var addy_textb8435bcb7d87827cfe26fbafb2c988c1 = 'bob' + '@' + 'schoolofwoodworking' + '.' + 'com';document.getElementById('cloakb8435bcb7d87827cfe26fbafb2c988c1').innerHTML += ''+addy_textb8435bcb7d87827cfe26fbafb2c988c1+'<\/a>'; Take some time for yourself! You choose the $ amount. Be sure to include practical “how to” information in your response, and use your own words. A forehead reading thermometer will be used at the beginning of each class meeting. 18 Kestler Ct, Port Jervis, New York 12771. Receive exclusive access to classes and discounts. As a developing artist, you need personalized, supportive... Wednesday Feb 17th, 10am - 3:30pm Eastern Time, Add this topic and we'll let you know about new classes, trending topics and last minute discounts. Get special date and rate options for your group. You can also call or text me directly at 860.729.3186- Please leave a voice mail if I do not pick up. Join woodworker Michael Puryearin in the hands on building of a workbench. Already have an account? In this three day class, you will learn how to make a shoji (paper backed sliding screen) that is a classic functional and decorative detail in Japanese design. 7. Sign in. - - 42m 260 students. Instructor, Michael Puryear, will build on the lessons from Basic Joinery and Machine, Tool and Shop Safety. - Title: Foundations of Woodworking: Advanced Joinery Introducing our first advanced course within the Foundations of Woodworking series. 117B 11th St, Brooklyn, New York 11215. Class we will cover: sizing, proportioning, choice of angle, layout and cutting as well as where to use dovetails. var addyb8435bcb7d87827cfe26fbafb2c988c1 = 'bob' + '@'; The students will then use draw knives sanders and other hand tools to remove any bark and smooth the live edge. All tools you use stay on your bench throughout the class. This course introduces students to knife making through... at The state of Connecticut has restricted travel from a number of states (22 as of July 14). Such variations will be: blind, through, wedged, pinned, tusked and the fox. Begin with info on joinery concepts and wood physics as well as planes, cabinets scrapers and spoke shaves. Build a Greene & Greene style Blanket Chest..., The school teaches the effective use of hand tools and gives an equal measure of attention to machine tools. addyb8435bcb7d87827cfe26fbafb2c988c1 = addyb8435bcb7d87827cfe26fbafb2c988c1 + 'schoolofwoodworking' + '.' + 'com'; If you are coming from one of the states on the list then I am sorry but you must withdraw from the class, the website is Our furniture making, woodturning, and wood carving classes are located in a beautiful, light-filled workshop in a … Get $10 off your first class! Mike Mascelli is absolutely terrific! 18 Kestler Ct, Port Jervis, New York 12771.  if you have any questions at all. WOODWORKING : By following a category, I agree to the terms of use. Orange County Named one of the country's 100 most promising companies by Forbes. BASIC WOODWORKING . This email address is being protected from spambots. In this one day class we will explore the many variations... Have a question about a cancellation or refund?