from a DIY guitar kit can be a rewarding learning experience for the money and work, as long as you start with the right materials, approach, and expectations. We feel this will be an entertaining distraction from the current global situation, as well as a way help a bunch of great causes while creating some incredible content. Red Special Neck Side Template for adding to the Red Special Templates Set. Guitar Building Templates Les Paul Bass Template. We have been in business since 1999. Sep 17, 2019; 1 min; Wtf is the width of a telecaster neck pocket? Voting will also take place on Instagram @greatguitarbuildoff   (This challenge is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administrated by, or associated with Instagram.). Blog. 10% Off. Guitar tech courses Pro Guitar Setup course covers all aspects of guitar setup & tech skills required to look after your own or others instruments to a professional standard. Quick Responder. GMC Luthier Tools Specialise in High Quality Guitar Making & Fretting Tools. One of our staff members will put the order in your car. The Greatest Guitar Building Competition. The overall winner of this challenge will be decided by comparing the money raised in donations to the makers charity, minus some kind of handicap based on how many views each challengers guitar reveal video receives within a 7 day period. A UK Based Guitar Building Blog. We craft quality guitar and bass parts for trade and hobbyists around the world. We have been running BYO Guitar courses since 1998. You can choose your own hand orientation, tonewood type, hardware, fretboard inlays, headstock shape, binding options & more. Once arrived, please call 1-800-632-7656 with your order number and remain in your vehicle. This is to ensure a level playing field and add a little bit more fun.. in the end we are looking for an awesome guitar  that the public want to own and talk about. Early Black Friday 10% off until November 15. "From the lumber yard to the finished product, Texas Toast Guitars are built one at a time by actual guitar makers.". We have gathered 8 amazing guitar builders and YouTube creators from the UK and USA. The DIY Guitar Building Kits Conclusion. Voting will take place on this website in the form of donations to each Challengers chosen charity. Compare this Product. make quality replica guitar bodies and necks in the UK that can be customised just for you. Worldwide shipping. Each guitar will have it's own page so that you can donate towards one particular charity to support one Maker, or you may want to donate towards a couple of charities as you might have multiple favourites. See More. New Arrivals; New. Add to Wish List. website builder. Compare this Product. Home. Add to Wish List. You can view all the kit shapes from our Custom Shop. We will take the video with the most views and for that Maker every vote/pound donated to the makers charity will be worth 1 vote. FINEST GUITAR BUILDING TOOLS - GUITAR PARTS & HARDWARE - TONEWOODS. As of Monday, June 15 2020, we will be re-launching the local pick up option for orders. We are asking you to get involved and give up your precious time for great causes and an opportunity to win “The Great Charity Build Off”. Luthier guitar building and routing templates. RED SPECIAL MDF NECK SIDE TEMPLATE. The 1 Day course covers in both theory & practise, Truss rod adjustments, action heights, … Kit Built Guitars is a UK Supplier of DIY guitars kits, build your own electric guitar or bass.