Although they rarely descend to the ground, unlike many primates, they do not leap. There is no sexual dimorphism in Bengal slow lorises. Slow lorises are capable of gouging hundreds of large, deep holes along branches and trunks, with incisors that are fused together into a tooth comb. Limited information on its status and ecology is the main hindrance to developing a conservation strategy for this species in India, state experts. According to Nabajit Das’ research, the animals are seen in trees up to 30 feet from the ground in the forests of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. And for a long time, all the methods researchers were using to trace the Bengal slow loris were meant for diurnal primates,” said Jihosuo Biswas. According to Dilip Chetry, head of primate research and conservation division of Aaranyak, a wildlife non-profit based in Guwahati, there are a few tree species where the species is found. A substance that provides both nutrients and energy to a living thing. However, Das pointed out that no evidence has been observed to date that the hunting in northeast India is linked to the trade hub. These unusual characteristics enable a large repertoire of movements and postures, which help them access the length and breadth of plants, tall and small. International Journal of Primatology, 25: 97-164. [23] The species is known to live in small family groups. Bengal slow lorises are the largest among slow lorises, with adults weighing between 1000-2100 g. They have unique grasping hands and feet, and extremely mobile limb joints that allow for a firm, powerful grip and a large range of movements and postures, making them one of the most skilled climbers. These extremely specialised primates are now becoming extremely rare. American Journal of Primatology, 43(2): 159-165. (Choudhury, 2001; Pliosungnoen, et al., 2010; Srivastava and Mohnot, 2001), Bengal slow lorises are the largest of all of the slow lorises, with a skull length of 65.25 mm, larger than any other species of loris. [6] Animals may practice social grooming. A portion of the proceeds from our National Geographic Bengal Slow Loris goes toward the conservation efforts of this respected organization. [1] It is difficult to distinguish from the other species in its genus. [13] On its front feet, the second digit is smaller than the rest; the big toe on its hind foot opposes the other toes, which enhances its gripping power. 2nd Floor, Sector 67,SAS Nagar At times, their movement is almost crafty in its deliberateness. [8] Females in an estrous cycle attract males with a loud whistle. Taxon Information Anderson, M., J. Nyholt, A. Dixson. They are heav­ier than all other loris species with a mass be­tween one and two kg and a length of 26 to 38 cm, being more than three times the … This material is based upon work supported by the The results to the very exciting and anticipated Bihar assembly elections may soon be out but presently the counting is underway in the state.... Low testing, poor medical surveillance and lack of political will are behind significantly low reportage of COVID-19 cases in Bihar, but are by no means indicative of the end of the pandemic in the state. “They sleep by day in hollowed out trees, tree crevices and branches. Over 14% students enrolled in Haryana’s government schools don’t have access to textbooks, educational opportunities amid the pandemic finds ASER Report. having markings, coloration, shapes, or other features that cause an animal to be camouflaged in its natural environment; being difficult to see or otherwise detect. The Bengal Slow Loris is also a large commodity in illegal animal trade markets for medicinal purposes, bush meat, and as pets. The Moon was for a long time considered to... Stubble burning in Punjab has annually been cited as... 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Population Survey of the Bengal Slow Loris, Nycticebus bengalensis, in Meghalaya, Northeast India. Mass awareness about Bengal slow loris and other primate species are urgently needed in their distribution ranges as people are not much aware of this nocturnal species and its role in the ecosystem as well as the importance of its conservation, said Das. The winter food supply consists almost entirely of plant exudates. American Journal of Primatology, 72(12): 1108-1117. Its arms and hands ar… These large-eyed, tiny-tailed, small-bodied primates, considered one among the ‘cutest’ animals in the world, are unfortunately among the most sought-after pets. The face is creamy white with triangular patches of dark fur around the eyes, which are occasionally connected via a fork to the dark stripe on the head.