Four more self-confessed music nerds play Blood on the Tracks. JASON WANN, FRIEND: I believe that Mark was at Dominoes nightclub that night. ALLAN CLARKE: A few weeks after Mark’s death the family feel like the police haven’t done a very thorough job at all, so they go out there and they collect what they think is potential evidence. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Where they went wrong, he couldn’t drive a car. No one knows exactly what happened between Tanya saying goodbye to Mark and the train driver finding him around three hours later. I knew that the family were calling out for any information and they felt like the police weren’t listening to them and they believed it was because they were Aboriginal. He had this like a slow drawl, reminded me a bit about John Wayne. Add the first question. And it was a cover up. She said, 'no way. Read about our approach to external linking. But at the same time they’re in the middle of a DIY investigation. Click here to contact us. Unfortunately, they passed away a few years ago. Out for a joyride, that’s the end. DAVID SHOEBRIDGE, GREENS NSW, ABORIGINAL JUSTICE SPOKESPERSON: The police, their initial views were, this was a cold case, we’ll piss it off sooner or later. Full Tracks page available on YouTube . A look at how climate change affects our environment and what society can do to prevent the demise of endangered species, ecosystems and native communities across the planet. What I’ve pieced together about Mark’s last movements all come from his friends and family’s police statements plus testimony they gave at the Coronial Inquest into his death. Written by He said, I won’t give up, I’ll never give up as long as I live. ALLAN CLARKE: The story just really hit a chord with me, I think the similarities to Mark and his family and my family, and the Gomeroi connection. There just wasn’t enough blood. Journalist Craig Leeson teams up with diver Tanya Streeter and an international team of scientists and researchers, and they travel to twenty locations around the world over the next four years to explore the fragile state of our oceans. JASON WANN, FRIEND: And I remember the following couple of weeks that Duck was really, really persistent and angry in regards to that car. Use the HTML below. Directed by Fisher Stevens. Despite the family’s concerns police dismissed any idea of foul play and closed the file on the case. Filmmakers are intelligent in their use of the biggest asset they have: not only do they keep their movie star on screen, they work hard to tie viewers concern for the environment up with his biography. Community See All. A 360-degree look | Explore the puzzling crime scene in Tamworth with Allan Clarke. CRAIG CRAIGIE, UNCLE: What they believe is that Mark was not alone when on the night that he died. They tried to walk across in broad daylight and they couldn’t do it. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. NSW police declined to comment in relation to the issues raised in this program. There was no blood at the scene, so I would assume that he sustained the injury after his heart had stopped pumping. We have said, look this is right out of character for our boy…, Duck: I daresay this would have been taken ’87 at sister Barb and Arnie’s house on Warral road.(Ends). GLENN BRYANT, FORMER STATIONMASTER, TAMWORTH: I started work at West Tamworth station at 11 o’clock and my shift went through until 7 o’clock in the morning. 972 people follow this. Listen to the new ABC Unravel true crime podcast. Yeah. Season one Blood on the Tracks available from May 28. The case is promptly brushed off by police as a consequence of excessive intoxication and joyriding on a night out, but the young man's family refuse to accept the findings, leading his uncle on an all-consuming quest to find the truth of how and why his nephew was killed. JACK CRAIGIE, UNCLE: Case closed. You know, that was his business, you know, he was seventeen, and like a lot of young kids, you know, they all smoked. LEAH CRAIGIE, COUSIN: They were wanting to get out there and find some answers. Why? And if you find the idea of drinking vodka with brunch the next day a little hard to justify (poor, poor you), ditch that and prepare it as a virgin version – you won’t notice its omission through the spice. Mo Gilligan, Skunk Anansie, Pat Nevin and Jake Wood each select a song they adore. I couldn’t believe it was him. Join Colin Murray as he and his guests debate the best song by a troubled artist and more. Colin Murray hosts four more music fans who choose some of their favourite tracks. ANONYMOUS. Heated debate as four music obsessives argue over favourite songs. Almost a decade ago, Leonardo DiCaprio narrated and produced The 11th Hour, which covered the same ground as this documentary. Police have now reopened the case and the podcast team have discovered startling new evidence which suggests Mark’s death was no mere misadventure. Silence them. Forgot account? Four music obsessives and their record collections. There was no hair scattered anywhere. