BANAUE RICE TERRACES Built: 1st century AD |Where: Pre-colonial Philippines Does it still exist: Yes Passed from generation to generation and most likely constructed by hand originally, the terraces, which take up about 4,000 square miles of mountainside, reflect a mastery of engineering that is impressive even today. The world around us is filled with captivating elements.Take a look at this collection of 15 fascinating photographs of rarely seen things. The canal is actually two canals, connected on either end with an artificial lake, Lake Gatun, located 85 feet above sea level. The history of civilization is replete with examples of humanity improving the world in which it lives. The observation deck is located on the 124, floor. This fascinating photo contest celebrates some of the most outstanding architectural marvels worldwide, both ancient and modern... 500 Years of Living Room Design in 12 Astonishing Pictures, Admire how living room interior design has been changing for the past 500 years in 12 astonishingly beautiful pictures. 15 Gripping Images Reflecting the Duality of Life on Earth. Rare Footage Shows Us Vintage Paris Like Never Before! The Erie Canal’s heyday was relatively short, due to the development of the railroads, but it led to the growth of the port of New York, and spurred the building of competing canals in other Eastern states. These will undoubtedly amaze you. Recycle It Up: Ingenious Ideas For Old Items! The Romans were among the finest engineers in the ancient world. You Will Find Genuine Beauty in These 18 Photos of Nature, A selection of unbelievably beautiful photos of nature worldwide that will make you crave a trip to the great outdoors. From the greatest war the world has ever known to now, how has it changed in 70 years time? From the underground church marvels in Ethiopia to the Teotihuacan pyramids of Mexico, these seven remarkable engineering achievements from the ancient world will certainly surprise … Over the centuries, engineering accomplishments were directed at the worship of gods and heroes, the improvement of societal life, and to simply celebrate the spirit of humanity. Discovered by divers near Greece more than a century ago, a team of researchers is still working to fully assess the function and significance of this shockingly sophisticated device. A fine example is the Trajan’s Bridge over lower Danube at the Iron Gates on the boundary between today’s Serbia and Romania. The walkway is 1,219 meters above the Colorado River and extends 21m from the cliff edge. Now you can easily and quickly add contacts from your email account (such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc. These homes have a fascinating story to tell. It was the engineering decision to abandon the sea level canal design favored by the French and instead create Lake Gatun through the building of Gatun Dam (then the largest dam in the world) and install locks to raise and lower ships which allowed the Americans to succeed in completing the dam, which changed shipping lanes and inter-ocean traffic forever. Many were treated with derision by contemporaries who considered the vision of their proponents’ to be delusional. by Unbelievable Facts Jun 23, 2019, 5:57 pm 8.6k Views Comments Off on 10 Mind-Boggling Modern Engineering Feats Across the World. The immense beauty of Japan's nature is presented through a huge collection of sublime photographs. Here are 10 of the greatest engineering achievements in history. The outer ring of Palm Islands took 10 million cubic meters on its own. The use of the arch made the Roman bridges incredibly strong and durable; so strong and durable that they remained in use for centuries and in some cases, for millennia.