And if you protect yourself against bit-rot they can basically live forever this way. Actually I dropped a 4TB drive from my desk a couple years back and the platters refused to spin, and getting somebody to read the data would cost hundreds of dollars. Yes, I have thousands of photos in the cloud that I view occasionally but, printing some of my favorites large and displaying them on my walls just gives me a lot of pleasure. What will happen to the the digital files in 75 years - burn in a fire, fade to a sepia haze, get eaten by rats, destroyed in a flood ... what? Prints will outlast a cell phone by generations. Drive the “top-line”. Don McCullin's illustrious career is set to arrive on the silver screen in a new film adapted from McCullin's autobiography. Stinks, but unfortunately not much one person can do in this day and age. If the cloud goes away, if we have a war and lose connectivity, etc, digital data is temporary, nothing more than a vapor. A few may be able to look at Mary's or Bob's birthday pics in 25 years but for many, the pics will have disappeared into the digital ether. And I honestly don't know if I have looked at images on my NAS more recently than I have looked on my prints. Do you think photo prints survived those fires? There's nothing tangible about it. Thanks for your comment. No price is given at this time, but the adapter is set to be available by the end of the year. Costco wasn't the cheapest service around anyway so I don't see what this changes, there's plenty of other options. But it was always pretty darn good, was very very consistent, good friendly customer service. I've tried them at Walmart and Meijer and I won't go back because the quality is lacking. Click here to download Custom Printer Profiles for prints & posters that are processed at your local Costco Photo department. The retailer will continue to offer photo printing through its Photo Center website and at select other locations, however. camera business is dying, and who prints stuff nowadays anyways? From funky film stocks, to home developing and digitizing solutions, we think these are the best film photography gifts in 2020. Usually not. AZheaven. Most folks who no longer make 4x6 prints, whether from rolls of film or subsequent digital habit, have no interest in larger prints for their walls. Will you miss it? Paying a fee to shop seems counter intuitive in today's market though some habits die hard. I'm glad to hear so far we are not affected. I don't know why people even bother writing comments in absolute terms that are so crazily easy to disprove. If I was not satisified (and I'm very picky about prints), they would reprint my order right on the spot while I waited. I think a 20x30 inch print there was $40 cheaper than Adorama pix. American retailer Costco is shutting down the photo labs in a growing number of its stores, according to letters the company has sent to its customers. I hope my Costco doesn’t close theirs! parents, teens, etc) this is sad news. Costco operates 29 warehouses across the UK. Which is not only a photographic phail but a marketing disaster as well. Does CVS and Walgreens offer custom profiles as does our Portland Costco photo department? We have 20 albums that are rarely viewed. Unless you are Joe Sartore who works for National Geographic printing is not the way we retain our memories. I could only shake my head and wonder what my own artwork would look like if I had someone else finish the second half of the process. Your kids, kids will appreciate it. I've tried them at Walmart and Meijer and I won't go back because the quality is lacking. Your email address will not be published. I really hope to preserve our history and memories that people get back to printing. And you still cannot SEE the pictures while they are stored... Stop and think about this. No you don't make 36 prints out of a 36-frames film but there are still plenty reasons to make prints now and then. I have not seen anyone by the counter in a long time.