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are advised that this episode may contain images and voices of people who have died. JACK CRAIGIE, UNCLE: The next day we went straight out to the site and just tried to work out what had happened. ALLAN CLARKE: Glen noticed a towel underneath Mark’s head. JACK CRAIGIE, UNCLE: Drove it out here, crashed it, walked across that railway line in the pouring rain, carrying presents, and he turned around and lied down. Duck is Mark’s uncle and he was very, very close to Mark. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Not to be missed—some terrific G.M. JACK CRAIGIE, UNCLE: As far as I know and gathered, he smoked occasionally. And they didn’t think that was very important at the time. ( Log Out /  We went back out the next day and it was gone. And I thought they were two males. See what youse can find out. It’s such a bizarre scenario. Just stunned that this could have occurred. Here are some of our picks to get you in the spirit. DON 'DUCK' CRAIGIE, UNCLE: We found remnants of cardboard boxes and wrapping paper, a black comb and a pink lighter. We’ll never know for sure, but we can be assured that the addition of spice – principally to please the American palate – was every bit as inspired a move as mixing tomato juice and vodka in the first place. Q: Probably three or four, people just disappear. With Leonardo DiCaprio, Ki-moon Ban, Alejandro G. Iñárritu, Mike Brune. 'MARIE' CORONIAL INQUEST WITNESS: I could two voices distinctly, really arguing. ALLAN CLARKE: Speaking with his best friend Jason Wann, he told me he actually named him Stoney because when he spoke he sounded like he was stoned because he had this low gravelly drawl and he was quite softly spoken. She was a really popular local girl, a white girl. (c) 2014 Mat Smith / Documentary Evidence. I’m with Petiot and MacElhone on this one though – you can keep your celery salt. DON 'DUCK' CRAIGIE, UNCLE: Allan can understand where we’re coming from, what we’re going through and he was able to empathise with us. And it’s not everyone that could have done that. Thus he would turn in his grave at the Blood On The Snow – named after a track from Snow Globe – which not only includes the offending inclusion but also horseradish sauce. I always stuck with my cuz, always went, you know, everywhere with him. Blood on the Tracks Live in Hammersmith Part 2. And he went on to tell me that Terry was the last one left and he couldn’t deal with it. He was a young Aboriginal boy, that was it. Hear an array of guests discuss their favourite songs. Blood on the Tracks. Four music fans talk about their favourite tracks. I knew that something, you know, horrible had happened. I thought it was just very unusual, very, very strange, that a person would be on the track with a towel under his head. Jeremy Vine, Steve Davis, Ana Matronic and Simon Day play Blood on the Tracks, Vanessa Feltz, Scott Mills, Josh Widdicombe, Poet, Stuart Murdoch, Alex Edelman, Steve Bunce, and Ana Matronic, Scroobius Pip, Clare Bowen, Mark Steel, and James Haskell, Scott Mills, Annie Mac, John Niven, and Paul Sinha, Rou Reynolds, Ben Earle, Levi Roots and Elis James, Rose McGowan, Maverick Sabre, Brix Smith, Iain Stirling, PP Arnold, Bob Harris, Jamal Edwards, Mike Bubbins, Nicola Roberts, Nigel Owens, Doc Brown, Ian Broudie, Neil Hannon, Cassadee Pope, Chris Washington, Michael Dapaah, Nadia Rose, Tony Blackburn, Gideon Coe and Kojo Anim, Mo Gilligan, Skunk Anansie, Pat Nevin, Jake Wood, Michaela Coel, Benjamin Zephaniah, Bez from Happy Mondays, Mike Bubbins, Linford Christie, Fleur East, Gizzi Erskine and Hugh Cornwell, Lindsay Ell, Alan Johnson, Kate Richardson-Walsh and Russell Kane, Laura Whitmore, Stella Creasy, Chelcee Grimes and Nish Kumar, Justin Hawkins, Pat Cash, Ali Siddiq and Edith Bowman, Justin Hawkins, Jake Wood, Arielle Free, Melody Kane, Jack Savoretti, Will Gompertz, AJ Odudu, Ed Gamble, Elis James, Martin Fry, DJ Monki, Beef Johnston, Blood on the Tracks Live in Hammersmith Part 2, Blood on the Tracks Live in Hammersmith Part 1, Al Murray, Karen Clifton, Laura Whitmore, Levi Roots.