For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. What works for a solo artist looking to record a microphone and electric guitar … 10 Best: Mixers For Home Studios 2020. The mixer’s analogue channels are split between six mono mic/line, all of which have wide gain duo preamps and Neutrik XLR’s plus ¼” TRS jacks. With 12 mono channels plus two stereo, the DM16 is big enough to be versatile for most applications. Assuming you own at least one or two bits of Roland gear, the MX-1 is well worth a look; it’s a unique approach that really does bring the best out of the Aira and Boutique instruments. All three bands have ±15dB gain and there’s a100Hz, 18dB/octave high-pass filter at the top of the strip. Other than that, this is still a quality package and is #2 on our list for the best home recording studio package for great reason! In this article, we’ll be discussing all of the equipment you’ll need for your Maybe we can shed some light ... Finding the best home studio monitors for your studio is easy. Again, it’s a simple plug and play audio interface that you can use to record all manner of line level instruments including guitars and keyboards as well as microphones. Not only this but for the equivalent package, the Scarlett 2i2 is only $50 more than the Scarlett Solo. This is definitely one of my favorites on our list of the best home recording studio package due to its overall quality. If you’re keen on recording more than one sound source at the same time and you want to be able to record studio-quality anywhere, anytime, this is a fantastic option and one of the best cheap audio interfaces that certainly doesn’t suck. All in all, a very solid package for the money. Here we have eight mono inputs, four stereo inputs and four stereo returns which are all unbalanced over ¼ TRS jacks. Brands these days are finding more ways to make superb, professional-quality audio interfaces at a lower cost, so people like us who love to record at home, get to reap the benefits! Now that’s been sorted, let’s talk about the best home recording studio package equipment: The Behringer U-Phoria UMC204HD Audio Interface bundle is a great home recording studio kit for the price, and definitely high on the list for best home recording studio package! Class-leading conversion & sample rates up to 192kHz/24 bit. For the musician/sound engineer who wants a premium-priced audio interface with plenty of inputs and outputs, and all of the equipment you need (minus the microphone stand)… We recommend the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 (2nd Gen) USB 2.0 Audio Interface Deluxe Kit – Ultra Premium Priced. Unfortunately I haven’t found that many bundles that feature a mic stand as well. Overall this is high up on our list for the best home recording studio package and will give you the most important pieces to ensure you have everything you need to begin studio recording! This is ideal for vloggers and those who shoot web videos without the time to edit everything together. Are there any downsides? As sound waves hit the metal diaphragm, it moves back and forth, the distance between the diaphragm and metal plate obviously changes, hence changing the capacitance…. Additionally, you will need to purchase a microphone, microphone stand and mic stand adapter. Need more? It goes without saying that bigger studio setups require higher channel counts, but these budget four-channel mixers have always been popular for those who prefer a minimalist approach. Although it can record two inputs simultaneously, no more. If you live stream audio and video on social media or YouTube, and you want to include musical instruments this is perfect as it means you don’t have to rely on your smartphone or tablet’s microphone. This is ideal for those home studio owners who have limited space and want their interface to slot beautifully into their existing setup without look garish. by Medium-size mixers are good for small-to-medium bands in live performance settings. It’s a four mono, four stereo channel mixer that features two aux sends, two stereo aux returns and two subgroups with main left and right routing switches. Before we go into all of the available home recording studio packages, we think that it would be useful (especially to the beginners) to talk about what’s usually in one of these packages, and what all of the equipment does…. The best USB audio interface for guitarists and those who want to trigger samples via a guitar pedal. Also, if you’re just looking at doing sequential instrument recording, this is an ideal bundle.