Based on the rarity of the weapon, up to two more bonuses may be attached to it. 1. Each type of weapon has a default bonus attached to them always. Ideal for hunting animals, but suitable for human prey as well. The ideal hunting bow. All Nubian warriors acknowledge the power of Apedemak, the lion-headed god of war worshipped throughout Upper Egypt. Nothing can stay the hand of Anhur, Slayer of Enemies. Defeat Elite Boss - the Brothers in Krokodilopolis Gladiator Arena. Below is a list of the best weapons in Assassin’s Creed Origins, featuring every Legendary weapon we’ve found so far. When Assassin’s Creed finally returned in 2017, it was with a major make-over that turned the game from a classic “Ubisoft” open-world adventure into a full on RPG, complete with side quests, a lengthy story, and plenty of loot. The arrow cleaves a voiceless path; mute, yet louder than any spoken word. Another exquisite offering from the Numidian cavalry, demonstrating their prowess in mounted archery. I wrote for several very popular gaming websites and magazines in the past and in my spare time I love to travel and meet new people. Defeat Boss - the Duelist in Cyrene Gladiator Arena. Ra created all forms of life; as their maker, he can also destroy them. All of these weapons are available in the game for players to use and each weapon will give you some unique benefit. This weapon is devoted to Neith, the concealed goddess of Sais. Legend says the king fired an arrow that pierced the heavens on that day. An arrow loosed from this bow can travel from dawn to noon. This weapons list of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will give you a glimpse into the chaos-filled world of Vikings and the era that they lived in. You’re not alone. Some might dismiss this as a gardening implement, but it serves just as well in a fight. Scythians carry this kind of bow, along a whip and a small sword. The Macedonian army used this weapon's long-range capabilities to get the drop on opposing forces. A sharp blade on the end of a long pole. Its beautiful engravings belie its dangerous nature. This pernicious weapon has a unique look. Its creator was skilled and produced an efficient yet unrestrained weapon. Massive spear equipped by Ptolemaic guards. These unique weapons are placed all over the open world and you just need to get them. This gilded Grecian bow is beautiful enough to delight the gods. Plus you don’t have to kill anyone to get it so you do not have to worry about the higher power level. With one flick of his wrist, he could have cut off the Champion's head. Dive in and proceed forward and you will find a chest with the axe inside it at the end. It gives a little more confidence but does not prevent exhaustion and haze. Give a man a spear and he'll hunt. This bow inflicts the creeping chill of death on its targets, moments before they come face-to-face with Anubis. Intricate details of the life of Amun are sculpted onto the blade. Found in the Siwa oasis, at the oracle of Zeus Amun. This bow's use might consume the life of a warrior lesser than yourself. Editor and senior content writer at PrimeWikis, I am a huge video games fan and been playing forever. A beautiful sickle sword, once said to be sacred to both Sekhmet and Serqet. This blade fed on the blood of both a Numidian king and a Roman general and hungers for more. For those who like to play with their food before they eat it. We’ll talk more about bonuses and rarity later. The content may not be used, reproduced or copied without the prior express written consent of It shall be worn during the Feast of Lamps. You can get it by following the story arc in Oxenfordscire. Whether you find yourself beset by men or monsters, this weapon's sharp hook is perfect for catching your enemies off guard. This long weapon is made of a single sycamore tree core, harvested at the oasis of Siwa. Getting it is not easy though. Wielded by Carthaginian heavy infantry, this short sword is powerful enough to pierce shields and helmets. You will need to get 11 Mysterious Tablets. A very convenient and bellicose way to carry a big metal block to the next forge. Light, costly weapon favored by charioteers. Gave the Champion this weapon and with it, his freedom. Fires faster than you can say hippopotamus. While the beauty of this sword is masked by a patina of verdegris, it's as sharp as the day it was forged. Found in the Cyrene mountains, it was most likely forged for Battus, the founder of Cyraenica. The Follower hits hard, toppling even the most powerful of enemies. Under King Piye's command, each Nubian General received a gift of this bow on the occasion of a victorious campaign. A sting to the neck and a stab to the gut. Blacksmith Loot: Bronze Iron: Hepzefa's Sword: Legendary: High: Critical Hit Rate: Critical Hit Rate III: Adrenaline on Hurt II: On Fire: A mysterious weapon with unique attributes. Do not be fooled by its commonplace appearance; this is a powerful weapon. This baton found in Sais was forgotten centuries ago by a Persian warrior in this former capital. This is all there is to know about all the weapons in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Assassin’s Creed Origins: 15 Best Weapons In The Game (Ranked) BY Ianara Natividad This post may contain affiliate links. A thin steel blade adds a savage bite to this ferocious weapon. Death's spread is gradual, but relentless. The annual flooding of the Nile brought life. If you've seen it, it's already too late. Light as air, solid as hailstones, fast as the wind, and deadly as lightning. Ta-Sety means Land of the Bow, and no other bow could serve as a better representative. Gamer Tweak is dedicated to helping gamers of all kinds, it is our endeavour to help you on your quest from the streets in Litte Havana to the skies that Alduin lays claim to.