Biotechnology can keep plant foods shelf-stable for longer periods. Ever heard of Pizzagate? And human fat, blood, and bone were used to treat everything from gout to nosebleeds..Yet cannibalism is largely absent and morally frowned upon in today. "Feed the world", however currently the world produces 3000 calories for every person, so we don't need to produce more food but rather distribute it more efficiently. Video taken from the channel: Food Insight. The idea is that it can raise energy levels and reduce the risk of postpartum depression by stabilizing hormones. The risks will be controlled by scientists who will not allow harmful food to be eaten or to cross with other organisms. Biotechnology has indeed done a lot of good for the world, but it also has disadvantages, and there are some concerns about its potential negative impacts. Like the celebrities or government officials do. Some hybrids can help farmers reduce the amount of chemicals they spray on their crops as the resistance gene is built into the seed. I can’t help but cringe.. what the heck too much PDA gross, we’re in the middle of dinner, they should talk like that away from food, I lost my appetite…, my opinion is that we all should eat natural foods, without pecticides or genetic modification..much love and hope everybody in the gmo industry really are moral people and remember DDT and AGENT ORANGE, So I have to go to the US to eat some human or China the main supplier hahaha China I’m not surprised, Human meat tastes the best, no meat even come close come just try to take my food away from me and see what will happen you might turn to my food too LoLz that’s just a joke don’t take it serious. 2:49 HELL NO, I ain’t eating myself thats disgusting. Well I will never eat a human. I ate a browny today and im kinda lazy so i looked for something to put water in and something to spit in and i coulnt find anything so i was like i cant do imma do this lalet even though i knew i wasn’t gonna but i might later. By doing so, food production companies can increase their profits since they do not have to use costly natural ingredients but can rather use cheap artificial flavors instead. Advantages & Disadvantages of Biotechnology on Food Health. I dont eat much carbs, Me knowing my toothbrush hasnt been replaced in a few years yet wants to brush: aàáâäãåāaàáâäãåāaàáâäãåāaàáâäãåāaàáâäãåāaàáâäãåā. Related Articles: Biotechnology can also be used in the food sector. Research that as homework to see if I’m right. It’s worth the extra 4 minutes a day. Other advantages include improved retention of quality and nutritional parameters, shorter processing times and higher yields. Because it can transfer harmful bacteria from mother to child..So, if you have a hankering for human, maybe try some pork instead. Is it regulated? Sugar is bad for your teeth too. I think im just Lucky. Soon enough, that infection will trigger your immune system. He’s a bacterium and…a bit of a slob. Disadvantages. Its biggest advantage is that it has so little effect on the food itself that it is very difficult to tell if the food has been irradiated. The main benefits of the biotechnology is increased food safety. Hazards of Biotechnology (Disadvantages and negative effects of Biotech) By: Shalini Balan | Category: Issues | Date: 2011-11-16 09:08:16 | Views: 123843 Article Summary: As every coin has two sides. *DNA vaccines. Companies are now able to add plenty of artificial flavors to our food, which may taste quite natural to you as a customer. Getting information from a corporate or independent scientist doesn’t free you from bias. There’s just something innately off putting, unthinkable, morally reprehensible and for lack of a better term, tabooish sounding about the mere thought consuming another human being… Even writing this has taken away my appetite for the near future…Although I still have a great desire to eat a particular VS Angel,but that’s not exactly cannibalism now, is it? I love how the only “statistics” used in this are ones stating how many people “would buy” something. I think if a person dies and agrees to be eaten it’s totally fine? Another hidden risk of GE foods is that they could make disease-causing bacteria resistant to current antibiotics, resulting in a significant increase in the spread of infections and diseases. Like how do you now that is not like people are eating humans and ordering like pizzas you would need someone who eats human flesh at least 4 times a week and make tests on him. So, your gums separate from your teeth forming pockets that quickly become extra space for “Strep” and his friends. Generally, biotechnology is the manipulation of living organisms and organic materials that help to meet our basic needs. All Right Reserved. The process whereby micro-organisms and their enzymes bring about these desirable changes in food materials is known as fermentation.