Whatever the case may be, I think by focusing on what we do know, and setting aside everything else until later, when things become clearer, we will have a better shot at deciphering the many remaining mysteries of Twin Peaks: The Return. That scene has to be really important! She ends up in a white room with a mirror. Very nice writing. The word tulpa was dropped with David knowing all too well that ppl would latch onto it and find out what it was. 10:00. ( Log Out /  It works as a contrast with the Twin Peaks world and I agree that Lynch wanted to make that clear giving away these clues. My theory about the girls in pink is that they’re given... How come "she looks almost exatcly like Laura Palmer" and still is Laura Palmer? It’s another evidence that DL crosses lines between the show and the reality. Why would Audrey say that it was like Ghostwood where she was? Perhaps Mr. C took her, or maybe she even went in looking for Cooper and got trapped. There is a leakage between the 3 worlds, it’s obvious – we leaked onto twin peaks (Monica, Sunset boulevard, Audrey’s dance, Billy) and they leak to us (this TV series), and the black lodge world leaks to both of us – which means the mother/Judy might be the one telling her what to say, including her name if they ask for, whispering from the same side we heard voices when Hawk visited Sarah, and the one calling Laura at the end, which made Carrie realize the leakage and scream her lungs out. The real question is, did it break the 5th wall? And, though we are in the television world where anything is possible, in reality, people rarely stay in comas for such a long time. @dopplearb Who are any of these people—and how could they factor into the story going forward? [3], Two days after Billy's disappearance, Audrey browbeat Charlie into going to the Roadhouse with her to look for him, even though Billy supposedly hated the place. Actors can often blur boundaries between themselves and their characters, particularly if they invest heavily in adopting the thoughts and characteristics of the fictional people they portray. So, depending on whether or not you believe Audrey is still in a coma after 25 years, what likely happened was this: Richard, looking for clues as to his father’s identity, was going through some of his mother’s old things. Lynch used to be my favourite director, and when I found out that Mark Frost and a lot of the original cast were coming back I thought there may actually be a story this time (as opposed to IE and MD) but nope. Change ). Could you please elaborate on how you see your point here resolving this problem with your description? However, I believe I already know the answer, or at least most of it. Upset how Lynch totally erased the Twin Peaks that we knew and loved by saving Laura Palmer and moving into another reality. It’s like Ghostwood here.”. And within the gap, there is a truth which must be revealed, and when it is, I’m sure it will play a large role in the finale. And since she doesn’t exist outside of the show, all she can see is herself, looking at herself, which is even more horrifying. https://twinpeaks.fandom.com/wiki/Billy_(Twin_Peaks)?oldid=45133. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. So, Richard is one of the only people to mention Audrey, and what does he say about her, exactly? On Sunday night, Audrey Horne finally made her highly anticipated return to Twin Peaks with one long scene—in which she fights with a man named Charles, who appears to be her husband through some sort of unorthodox arrangement.