If you have read through this manual and the FAQ section and still have a question that has not been answered feel free to use the AFWFilters website to contact us. A tall slender tank 44–65 inches in height with an opening on the top. GFCI outlet is recommended. If you are unsure what you have feel free to contact us to ensure you place the media in the correct tank. Make sure you know the direction of flow through your pipes. Divide hardness in ppm or mg/L by 17.1 to get GPG. Then press BOTH the UP and DOWN buttons at the same time and hold for 5-10 seconds until the Parameter Display shows DF. Instructions: Turn the knob located in the middle of the valve clockwise. In general though the potassium chloride is not recommended (see Brine Tank section). Do not overtighten the screws to avoid damage. Damage from overtightening is not covered under warranty. If it extends more than 1/3 inch above the top of the tank please refer to the FAQ section for ways to correct this. Cover the riser tube before beginning. --After filling the tank above the media level, you can blow into the riser tuber (or use an air compressor) to create air around the riser tube allwoing you to gently push it back down into position. If water is NOT being drawn out during the brine draw cycle and water is leaking around the fitting, it is not sealing correctly. Do not use petroleum based lubricants like Vaseline on any of the O-rings. Open a nearby COLD faucet and check to ensure there are no leaks that show up when water is running. If you have any plumbing related questions, please direct them to a local plumber. If you have the compression style fitting, remove the nut from the float and place on the brine line as shown (). Case - 4 ea 1 gallon bottles. To enter master programming, use the UP or DOWN button to set the time of day to 12:01 PM and press the Extra Cycle button to confirm the time setting. On digital systems, hold the extra cycle button for 5-10 second until the backwash starts. The tank O-ring () seals the control valve to the tank, and the pilot O-ring () seals around the riser tube. If you prefilled the system it should only take a minute or two. We at QualityWaterForLess.com cannot assume responsibility for … Pyrogen Free Water Other Comparable Systems Installation will require a basic knowledge of plumbing and plumbing connections. No, the service icon simply mean the system is in service (working). Yes. Operating Manual, Barnstead MicroPure Laboratory Water Purification System - Provides Type I Ultrapure Water. Partially Loaded Systems - Continue to the next step. Once plugged in, verify the system is receiving power and ensure the outlet is not on a switch that might get turned off. Plug the control head into a qualifying outlet as stated in the requirements section. This is normal, with the number displayed indicating the number of gallons until the next regeneration. This can help reduce air bubbles and ease initial startup. This will reset everything in the system. Thank you for your purchase of a new Water Softener with Fleck 5600 Meter from QualityWaterForLess.com! We recommend verifying the control valve operation BEFORE plumbing to avoid issues. If you have iron or manganese in the water you will need adjust the hardness to compensate. This sets the time that the regeneration cycle will start. ABC Waters Fleck Water Softener Manual. Plug the unit back in and check the master programming and ensure valve type and system type are correct for your system. Most standard softeners do not require gravel, though fine mesh (Iron Pro) systems or very large systems will. Most standard softeners do not require gravel, though fine mesh (Iron Pro) systems or very large systems will. In the BYPASS position () water skips the system and remains untreated. Used to set the current dayon Day of Week setups. Check your settings to ensure the system is setup to regeneration automatically. If you are on a sodium restrictive diet a reverse osmosis (RO) system will remove the sodium and generally be less expensive than using potassium chloride. Do not cut the riser tube, as this can cause improper operation. The overflow is gravity fed and can not be ran higher than the fitting itself. If you have really high hardness that is causing salt buildup you can use potassium to help mitigate the problem. If your system includes one it is recommended that you use it. This sets the length of the rapid rinse cycle. Special Prep 1, for Chlorine removal with low extractable applications - 1/pk Hand tighten only. Please Note: Digital systems only With the brine tank empty the system will not draw water out of the brine tank during the brine draw cycle. On the compression style, make sure the tubing is pushed fully into the fitting BEFORE tightening the nut, and make sure the nut is threaded correctly and not crooked. You would line the white dot up between the numbers 17 & 18. The flow meter connects the control head and the bypass valve and it measures the water flow to initiate regeneration on demand. 3-prong, 120V outlet within 5 ft. (1.5 m) of the control head with constant power. Configures the system as a standard downflow system with regeneration (salt) feed. Take the capacity of the system and divide by this number, this is your total capacity. If you have the quick connect style, make sure it is pushed in all the way, when you first push it in it will stop, but if you push a little harded it will lock in and seal. Make sure to put it back when you are finished.