As with all of our Standard One Story Garages, the building will have around an 8ft high sidewalls with a three garage doors, an entrance door and two windows. Additionally, those who enjoy outdoor sports may find it easy to store sporting equipment such as kayaks, ATVs and bikes in a garage workshop. Choosing the right garage workshop plans is the most important decision you will make when building a garage. 14 pages total. Three-car garage workshop plan features barn-like styling, Three overhead garage doors open to the parking area and the workshop area is situated behind the garage bays, If you prefer, used the two deeper garage bays for boat storage instead of a shop, Storage closet with outdoor access works well for lawn and garden tools or the riding mower. Refer to floor plan for Plus the shop offers ample storage space, work surfaces that double as bases for benchtop tools, and a serious dust-collection system. They have all been quite popular over many years. Featured in three handy sizes—12"-deep for general storage, 8"-deep for hardware, and 7"-deep for tools—all the cabinets share identical construction details. 14 pages total. This is just one of the garage organization systems you can choose to make order out of clutter. This garage can also be upgraded to an Attic Three Car Garage for even more storage space. This featured Prefab 4 Car Garage provides space for cars pluse plenty of extra room for a workshop and storage area behind the vehicles. Adding new tools or supplies to your workshop is always a good thing. Ben guided us through the details, James arranged delivery, and Leon and Nate delivered and assembled the shed in under 4 hours. All Rights Reserved. The 16' deep versions are great as a workshop only or for parking small vehicles, and the 20' deep versions will accept a full-size car, truck or SUV. I highly recommend! We walled off one 15x22' bay from the rest of the garage to create shop space, and then covered the drywall with a more durable, attractive surface: beadboard pine plywood. It is a post frame structure with a storage loft overhead. With only three pages, this is one of the plans that comes up short compared to the others. If so, great, include it! They are great to work with and the quality of construction is terrific. © 2006 - 2020 Oakville: This is a very versatile detached garage plan, with 18 different possible layouts. But for that amount of money, I decided to bite the bullet and buy it to see what they were like. Master building one, and you quickly can create them all. We changed from the original configuration (top photo) to this one (below) in less than 20 minutes. This is the third design that comes up a little short on detail, with only three pages. It has a 24' wide center section that can be built 24', 26' or 28' deep, with 12' wide expansion bays on either or both sides. Garage plans with storage/workshops are also ideal solutions for home based businesses or hobbies that require more space than a simple garage or basement can offer. Here you will find our Prefab 1, 2, 3 and 4 Car Garages with a single story. You can build it 24', 26' or 28' deep, and add a 12' expansion shed to either or both sides. - RV The expansion bays can be built as either a workshop or an extra parking space. Very pleased with customer service. The 16' deep versions are great as a workshop only or for parking small vehicles, and the 20' deep versions will accept a full-size car, truck or SUV. Size 41’-3”x35’. © 2020 by Sheds Unlimited LLC | Privacy Policy, Lancaster PA Shed Website Design, Hosting, and SEO by E-Impact Marketing, Jim Silverence from Poughkeepsie New York, Lancaster PA Shed Website Design, Hosting, and SEO. It's perched atop two basic cabinets (built with the leg option) that house loads of tools and shop supplies. With their special side/slide hardware, they practically build themselves. order. The layout is L-shaped, with a 6' x 8' covered porch inset into one corner. It is a stick-frame design that uses pre-engineered roof trusses. The workbench bases, flip-top cabinets, and router-table base, for example are essentially identical in construction. The Garden Oak design uses the same expandable concept as the Oakville, but has a 24' wide 2-car garage as the center section. Make sure the garage workshop plans you look at can have at least one bay that is tall enough. Sheds Unlimited provided great customer service. The layout is L-shaped, with a 6' x 8' covered porch inset into one corner. Barn-style, 3-car garage workshop plan with storage works well as an outbuilding and is flexible enough for boat storage and many other needs. These guys are amazing, professional and quick. Whatever size Prefab Car Garage you decide on, adding attic space can make a world of difference!