Can I join the Virtual Queue via the app? Birdseyeview, it's experiences like yours that really keep us motivated! Not at the moment, but we’re working on it. It would be hard to scan the QR code if you were more than 500 metres away from the restaurant. Franco Manca @Bath - what a brilliant place, excellent staff and the food - well wow!Both my children (9 & 3) ate so well and enjoyed their pizzas too. We will update you via SMS about your table so you don’t have to wait right outside and store your number only for contact and trace purposes as per the government requirements relating to Covid 19. We’ll fill your stomach, not your inbox. Just had a great night with my girlfriend really good service and wonderful experience in the Richmond tw9 restaurant great staff and management 10/10 recommended. Can I use more than one reward at a time? The Virtual Queue is not currently part of our Loyalty app, so when you are seated you will still need to check in to the table. Read his story here >, Service dogs are allowed inside our pizzerias. As someone who has been very jittery about going to a restaurant post-lockdown, I felt very safe at Franco Manca in Canary Wharf! This people would win the world Nobel price to incompetence and rudeness. When you order a takeaway pizza, the code at the bottom of the receipt is valid for one stamp for the total order. What are the ingredients of your sourdough? The waiter looked at me like I came from a different planet as said to me "we don't do that in Italy", he offered me a large pizza and a kids menu even after I said we don't want that. View our menu here >. So by using our website, you’re saying yes to our cookie policy. Choose our No.2 (margherita) or No.6 (chorizo) kits for either 2 or 4 people. The bottom of every one of our 4 pizzas were black and looked like soil mixed with coal. The food was great value and was promptly delivered to our table. Find out more about the birth of Franco Manca here. Make your own Franco Manca pizza at home with the help of our pizzaioli, using properly sourced, fresh ingredients directly from our pizzeria. So by using our website, you’re saying yes to our cookie policy. We have a vegan cheese, which is available at all of our pizzerias, and can be swapped instead of mozzarella, or added as an extra topping. Visited the Southfields restaurant a few weeks ago and found the Covid precautions well thought through but not distracting and the food was great! You will receive a drink and a stamp for every friend you refer. Every year we donate tens of thousands of sourdough pizzas to foodbanks and shelters. I forgot to check in last time I came to Franco Manca. Less modern- phone your local, place the order, go in, pay and take home. We are only able to recommend Franco Manca, Bromley. He needs to be sacked as I am sure this kind of behaviour is not acceptable in hospitality industry. Hear about our food, openings and offers. Our seasonal ingredients are sourced from small suppliers across Italy and the UK and our pizzas start from £5. We also love to develop our people. Extremely rude and unacceptable service at Greenwich Franco Manca by a guy with big earings. Everyone deserves pizza. Of course! Superb pizza wonderful attentive and friendly service full attention to details and we will certainly go back - been to a number of different branches and the same evaluation applies to all of them. If you still feel you should have got a stamp and didn’t, you can contact us here and we will look into it for you. Before Franco Manca opened in Brixton Market in 2008, there was a pizzeria called Franco’s. No yeast is added to our dough, any traces of yeast are naturally occurring. Disgusting burned food! Who can I talk to? This mean s you will have 3 stamps after you have purchased your 1st pizza. Get this fixed Franco Manca, every other restaurants test and trace app works on my phone so there is no excuse. When you dine in and use our Virtual Queue, you also need to check into your table when you sit down in order to earn a stamp. Select ‘redeem’ on your free pizza and it’ll be taken off your bill.