(0% below basic). This amount was a $233,290,000 increase (4.6%) over the enacted State appropriation for 2010–2011. State - 82%, 2011 - 93%, (1% below basic). The state maintained its $100 million reimbursement to school districts for transportation costs. In 2017, the Pennsylvania General Assembly passed legislation that eliminated developing any more Keystone Exams in other subjects. We appreciate your partnership as we navigate through this unprecedented time. The District Administration reported that 148 students or 4.26% of its students were gifted in 2009. if (typeof RZlinktemplate != 'undefined') RZlinktemplate('links','','footernav') State - 85%, 2010 - 96%, 67% adv. The Math average score was 557. [338], In compliance with a legislative mandate that was passed with veto proof majorities in the PA House and Senate,[339] the final BEF funding was determined for 2015–16, in April 2016. In 2014–15, all Pennsylvania school districts were required to make a 21.4% of payroll payment to the teacher's pension fund (PSERS). State - 72%, 2011 - 88%, 55% adv. [297] In 2011, the state of Pennsylvania's per pupil spending was $13,467, ranking 6th in the United States. [358][359], Beginning in the 2014-2015 budget, the state funded a new Ready to Learn Grant for public schools. Additionally, 15% of the pupils receive special education services, while less than 1% are identified as gifted. In 2013, the school's enrollment was 289 pupils in grades kindergarten through 4th, with 29% of pupils receiving a federal free or reduced price meals due to family poverty. [225], Waverly School achieved a score of 84.7 out of 100. At no cost to the parents, these services are provided in compliance with state and federal law; and are reasonably calculated to yield meaningful educational benefit and student progress. Schools are mandated to provide targeted assistance to help the student be successful. Schools must apply for this recognition. [28] During the 2005–2006 school year, the last time data was available, the overall ethnicity was 95% White (non-Hispanic), 2% Asian/Pacific Islander, Black (non-Hispanic) 1%, Hispanic 1%, American Indian/Alaskan Native <1%. For technology-related questions, please visit the Digital Transformation page. [47] Statewide 48 school districts or charter programs had suspicious results in the exams administered in 2009, 2010, or 2011. Adherence to the safety measures and protocols provides us the best opportunity for the most in-person learning possible. In math, 96% were on grade level (3rd-4th grades). [388] A mill is $1 of tax for every $1,000 of a property's assessed value. The high school lacks functional air conditioning, and the middle school consists of fake walls between adjacent classrooms so you can hear everything from each neighboring classroom. The public is able to access this meeting through cable broadcasts on the government channels; Comcast 15/Verizon 24 and Abington's CAM Facebook page. Average SAT composite score out of 1600, as reported by Niche users from this school. In science, 57.7% of eighth graders showed on grade level proficiency. [341] The Education budget also includes Accountability Block Grant funding at $100 million and $241 million in new Ready to Learn funding for public schools that focus on student achievement and academic success. The school board will consider … Reflects on grade level reading, mathematics and science achievement. [245], Abington Heights School District received a $1,632,884 supplement for special education services in 2010.[246]. Of the 250 school districts that adopted a preliminary budget, 231 adopted real estate tax rates that exceeded their index. 2005 - Making Progress in School Improvement level I. Interest earnings on accounts also provide nontax income to the District. Another $1.08 billion was allotted for special education funding, a $30 million or 2.9 percent increase over 2014–15. https://www.niche.com/k12/d/abington-heights-school-district-pa [11] The District is one of the 500 public school districts of Pennsylvania and one of twelve public school districts in Lackawanna County. In the Spring of the school year, the 3rd graders take the PSSAs in math and reading. Among all Pennsylvania public school third (3rd) graders, 62% were reading on grade level, while 48.5% demonstrated on grade level math skills. [342], In the 2013–14 school year, the Abington Heights School District received a 2.3% increase or $6,007,631 in Pennsylvania Basic Education Funding. In mathematics, 72% of 4th grade students showed on grade level skills. [322] Pennsylvania again increased its public education spending to a record high of $5.995 billion. [227] From 2004 through 2010, Waverly School achieved AYP status each school year. Pennsylvania public school districts budget and expend funds according to procedures mandated by the General Assembly and the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE). State - 69.9%, 2011 - 87% (4% below basic). Reflects on grade level reading, mathematics and science achievement. The origins of the Abington Heights School District date to the founding of Clarks Summit (and later Clarks Green), the two largest boroughs in the district. Statewide just 31% of eighth graders demonstrated on grade level in math and 58% of eighth graders were on grade level in reading. Average ACT composite score out of 36, as reported by Niche users from this school. In Science, 79% of 8th graders showed on grade level science understanding. Clarks Summit, PA 18411 570.585.5309 Click here to view the USDA Nondiscrimination Statement. [412], For the 2017-18 budget year, Abington Heights School Board once again did not apply for exceptions to exceed the District's Act 1 Index limit. Abington School District is committed to complying fully with all Federal and state laws banning discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin/ethnicity, veteran status, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, or religion with regard to instructional programs, extracurricular activities, and employment practices. [83], Abington Heights High School achieved an SPP 95.3 out of 100. I hope yours is restful, enjoyable and everyone stays safe and well. Mary Niederberger., Laws, tax limits hinder negotiations, Pennsylvania Department of Education, Investing in Pennsylvania Students 2014, July 2014. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, from 2003 to 2010, as a whole, Pennsylvania school districts amassed nearly $3 billion in reserved funds. Further increases in payroll cannot be used to raise the district's exception for pension payments. In 2013–14, 96% of the students were reading on grade level in grades 3rd and 4th.