The EIGM Director, Master Luthier Stephen Hill, his life and work. I had such fun learning about it all ! For anyone wanting to make a traditional Spanish Guitar, please click here and visit my good friend Stephen Hill in Spain. We could end up starting from a place of compromise. With the final stringing of each guitar comes the moment. Frequently asked questions; Search for: Search. “if something is too difficult you are probably doing it wrong...” - Mark Bailey, A step by step guide to making a set neck electric guitar with virtually unlimited scope for customization, This Build Your Own Guitar course ALSO includes the Design Your Own Guitar Course (enrolled BYO students will receive a voucher code for a free place on DYO), To get the most out this course you should have already completed my other course, Design Your Own Guitar, as it contains essential pre-build information, Students must obtain their own set of tools, wood and parts and create a safe workshop space before putting the course into practice. Films and photo galleries of what we do here. Often this is spraying lacquer. Teaching three means I can give you the personal input needed to help you create a top quality instrument that I’m sure will exceed all your expectations. I learned so much and, although I had little previous experience of working with wood, you helped to ensure the end results far exceeded my expectations. I can’t express highly enough, if you want an incredible guitar and have a month to spare then do the course and you’ll probably leave with some new friends as well! All Rights Reserved. “The course has fulfilled a lifetime ambition, and I have to say, has exceeded my expectations significantly. I believe the finest work is done by hand. Our classes are taught by qualified guitar teachers, all of whom are fully checked members of the Protection for Vulnerable Groups scheme (PVG) Disclosure Scotland. “I’m still so happy with my guitar! Russell, Surrey, 2105, Staying in Llanidloes was great fun too, what a friendly place ! To get the most from this course it is highly recommended that you have already completed my other course Design Your Own Guitar - this is why it is included here for free. Tea, coffee and lunch provided free of charge.) Guitar Building Course The Aim. Other hardware, cases, pickups and expensive/decorative timbers can be purchased at extra cost. Thank you.”  Matthew, Hertfordshire. I include seminars to give you some context and history and a wider understanding of the craft, plus, there tends to be plenty of day to day discussion related to the work at hand. Equally important, having an clear technique allows any one of them to perfect the skill over time. Eric, West Sussex, "Thank you again for a wonderful course and very good teaching. This is an 8 day course where you will build your very own flattop acoustic guitar out of exotic tonewoods, from start to finish! It is a step by step instructional guide - all stages demonstrated by video with supplementary information and resources. But students can learn french polishing, or varnishing, if the instrument calls for it. Drag this image to your taskbar to pin the site. From decisions about design, including what materials are to be used, they progress to making every part of the instrument themselves. Prices and Dates; Curriculum; Gallery; About Us; Stephen Hill; Past Students; Location; News; Contact . A guitar course can make a great and interesting gift. We source timbers from throughout Australia and the world, regularly importing exotic timbers for bodies and necks. From the beginning, students are guided towards understanding how instruments perform at their best, how the tools do their work and why the materials can be made with the shape, the strength or the lightness required. Each student conceives and builds their own dream guitar, using top quality materials and traditional techniques. I’m not saying it is going to be easy, nothing worthwhile ever is, but my aim is to show you what I think is the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to go about building your own electric guitar at home. The course should be completed before buying anything ! Home / Guitar Building Supplies Guitar Building Supplies. A note on providing your own timber. The deposit will only be refundable if the cancelled place can be filled without any additional costs to myself  and up to 24 weeks prior to the course start date. We have the weekends off and finish the day at 5.30-6 pm. Please feel free to ask any questions about the course. Coming from zero experience with using hand tools and jumping straight into the deep end, under the ever watchful eye of Richard, was an absolutely wonderful experience. We focus on teaching ensemble skills in addition to helping develop your individual style. It was a hugely memorable moment when I heard the first sound from it after stringing it up and I have to say that my Red Kite guitar is just the best – ever !!. Thanks for your interest in Build Your Own Guitar - Enrol now and get my other course 'Design Your Own' FREE! REAL SPAIN, REAL EXPERIENCE! Thanks Richard.” Jon, Aukland, New Zealand, "thanks again for a great experience and an even greater memento of my time with you all. Our classes are suitable for everyone. 16 years of experience teaching over 400 student to build has taught me a lot: how to break the process down into easy chunks, the best order to do them in for best results, the most efficient way of doing each job - saving time and wasted effort. Real Spain, La Herradura, Granada, between the mountains and the sea. And lacquering finished instruments is simply not feasible without a spraygun powered by compressed air. Thank you so much for your patience, encouragement and expertise in helping me make my own guitar. You will never hear Richard say “that’s good enough” during the build, he makes sure you carve, shape and create to his impeccable high standards. One day course: £250.00 Five day course: £1000.00 (Monday to Friday) Four week course: £3,500 Longer courses by … I can occasionally change a date to suit all or even run an extra course when demand is high. With all tools, safety is held equally important with skill in their use. I can provide a list and some information on local accommodation for those who would need to stay for the duration and have some good options only available for my courses. I will guide you through the entire process starting with making your own set of patterns - these are among the many secret 'tricks of the trade' that enable you to make high quality instruments - faster and easier. 5 years ago. In order to do this well, the work is done almost exclusively with hand tools using traditional methods. The tone from the Cedar and Walnut is beautiful, the presence and sustain amazing for its size, and it is so comfortable to sit with and play – I love it ! It has been much admired by all who have seen it and played it. In the rolling hills of South Ayrshire, For all enquiries call: I came with no woodworking skills and frankly, based on past experience, very little aptitude. With two weeks to go it would be wonderful to report that things were winding down, that skills learnt earlier were being honed and exercised. Guitar tech courses Pro Guitar Setup course covers all aspects of guitar setup & tech skills required to look after your own or others instruments to a professional standard. We hope that you choose lessons at Glasgow School of Guitar, and look forward to seeing you in one of our classes. Radius the Fretboard (Prepare for Inlays), AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate, No previous knowledge of guitar making is required, Anyone interested in electric guitar construction, Power tools are used in the construction process - their role is explained clearly, and all jobs are possible by the inexperienced BUT if you are not comfortable using them then this course may not be for you. Book early to avoid disappointment! A unique and intense guitar building experience in Spain. That you are hugely skilled is a given. Please let me know if you are interested even if you can’t make the dates advertised. Video course access is INSTANT but please allow 5-7 days for delivery of wood/parts Dismiss. You can ask me any question directly - or start an open discussion with our enthusiastic students. Necks are currently traditional Mahogany but I’ll be adding Maple/Sycamore as an option soon. The better bass and the evenness across the whole range together with that woodiness from the cedar and the walnut culminated in a very nice sounding guitar. Namely one f*$$@*g helluva guitar/family heirloom." He has been running wonderful courses for many years and it is from him that I got the one month ‘format’ for my own courses. Just go for it. That seems to me to be the recipe that made it possible for me to come home with the instrument of my dreams.” Paul, East Sussex 2016, “Thanks Richard, I’m still on Cloud 9 ! “After the dust has settled I still can’t believe what I have in this guitar case in front of me. You have provided me with an unforgettable, life enhancing month which is in itself priceless.