This penne pasta costs $3.49 for a 8.8 oz/ 250 g pack. Ingredients: Isolated soy protein, egg white, wheat gluten, wheat flour, wheat fiber, stabilizer, guar gum E412, psyllium. It is important to note that noodles that are made with buckwheat, quinoa or mung bean flour will not cause a spike in your blood sugar levels compared to egg noodles from the refined floor. Diabetics that use the diabetes exchange list can consider 1/3 cup of cooked noodles or pasta one serving or one starch exchange. The one major drawback of this kind of noodles is that it has low fiber content and more cholesterol than the traditional one. These types of pasta have been modified by adding a flour blend that includes egg whites and legumes for more protein; barley and oats for increased fiber; and flaxseed for healthy omega-3 f… Foods that are low on the glycemic index with scores of 55 or below aren't as likely to cause your blood sugar levels to spike as foods high on the GI scale with scores of 70 or above. Ciao Carb also have a Proto Pasta range, which comes in at just 7 g carbs per 50 g serve. What makes it beneficial to diabetic patients is that it is lower on the glycemic index, and so may not cause unhealthy variations in sugar levels. The regular intake of low glycemic index meals also reduces diabetes risk, cardiovascular, and insulin resistance, when the egg noodles glycemic index is maintained, the blood glucose will be stable. Whole grains may play a part in a healthy diet for non-diabetics but when it comes to managing type 2 diabetes and reversing insulin resistance the consensus is clear: the grains have got to go! To increase the fiber content opt for noodles that are made with whole grain wheat since the fiber will slow down the absorption of the sugars into the body and enhance a smooth digestive process. Different types of noodles have different GI scores, with egg noodles at 40, spaghetti boiled for 10 to 15 minutes at 44 and whole-wheat spaghetti at 37. Fortified pasta varieties are another alternative to white pasta. Various benefits of low glycemic diets are; it improves memory, good for weight loss, ensures stable blood glucose level, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and helps to control appetite. Research on Noodles and Diabetes. Eggs are easy on the waistline, too. One large egg … Egg noodles are protein-rich and contain amino acids. Eggs from chickens that roam on pastures are high in omega-3s, which are beneficial fats for people with diabetes. Surprisingly similar in texture to al dente white pasta, a 1/3 cup serving of cooked whole wheat pasta has three times the fiber as white pasta, making it a better option for glucose control. The American Diabetes Association says to control portion size by making 25 percent of your plate grains or starch.