Helps polish the frets and keeps gunk from building up on the fret board. I guess I was wrong!? I'm surprised that a lot of people use naphta to clean their fretboard. Fretboard 65 Ultimate Lemon Oil--part of Dunlop's world-famous line of guitar care products and the logical evolution of the 01 Fingerboard Cleaner and 02 Fingerboard Deep Conditioner. This page was generated at 09:47 AM. However, having a nice clean neck does make it easier to play and you’ll find your strings don’t wear out as fast. ",,, Gus Stairway to Guitar Heaven - my practice agenda, Time is now: 25th November 2020 - 06:45 PM. I don't use any of the above but AFAIK they won't hurt your guitar. I use Fast-Fret, but very, very sparingly. I prolly should give a try to Gibson. This item Dunlop 654 Formula 65 Guitar Polish & Cleaner 4oz. dunlop jumbo accu-fret fretwire 6180. I've had the same FF dispenser for about 8 years now. Body gloss 65 Cream of Carnauba Wax Now this will make the body shine like a mirror.I was surprised to see my old guitars look like new RATE:5/6 Ultraglide 65 String Saver This one does the same job as the Fast fret. The System 65 Fret Collar Kit makes polishing your frets super fast and easy while protecting your fingerboard at the same time. 6320. As Fret-Fiend said, it is just mineral oil in a convenient dispenser. Naphtha (I spelled it wrong above) is a reasonably safe solvent for removing gunk and grime, including grease and wax from modern finishes (as always test on an obscure location). $25.72. A quality guitar can inspire you to write great songs, improve your understanding of the Gdim chord while in the Lydian Mode, cure the heartbreak of cystic acne--and help you find true love in the process. Tech experts from Seymour Duncan are regularly on this forum, and are clearly labeled as employees of Seymour Duncan. Edit: There is also D'addario Planet Wave XLR8 String Lubricant and Cleaner and Gibson Luthier's Choice String Cleaner that are available. Wood doesn't lose oil when it dries out, it loses moisture. The System 65 Fret Collar Kit makes polishing your frets super fast and easy while protecting your fingerboard at the same time. Real loss is only possible when you love something more than you love yourself. Good trades/deals with Dominus, Rich#6, Lazyfingers, SAVAGE DISTORTION and ErikH. Doesn't make any difference to me as far as making the strings easier to play, or reducing string noise, but it does help preserve strings. Martin specifically says that lemon oil can harm nitrocellulose finish (but of course Bob Taylor recommends it on his poly finished guitars). 6160. As we have discussed before, milage varies and I won't try to change anyone's opinion. Upload or insert images from URL. Finger dirt and oils won't stick as bad, so strings are easier to wipe clean. link above. $20.70. A long time ago I standardized on one brand of coated strings - I can cover all of my quiver with light and mediums and a few singles. ------------------------------------------------------------------. It's my fault, I was often absent from home and didn't take the time to check it in its case!). before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. They are here to help. Powered by Invision Community. A little dab'll do ya. Active ingredient in Fast Fret is white mineral oil. Just slip one of the fret collars over a fret, and use the included fret polishing cloth to remove gunk and bring back the nice, natural sheen of the metal. 20_Gauge Senior Member. Most of the time, my guitars don't need it. Jolly - Ive not heard about the Fast Fret spray (well at least over here in New Zealand) Ive come across a product called Finger Ease but Ive not tried it yet.   Your previous content has been restored. I've never use any of these products but I'm thinking about it. 1 User(s) are reading this topic (1 Guests and 0 Anonymous Users), "Don't practice until you get it right. When you've had budget guitars for a number of years, you may find that your old instrument is holding you back. dunlop jumbo accu-fret fretwire 6320. check out the FAQ by clicking the To start viewing messages, Edit: There is also D'addario Planet Wave XLR8. Thanks for the review ! You can post now and register later. It's just mineral oil in a convenient dispenser package. I would suggest Fingerease spray or Dunlop Ultraglide 65. I didn't know that one!! That's not the same as humidifying. Jim Dunlop Acoustic Guitar Hardware (6503) Music Nomad MN103 Guitar ONE All-in-1 Cleaner, Polish, and Wax, 4 oz. I … Clear editor.   You cannot paste images directly. I use it for small repairs and put a tiny drop under frets to hold them down when I do a refret. 6180 $117.16. All times are GMT-8. String Lubricant and Cleaner and Gibson Luthier's Choice String Cleaner that are available. A little dab'll do ya. Thank's for the lesson! © 1995-2019 Harmony Central, Inc. All rights reserved. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. You'd be better off humidifying it with plain old water.