Helping my body detox is the MAIN t, Have you starting thinking about your Thanksgiving, Have you thought about your holiday cards this yea, Do you know the benefits of reading WITH your kidd, “A hole. U.S. Wellness Meats ships free to all 50 United States with a minimum order! It’s both sugar and additive free, making it a Whole30 Compliant Bacon. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. Whole30 go! With every, "So, what's your secret?" The turkey is raised without antibiotics, fed a vegetarian diet and free of artificial flavors and preservatives. No, but I have found my passion for health, cooking and finally living like I mean it, all while dropping over 120 pounds naturally. Paleo Sugar Free Uncured Turkey Bacon – Ingredients: Turkey, Water, Sea Salt, Celery Powder, Paprika, White Pepper, Onion Powder. Naked Bacon No Sugar – Ingredients: Pork, Water, Spices & Sea Salt. Where to buy: This Whole30 compliant bacon is available at Walmart. This BIG kid, F A M I L Y • This weird, crazy year has taught, Y’all loved our giveaway with @onjuliastable so, Have you ever had rhubarb? Many consumers are experiencing cooking fatigue as they enter the ninth month of the global pandemic. Please check this additives sheet – Where to buy: This bacon is sold in slabs by the pound, only available online. “We’re excited to add the Organic Sugar Free Uncured Turkey Bacon to our current product line,” said Jessica Colameco, vice president of sales and marketing at Garrett Valley Farms. . Say what? These are all of the compliant and Approved Whole30 and Paleo bacon brands I know are available! And what even makes it Whole30 compliant bacon, and what makes bacon off limits? Individual packs of bacon can be found at select Super Targets, Fresh Thyme, Sprouts, and a variety of other major grocery retailers. After making the transition, they never felt better! Great question! With sodium phosphate and sodium erythorbate listed as ingredients. Many of these Whole30 and Paleo compliant bacon options are now available in our local stores, such as Walmart, Target, Sprouts and Whole Foods, making your Whole30 easier than ever, but if you prefer to shop online, those options are all here too! That being said, the fact that it isn’t organic and we don’t know the condition or treatment of the pigs, what they eat, the hormone/ antibiotics situation, I would choose another brand! Are these complaint for Whole 30? Garrett Valley Farms’ organic turkey bacon is gluten-, soy- and 94% fat-free. Where to buy: Garrett Valley is available in a variety of retailers in the US (check the store locator for one near you), or order online. Aldi has Appleton brand bacon. We start with pork belly that’s humanely raised, fed an all-vegetarian diet, and never given antibiotics. (cue the hallelujah chorus!) sign up for my newsletter and My secret to success is, Chocolate. Applegate Organics Uncured No Sugar Bacon – Ingredients: Organic Pork, Water, Sea Salt. This Whole30 casserole is everything you love about classic salisbury steak, but it’s made with only the good stuff! Use their Retail Locator to find where Pederson’s Natural Farms products are closest to you! You’re SO excited that you can have BACON, right? Check the store locator for one near you here. Sugar Free Turkey Bacon – Ingredients: Turkey, Water, Sea Salt, Cultured Powder, Paprika (For Flavor), White Pepper, Onion Powder. Check the store locator here. A very, very large hole.” Ingredients: pork (food alliance ceritifed), water, sea salt, celery powder. The turkey is raised without antibiotics, fed a vegetarian diet and free of artificial flavors and preservatives. I’m guessing that’s a no go? Among numerous requirements, the animals are not allowed to be given any growth stimulants, hormones or antibiotics.