Photo courtesy of AzCATI, Science writer , Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, 480-965-8122 “This year’s FSDF Day represented a new virtual opportunity to support families during the pandemic,” said Christian Rosario, the host of the English-language Access ASU session. Algae is now an ingredient in foods (for humans and animals), cosmetics, nutritional supplements like omega-3 oils, antioxidants, coloring agents, dyes for fabric, sunblock lotion, printing ink, flour and paper, among many other consumer products. Degree options: BS and MS in information technology. Despite these hopes, American internet policy is not in as dire a shape as the policy of some countries. Thompson’s pioneering contribution to literary studies is a body of work that has challenged Shakespeare scholars in the U.S. and abroad to think about and teach about the Bard's plays with an eye on performance and race. Contact Administration: 480-727-1177, Public Service and “I was 6 or 7 at that time. Q: Do you think younger, college-age voters have the power to make an impact on U.S. politics? Today, Pienkos is in the process of getting his own startup venture off the ground as a platform for commercializing urethane technology. With that thought in mind, Carradini has created a new class called “Digital Ethics in Internet Governance and Policy,” which will debut next semester. So you could look at that and say, these young people protesting and creating unrest obviously aren't fit to exercise their democratic franchise. She mentioned she added a business minor and that keeping your options open for majors will help you figure out what you want to do in your career. November’s weeklong event will have similar activities for families to participate in. October 26–29 is Virtual Study Abroad Week at Arizona State University, and instructor Emel Topal has been thinking a lot these days about international and U.S. students whose plans to study out-of-country are on hold because of the COVID-19 pandemic. So smaller states get a slightly disproportionate voice, and that's replicated across time and space every time you get a new state, which by nature of it being a new state is going to be smaller in population than existing states. “Awesome information!” writes counselor Brenda Smith from Yuma High School. “These world-class scholars demonstrate innovative approaches in the study of the humanities, science and education,” Crow said. This program involves hands-on projects to provide students with a venue to design cost-effective and environmentally-friendly products and processes with required functionality and quality standards. Call 480-727-1585 to schedule an appointment. So you would think that age would also be a factor that would influence a change in voting requirements, since there were plenty of 18-year-olds fighting in the Civil War, and then later in WWI and WWII, with the argument being that if you're old enough to be drafted and to fight in a war, you ought to be able to vote. “This is a place where students can learn and grow and build their future, and build their success.”. Sign up with your email address to receive official Polytechnic School news, event information, involvement opportunities and more. Her dissertation described her research in creating an effective vaccine for preventing Escherichia coli O157:H7 intestinal attachment and colonization, the primary cause of acute renal failure in children, and she shared her results in a variety of journals and conferences. "Dr. Topal is not only very intelligent and knowledgeable in the subject matter and a great teacher, but she is also extremely kind, sweet (and sassy! Photo courtesy of AzCATI. … We’ve got a huge network of people, and that’s really what drew me to ASU. “My parents were teachers and always worked in underserved areas, so that’s where we also lived. Algae is an abundant and widely varied group of aquatic organisms capable of producing oxygen through photosynthesis and thereby harvesting energy from sunlight to grow and produce a range of biochemicals. Some other states passed referendums on the question of lowering the voting age, but a lot of them failed. Degree options: BS and MS in environmental and resource management. “One of the great things about Lantana Hall is how there’s classrooms built right into the dorms, so students can walk right down to the first floor and be right in class within minutes,” resident Thomas Goers said. The government cannot legally censor your speech online, nor can it break any of the other freedoms in the Bill of Rights. On Sept. 19, a virtual event was hosted by Access ASU and the American Dream Academy; it gave families a taste of what to expect from the Future Sun Devil Family Week being held Nov. 16–20.