Based on the sexy, spicy, and satisfying foods they cherish from their Cuban, Dominican, and Puerto Rican backgrounds, Angie and Angelo remix classic recipes like ropa viejo and arroz con pollo so everyone can enjoy eating the food they’ve grown up with, but without the guilt. Instead she is thrilled to share her personal passion about clean and healthy living with the Latin community. Really, it all boils down to this: Buy this book and cook from it. The flavors are innovative and complex, but the cooking, generally, is not. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSS QUEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNN!!!!! Despite its bold flavors and fresh ingredients, Latin cuisine has never exactly been known as "light." HEALTHY LATIN EATING: Our Favorite Family Recipes Remixed by radio and television personalities Angie Martinez & Angelo Sosa shows that Latin food can be healthful and still quite delicious. We gotta have it made He is the author of Flavor Exposed. "—Andrew Zimmern, "Angelo is a fantastic chef. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssss queeeenn!!! 'I had at this point already been talking to so many people about the notion of doing this project,' she tells Latina. His first effort is thrilling, reliable and insanely sexy...but most importantly the food is as delicious and sensible. ', When radio personality Angie Martinez needed a helping hand to put together a cookbook, she called upon former Top Chef Cheftestant Angelo Sosa. Angie shows us how to eat good and be guilt free! Remember to share this page with your friends. New cookbooks focus on healthy eating Few would dispute that Latin food is delicious, but it also has the reputation of being high in carbs, fat and sodium. Lyrics Two New Yorkers — Martinez, a radio and TV personality, and Sosa, a chef — have teamed up to create healthier versions of their family’s favorite dishes. But as Martinez, born in New York of Cuban, Dominican, and Puerto Rivan heritage, focused on preparing healthier food for herself and her son, she found they were eating Latin dishes less frequently. It was later featured in the episodes Miss Roberta and LazyTown's Greatest Hits. Chef Angelo Sosa combines flavors in surprisingly delicious ways. In the first chapter, Angelo’s Healthy Kitchen, you’ll read about smart ingredient substitutions, alternative cooking methods, and subtle reductions in sugar, fat and sodium that create healthier food without compromising the integrity of Latin cuisine's celebrated, iconic tastes. I'm careful, can't you see? It's such a pretty sight Naluda Magazine guide for Valentine’s Day Gifts - Ready for your hottest Valentine’s Day yet? The cookbook offers fantastic recipes along with simple solutions for preparing healthier dishes without compromising flavors. Lazy Town - Cooking By The Book Remix Ft. Lil Jon, 𝘁𝗼𝘅𝗶𝗰𝘄𝗮𝘀𝘁𝗲𝘀𝘀 ☠️🤮, Users who like Lazy Town - Cooking By The Book Remix Ft. Lil Jon, Users who reposted Lazy Town - Cooking By The Book Remix Ft. Lil Jon, Playlists containing Lazy Town - Cooking By The Book Remix Ft. Lil Jon, More tracks like Lazy Town - Cooking By The Book Remix Ft. Lil Jon. Look for guest dishes by Latino celebrities such as actress Rosie Perez, former New York Yankee Robinson Cano and actor/comedian John Leguizamo. I wanted to eat some of the food that I loved and not worry,” she says. Originally known as "The Voice of New York," Angie’s nearly 20 years of on-air hosting experience has led her to become the media trailblazer she is today: multimedia host, spokeswoman, actress, recording artist, entertainment personality, author and philanthropist. 'He has the same love for the culture but also is from a new generation, and we just connected and vibed from that place. Keep the key flavors, but find ways to assemble them in a more healthy way. My pantry is absent agave nectar, but simple syrup worked just fine. Funny asf Genre Trap Comment by little.russian.gorl. Your current browser isn't compatible with SoundCloud. First time logging in? It is more about the author’s passion about clean and healthy living with the Latin community. Javascript is not enabled in your browser. They all tell a story—the story of a chef who lives for cooking.”—Alain Ducasse, from the Foreword, "Angelo Sosa is a perfectionist, and one of the most committed and principled chefs I know. Nov 26, 2012 - DISCLAIMER: THIS VIDEO IS NOT MINE AND I DO NOT OWN ANY RIGHTS TO THE CONTENT IN THIS VIDEO. Together, the duo whipped up Healthy Latin Eating, which is out now. Angie and Angelo are culinary revolutionaries. Latin dishes are most often big flavor bombs but they don't have the reputation of being light. Please download one of our supported browsers. And every fun appliance But that's not the only thing on this busy mujer's plate. Those classic flavors are combined here into new dishes that, I can assure you, will become instant favorites for you. To those fundamentals he adds spicy,earthy, and nutty. Share: Similar Tracks: View All: View Comments. The duo collaborated on healthier versions of traditional recipes, along with contributions from Martinez’s friends in the music industry. Angie Martinez and chef Angelo Sosa teamed up to create Healthy Latin Eating cookbook along with some extra help from Robinson Cano, Rosie Perez, Adrienne Bailon, John Leguizamo & more.