For example, many parts of employment processes, housing, sports facilities, payroll systems and recreational areas are designated by gender in a binary way (men and women). 8. Liam Fox: Today, the Chancellor should aim to boost an unambiguously private sector-led recovery, Daniel Hannan: It would be unfair to pupils in England to cancel exams next year, Nothing to see here – move along? Email: [email protected], ©2020 The Regents of the University of California, California Gender Recognition Act (SB 179), /sites/g/files/tkssra411/f/menu-img-0.jpg. This is in large part because these inquiries often risk suffering from a form of self-selection bias, in which many of those submitting evidence hold extremely similar views to those of the people who’ve set up the inquiry. I'm a journalist, digital content producer, audience development consultant and a 'Radio 30 Under 30' 2019 winner. A list of the members (all of whom are This new inquiry into the Gender Recognition Act reform affects us all – and there are just days left to have your say Nov 24, 2020 by Jill by Rebecca Lowe, Radical, from Conservative Home: On Sunday, October 15, California Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 179, known as the Gender Recognition Act, into law. Wider issues concerning transgender equality and current legislation. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. As we have explained over the past year in these columns, bringing in self-ID would undermine the important concept of scientific truth, do away with single-sex services and spaces, and put women at serious risk of harm. There are no plans or requirements to change signage designations on gender-specific multistall restrooms. A further 3 in 5 (64.5%), supported removing the diagnosis for a diagnosis of gender dysphoria. Transgender people may identify as female, male, or nonbinary, may or may not have been born with intersex traits, may or may not use gender-neutral pronouns, and may or may not use more specific terms to describe their genders, such as agender, genderqueer, gender fluid, Two Spirit, bigender, pangender, gender nonconforming, or gender variant. You’ve got until Friday to have your say. As stated above, the EqA provides broader protection to all protected characteristics in comparison with the Act, which provides specific protection to trans people. You may have read our last column, in which we called for the urgent replacement of this committee (the “WESC”), on the grounds that it has clearly been captured by a single-issue political campaign, and as such is incapable of properly holding the state to account on the important matters within its remit. Stonewall has summarised some additional key trends in the consultation responses as a whole: Notwithstanding this, there were also responses to the contrary, highlighting the importance for restrictions to be in place to ensure that those who take the decision to change their gender take "gender change seriously". Bills are pending in Arizona, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York. This is not to say that those who are at earlier stages of the transition will not be entitled and such judgment will depend on the facts of the specific case. The Gender Recognition Act 2004, which came into force on 4th April 2005, allows for the [...] issuing of gender recognition certificates to transsexuals under certain conditions. An overwhelming four in five people supported the transgender rights reforms that were scrapped today by the Government, says the published results of the Gender Recognition Act consultation. LGBT Resource Center This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. If someone in Nokes’ position has such a poor understanding of law and policy in the field — and spreads incorrect and incomplete information, so casually — then what chance do public servants and private business people have? Covid, procurement, appointments and cronyism claims, Mak is co-Chair of the new Conservative Party Policy Board, Radical: This new inquiry into the Gender Recognition Act reform affects us all – and there are just days left to have your say, John O’Connell: To ensure efficient government spending, we need a new Parliamentary Budget Committee, Richard Holden: This week’s spending review must show voters in Red Wall seats like mine that they were right to trust us, Newslinks for Wednesday 25th November 2020. Indeed, trans rights groups have welcomed the “small victories” of making the process cheaper and moving it online. Log in | Register .