34 recent reviews on Amazon.in were negative. superb. Hungry, the three boys sneak into an Indian wedding, taking advantage of the banquet’s generous portions to fulfill their hunger. Movie Review: 3 Idiots. editing . A bit confused at these unknown guests, Pia, who also happens to be Virus’ daughter, asks her father who the three men happened to be. The two friends, Farhan and Raju, are startled to hear of the reported sighting of their long-lost friend Rancho, who they had tried (unsuccessfully) to locate for ten years. Both boys, in fulfilling their earlier promise to Rancho, each set off to complete their missions – Farhan breaks the news to his father, and Raju takes off all his rings in preparation for the interview. Celebration ensues, except, after a few moments Pia realizes that the baby has a problem. Farhan and Raju both can’t believe Rancho’s allotment of time on another student’s project when they have so many exams to study for. Both men dash towards their old university campus, climb up onto the rooftop of the engineering tower, and burst out expecting to see their old friend. Most psychological experts will cite anger as one of the vices that has... CubeStormer – Worlds Fastest Lego Mindstorms Speedcubing Robot, Karolina Protsenko Stuns the World With her Melodious Violin Art, Khiladi Akshay Kumar Announced FAU-G, PUBG’s Desi Variant. Rancho shakes his head at each one, and at the last, Pia takes his face in her hands and asks him to prove it…. When the two sisters explain that their father desires the boy to be an engineer, and the girl to be a doctor, Rancho chuckles at the unborn child, telling him its better to stay inside for now because the circumstances are a “circus” out in the real world with Virus being the “ringmaster”. While seated, Rancho witnesses what he mistakenly presumes to be the groom getting angry at his bride-to-be, at not wearing the watch he sent her as a gift. There was a character like Aamir definitely need another character compare to him. In a hilarious bit of dialogue, the two boys alert Pia of one minor problem. (Farhan takes several photo shots). 3 idiots demonstrates how strong film-making can enhance and elevate an already solid concept.An Aamir Khan film is nothing short of an event. 3 Idiots definitely could be the best representation movie made foreign people to understand part of Indian culture. Suhas goes on an angry tirade over Pias supposed mistake, and Pia, in tears, throws him the watch and tells him to find another wrist for it. This movie is 2:44 hours length full of laughter, joy, tears, drama and passion. Raju frankly tells the interview committee how he ended up in his current state of paralysis, including the attempted suicide and mail-box urination. google_ad_width=120; Thinking quick on his feet, the man pretends to faint, and because of this “medical issue” the plane is forced to emergency land. Virus is confident that both Farhan and Raju will not be able to receive any job offerings, and makes a bet that if either of them do, that he will shave his mustache off. Trust me I am one of those guys who believed what aamir says in the film is true and screwed up my acads. It is loosely adapted from the novel Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat. Aamir has yet again chased excellence & success follows him ! to eyes. In the scorching sun, he was like a patch of shade. Never hesitating to swim against the tide. In fact one of the best Indian movies ever. brilliant and highly entertaining. Swimming pool – heated! Even the scenery is breathtaking. well as technicality. I find it so corny and irrelevant to the story. Not amused, the professor picks on another student, Chatur. Millimeter: These engineers call me Millimeter. | They know that reciting the oversimplifying phrase will not provide their problems with a solution, or even a catalyst, but it gives them the onset courage they desperately need at a time of uncertainty and despair. Yuck. I missed it during the 2010 Hong Kong International Film Festival and am really glad it is released publicly. runtime may sound a bit too much but believe me, you wont know when the first half is over. Farhan: (Sees a small litter of puppies) Hey wait, hold this. The answer is negative. Awesome film man. In other words, I have scruples watching foreign movies in subtitles. Rancho imparts his mantra onto the fetus, and to Mona’s delight, the child kicks. In a quick burst of thinking, Rancho asks the teacher whether he knows their names or roll numbers. Thus begins Rancho’s series of white lies, such as giving Pia’s red scooter to his ill father. Proudly, Rancho and Farhan hug him, expressing their love for his moral growth. Awards a movie with a message(chase excellence success will follow)without loosing its sense of humor,a movie about friendship and love,a movie about flawed education system, a movie about unhealthy competition. Farhan flashes back to his childhood, leading up to the first time he met Rancho. Pia, not tolerating her father, gets drunk enough to steal her father’s office key. Like Dead Poets Society but with Robin Williams as a student and some extra tonic and spice thrown in for good measure. Although Farhan is unpersuaded, Raju, thinking of his stricken parents and his dowried sister, cannot put up with Rancho any longer. When I first heard of this movie, and saw a couple of on air promos, I dint really like it. To put it in plain terms – the 3 Idiots is a light-hearted comedy about three technology students who discover that there’s more to life than simply studying by the book, and that perhaps even the wisest of us all need to learn a lesson or two sometimes. The boys embrace him, while Pia looks on with tears in her eyes. Rancho rolls his eyes throughout this Chatur’s proud monologue, and at the end makes the point that he essentially spoke the same thing – only in a simpler language. situational tracks works in the favour of film. On account of my preference for serious movies, I tend to ignore those "silly" comedies. #BRM #, How to Watch IPL 2020 Live Streaming on Mobile Without Disney Hotstar Subscription No bargaining. It’s a letter that Farhan wrote to his favorite wildlife photographer, Andre Istvan, desiring to take on his tutelage. The story makes you realize that Two more individuals yell out the phrase, while doing “urine expulsion” on the professor’s mailbox. With everyone’s help, they use Rancho’s inverter to convert the electricity from the cars’ batteries into energy, and then fasten a vacuum pump to the machine. In response, Raju starts up his own human engine, with his mouth. (Leads her towards the door. The two friends begin snickering upon hearing Rancho’s advice, where they can’t believe that the “great and almighty” Rancho is giving them lessons when he can’t even follow his own. Chatur, born and raised outside of India, uses the dictionary phrase “urine-expulsion” instead of the colloquial “pissing”, and Rancho uses the resulting uproar to escape into one of the dorm rooms. Farhan: We don’t know if Rancho is married. Especially, a construction, more or less complex, consisting of a combination of moving parts, or simple mechanical elements, as wheels, levers, cams, etc. supportive. Finally, Raj Kumar Hirani delivers once again a film that is hugely entertaining. Jaaved Jaaferi’s & Mona Singh’s role length are I went in thinking this would be India's version of Animal House or American Pie. In fact one of the best Indian movies ever. For years, I have always been curious about Indian cinema. From the principal characters to the supporting characters, each and every I rated it 10/10 and believe me it worth more than this. them that he knows where Rancho is and all three of them leave for a journey google_color_url="0080BB"; To save time, Virus updates his wardrobe with velcro shirts and pinned ties, trains himself to write ambidextrously, and allows a servant to shave and clip his nails while he takes his daily 7 and 1/2 minute nap. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. One of the multiple Khan’s in the movie industry, Aamir Khan has established himself as a solid actor with a versatile range in his roles.